Not the type??

I met my neighbor… 😮😮

He was on his front porch, on a little chair – there was a ledge and a pillow on that ledge with a cute little old chihuahua, who protectedly barked at me a few times … but I let him smell me and then he was fine lol

The man is old – he looks like a little old west miner – he grew up in this town but had moved away to Paradise in his 20’s? He in his 70’s now

He came back here because his house burned down and he narrowly escaped the Paradise Fire (caused by PG&E 😠)

So he returned to where he was raised

When I first walk over he say to me …

You the new owner?

Yup I said with huge smile 😃 I said my name is Trisha

He tell me his name lol… is same name as Satan of course lol – so that name kinda makes me on guard but he’s cute little old man lol we see

He looked me up and down and then says…

You don’t look like the type for doing yard work lol

So I laughed and said well I’m gonna try

He just looked at me and then said … you gonna be able to fix the fences ?

Me: well I’m gonna try – I might need some learning curve but I will try lol

He chuckled and then just slightly smiled, like he was thinking “ok let’s see what this little thing thinks she can do, should be entertaining” lol … that is what the smile he gave me looked like lol

And what do you mean I don’t look like the type? Lol … I just am very girly so … no I do not like bugs … but I’m gonna give it a shot 😮 I’m sure will be fine

And my boys can help me with the fences

I will be the type lol

And if not then I do have a few back ups lol … I have men that I made – they can come help me (although they are not the type either)

I do have one other option or 2 … but one good one – one iffy… the good one would be if I hire someone I know to do for me. Be done fast – maybe first time I do that?? We see

He’s a cutie though …very ancient – little old west miner type … I think everyone around me is kinda old – well they won’t hear me lol

I think he kept smiling because I had that huge smile across my face with everything he said … and everything he said … I would say – well we gonna see how goes 🙏🙏 I’m gonna try!!

So like looking at an eager puppy? Lol

I don’t look like the type for yard work 😄😄 now what would make him say that?

I have on sweats – red ones … a black T-shirt, black fuzzy boots… my hair is not curled or anything – I washed and go’ed today lol … it lays straight

My nails are not done they are normal… I do have on little make up because yes!! But not much … how do I not look like type? I lookin rugged today lol

I’m not exactly the strongest looking person lol

But how you know I’m not an HGTV Wizard? Lol

Ok so little old miner man. I like him, he seems sweet – little harsh miner type way lol … be he seems really cool – he kept smiling

So when you look at me, in one minute …you can see what type I am?? Lol

I’m not actually the type for yard work – he is correct lol

But don’t underestimate me lol

Just let me try 😘✌️

How you judge me by looks and not know me? Sir you just laid down a challenge lol

Maybe – let’s see how I do first!! 😉✌️😘

Ok still doing

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