Oops too exited – forgot title

Guess where I am ❤️❤️❤️ 😮

I have been doing the moving thing – it has begun 😮 I’m actually moving 😮

I am leaving what has been my respite for over 2 yrs 😮😮😮 oh wow!! Check me out 😮 being all brave and stuff 😮

I am here at the house now 😮😮❤️

I kinda wanna order food and have delivered – they do not deliver way far out in country lol

I won’t – lol not yet.

So wow – omg

Ok well I suppose I should keep going and not lose momentum but I don’t wanna leave the house lol

It’s such a beautiful sunny day too ☀️❤️ omg

Do not be overly happy – just chill 😮 kinda having hard time with that ✌️❤️


The smile already hurts my cheeks 😮❤️

I just unpacked few boxes 📦 … put away. Already organizing ❤️ I have a garage ❤️

I look around and it’s empty and silent – it’s weird – it mine and I don’t have to be at anyones mercy or need anything ❤️

I can’t believe it

Well anyway – worked my ass off through everything – it kinda just I dunno ?? Because where I was few years ago – and what I’ve done ❤️ I was at mercy – now I am not

So yeah – whatever – just kinda little incredible lol 😮❤️❤️

Ok well life is gonna see me being really happy and I don’t want that to happen …because it will throw a balance – I do not want a balance from happiness – soooo shhh 🤫 don’t tell life I’m soo happy ❤️❤️❤️


Also… probably next month?? There gonna be a party in the USA 🇺🇸 ❤️✌️❤️ omg


😮❤️ ok I better get back to work because I just wanna stay here in house lol …

I wish I could be like “Bewitched” where she would crinkle her nose and things be done 🙌

Ugh moving lol ..but at least I can kinda take my time. Go slowish lol – so bonus there ❤️ I do not like crunch time lol – so I better get working – I am doing myself at moment – but we see later

Omg – this is mine 😮 ok I have to go

6 thoughts on “Oops too exited – forgot title

Add yours

    1. No lol … I am in same small town just not in country anymore – I am in civilization now 😮

      Still same place just new and mine ❤️😮

      My daughter still in high school so not moving areas … my area is really awesome ❤️

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    I was so happy with the location of my last apt that I spent the first night, before furniture was moved, on the floor. I walked the 2 small blocks to/from my fav bar without telling anyone I now lived up the street.

    I hope your move goes smoothly and you enjoy having sooooo muuuuch roooooom!!

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