God help me

So… today was not easy – today was like FU – let me throw everything at you. 🤨

And then on top of that… I get attitude from someone on something – listen asshole – check your attitude!!! … otherwise we gonna have a problem – you wanna go toe to toe- bring it

You can either have an awesome working environment or we can have some issues – so you decide – I don’t do bullshit and you wanna think I gonna do your shit for you – think again. Who you think you are?

Check yourself before you wreck yourself 💋✌️


Go ahead – come up against me… dude you don’t know what you dealing with. Check yo self! So go ahead – come start a problem with me. You gonna find out real quick.

We can have problems here if he wants that… careful buddy. If you gonna take it there – I’m ready for battle – bring it.

I know he’s stressed … hello… so are the rest of us… handle your shit. Fuckin man for god sakes – handle your shit!!! If you can’t handle, maybe not the business for you.

Go ahead – mess with me… see how that goes.

I don’t have time for some man to act like a fricken child- handle your shit!!

When I am mad – I swear lol … so you will always know when I am mad lol – I think is a New England thing?? Lol cause we always up against New Yorkers lol 😘✌️but yes – I swear when I am mad … at least you know when I am mad lol

It’s not often cause I don’t have jackasses usually but we see.

This chump can check his shit… cause he’s about to have a problem with me!!!

One day is fine – I’ll let it slide – but you come at me tmrw with same shit we gonna have issues. Boy… I will put you in your place!!! You really wanna try that? Buckle up

So we gonna see how tmrw goes.

We are all stressed – the cases pour in … when I say pour… I mean in fricken buckets!! 🪣

And my location is the worst – it just continuously pours in 😮😮😮 we have not had a break in long time – I do not remember when it was not so crazy!!

Everyday at 8am we say how much came in overnight and for what location … is always mine!!! Always always always!!! So I always make that face to their texts “😩” that is the face I make in real life too!! Lol

But I know all of us are stressed and it’s crazy!! We have all the baby boomers hitting now, and then of course we in a pandemic where some people don’t listen or think they know everything so ya know – it’s alot

So whatever – I’m over it. Now that they have reopened schools and crap, it’s done. People wanna fight and stuff …whatever – it’s over.

Just live life… do your thing – don’t be an asshole lol ✌️ cherish the life you have. Soon enough you will come see me. 💋✌️


But yeah we all stressed

Someone left a review on Google … was good one… they mention my name, so supposably I get bonus – but we see because I am only Office manager not director… so I am not sure if I get that bonus?

It was really amazing review!! Which I saw at end of day!! The said my name many times ❤️ it was because we helped them with one death and I made sure they take care of…

And then 5 months later they call me with a family death in another state and asked me for help… of course I gonna help… so I did and I refer them to someone else amazing in another state ❤️… I made sure I found someone who would care for them the way I did… and then they went on and on about me. ❤️ very much appreciated ❤️ I am humbled by their words ❤️ that’s bonus enough ❤️❤️❤️ was very touching because I know what this family went through! I didn’t do anything special other than being there for them

I was not their director … all I was – was office manager … I had to help them on couple things but I have a human aspect- so I will relate and teach you how to go through your grief ✌️😘 for them it was everything – you don’t know what others go through – and what might be nothing to you… is everything to someone else – remember that!! Seriously!!

Anyway they were awesome ❤️ thank you for that review ❤️ if anything else made me feel special ♥️

If you do a Google review and say our name supposably we get bonuses if is good review… I just don’t know if “I” also get that / because I am office manager – usually we don’t deal too much with things directors do – is directors who plan everything and handle the families – it just so happened this family needed me and took to me (kind of attached to me) and said what they said. ❤️ I just saw that today ❤️

I will have to message that family and say thank you – that was very sweet of them ❤️ even just the words they said ❤️

Anyway… was rough day – the review I saw at end of day so that kinda eased it out a little ❤️ I’m glad I could help them feel peace during their grief, they had a lot of grief (a couple deaths)… I’m sooo sorry for their losses 💔 , but glad I could help them through ❤️ I am touched that they remembered me and then made a review and said my name ❤️

Oh boy – fricken tmrw – Omg – god help me!! It’s only Monday 😮😵😵😵


2 thoughts on “God help me

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    1. Hahaha seriously lol … I should get that shirt lol 🙌

      It’s gonna be a rough week!! I already know. We got it though – I just know this week gonna be tough. But I’m kinda used to it now.

      Totally yay for review ❤️ the family was really sweet with what they said ❤️ I’m just so humbled

      That helped make the day not be so bad ❤️ I did not expect to see, so was just really nice – totally needed that at end of day today!!!! ❤️ I will totally thank them tmrw ❤️ that was really sweet and really made me feel special ❤️

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