Holiday & Parks

First off… Moment to remember Martin Luther King ❤️ sadly in 2022 we still have racial issues – you would think it would be done and no longer issue – but it still remains and more needs to change. His work opened the door for others to also stand up ❤️ “bravery” – he gave his life for that – strong man! Let’s not let his work be in vein

We all bleed the same so… your skin color or wrapping 😉… does not matter – we are all born the same and we all die the same … that should not effect rights as human beings!! So ridiculous to let color be an issue – again how many times do I have to say it? We all bleed the same!! We all have families that mourn our losses … so cut the crap with the color thing already!! For god sakes is 2022!! Can we grow up? Your blood is same color as mine 😘✌️

We don’t always remember holidays the way we are supposed to.

Also… today is free national Parks Day if you are in the United States – entrance to National Parks are free today if you love that stuff ❤️ is holiday (for most people) and free National Parks 🏞

Get out there and see the amazing we have 🙌❤️ for free ✌️❤️ what better way to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, than a day at one of our National Treasures – free so that ALL may enjoy ❤️

You have to be in the United States – sorry

And then also…I have an opportunity … but that would mean leaving my team…

Is close to home… will be alot of money… and I just bought that house – which was NOT cheap lol – it’s in fricken California

I will learn new things – and climb higher 😮 but I leave death if I entertain it.. I will see – but I don’t know – they will have to turn my head

So I dunno – the money would have to be really good to make me consider – I do love my team and my job – but it can be alot and I work all the time sooo … cutting the commute alone would be huge … save on gas and wear and tear on car

Oh why do you give me temptations???!!!

I love my job and helping people very much so if they want me – gonna have to be worth it

But just interesting way to start the week 😮 ok ready?? 😳

Death doesn’t take holidays or special days off – death doesn’t care what day it is, or what time.

Ok so here we go 😳🙏 please don’t kill me!!

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    1. Yeah I will see how goes?? But I don’t know because I do love what I do and I do enjoy working with those I currently have (minus the jackass today lol)

      I will have to see what they wanna offer and no I won’t leave – they would have to be amazing for me to leave so we see

      I did not know was Betty white day!! ❤️ was her bday???

      So sad we can’t celebrate that with her!!

      I’m glad we have memories of her through our the years -classic lady ❤️

      I’m pretty smart with my choices – I take a minute to look over everything


      1. Betty would have been 100 today. There was an in-theater movie celebration planned but it was modified to be a tribute. I’ll wait till it’s streaming.

        There was also a “Betty White Challenge” today, encouraging donations to animal groups.

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      2. I didn’t know any of that, but I saw an advertisement for the Betty white birthday special the day after she died 😮

        She almost made 100… 99 is pretty awesome too!! I would not complain ❤️🙏


      3. Awww 💔 I didn’t know she had a stroke few days before ☹️ aww

        Well was her time. Everyone hoped for her and she was seemingly living forever ❤️


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