Nice to Meet Ya!

So I went earlier today with buncha boxes and organized and put away already lol

And remember I talk to the neighbor guy ?? Lol the old miner guy ??

Ok well when I went over to say hello… there was only one chair 🪑 and he was sitting in it lol

At one point he ask me if I wanted a chair and to sit down, and he went to get up … I said oh no that’s ok, I have to go get more stuff but I will be back lol … I live here now lol

And so whatever – I left … went home packed up some more things and went back over. He was not outside this time, but there were 2 chairs there now 😄😄😄

Awwww ❤️❤️❤️ that’s so cute!!

For now lol … hopefully doesn’t get out of hand lol … but that is very sweet and very adorable! I don’t mind visiting sometimes

This is not actual chairs or house – but like that lol

That was very thoughtful and sweet – he put a chair out for me just incase lol ❤️ awww

That made me smile when I looked over lol

I’m all settled in neighborhood now lol

So … alright then … good day… moved some stuff and met a neighbor lol … there is one other on my other side – not met whoever yet.

Miner guy seems friendly lol … Awww – what a sweetheart! He just makes sure there an extra chair now lol – that is just too cute ❤️ that just makes me smile more

He’s just adorable – just met him so we see … but so far yes

Ok so new adventures 😮 ready? 😮😮😮

I just like the chorus on this song lol ✌️

He asked what I do, I said funerals lol … and then he switch the convo really fast lol – oh I don’t know anything about that lol

Anyway lol … was nice to meet him – I am sure I will see him again lol

6 thoughts on “Nice to Meet Ya!

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      1. It’s a movie… Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar. Really stupid but I was sick of seeing it in my suggestions… turned it on and did stuff while it played.
        There’s a mythical Trish toward the end, played by Reba McIntyre.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have never even heard of that 😮😮

        It looks like could be funny because of that clip ?? But then does have element that unless done correctly – does also look like could be little over the top with the stupid lol

        That’s so funny a mythical Trish lol and it’s Reba McIntyre 😄


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