Someone I think very highly of… really really highly… treated someone else I know, inhumanely 😮

I’m a little heartbroken with that because I believe them to be an amazing person. So I was surprised with that??

How do you be that horrible to anyone??

I hate Satan – but I stay away… I do nothing, I say nothing – I keep clear. I just don’t want anything to do with Satan – you be you, I be me. I want nothing to do with and stay far away!

And then … the people I work with – I love them… they are pretty awesome!! We work together daily! They are like family… I spend more time with them than I do my actual family – I work a lot.

So in that aspect, what do you want? A good environment or toxic?

This person I think highly of is extremely close to me… I am shocked that this person treated another soooo badly 😮😮

And then… look, I don’t want to be involved … I do not take sides… but this person sent me text saying careful who I befriend 😒

I am not befriending anyone. I am just doing my own thing and I am just kind to everyone – period. I have to keep my own peace and I still have to be with all these people.

And frankly, no one gonna tell me who I can or can not be friends with – think again. If you have a beef – that’s on you … don’t try to turn people against others – that’s not right.

You shouldn’t alienate another person – and that person did nothing to deserve that kind of treatment.

And after this person treated another really horribly!!! Really really bad … if I had been in that persons shoes – it woulda made me cry 😮 it was harsh!! I can’t even tell you how harsh and mean 😮😮

So that’s kind of a thing.

There is no need to treat another human being so badly. If they don’t get along – then fine – just do your own thing… you don’t have to be mean.

And I’m sorry… I am not like that… and I won’t alienate someone just because someone else has problem with them – no way. I’m not going to be a party to this child-like attitude.

So whatever. I am disappointed and heartbroken. But oh well. I did not know that this person had toxicity like that 😮 I guess that’s what breaks my heart?? 💔

It’s been handled – somewhat – we see

It’s a severe A type personality – which I love because is always on it. But A type personalities can have issues with free spirits – this other one is a free spirit.

I would consider myself hmm … I think I am a free spirit … I am pretty laid back? And do my own thing… CD But I am little perfectionist in certain areas – or ocd or whatever … I don’t bother anyone with it though, it works well at work… because I like it clean. I am hard worker

The one who is free spirit is young and a decent person. Maybe struggled little with the amount of work? As in, didn’t understand all responsibilities and is for largest.

But still – you don’t have to treat someone so badly for any reason. 💔 I don’t understand it?

So I dunno… I’m not going to exclude anyone. And I’m not befriending anyone… but I am being a decent person … if they got problem with that – not my issue. Don’t deal with me then.

I’m gonna tell you right now… if anyone – I don’t care who they are … is being treated badly – of course I am going to care for them, and stand up!! People don’t deserve that … I’m not going to make someone feel bad or crappy because someone else doesn’t like them. Yeah I don’t play that.

People are human beings ya know.

I’m just disappointed. Little surprised. 😮 it’s the meanness that’s takes me back a little?? I have not known this person to be so harsh and so mean. They have always been amazing ??

So I don’t know. I do know this person has many stressful things happening. Both work and personal… so maybe the stress? I dunno.

It’s just heartbreaking to know someone treated someone so meanly and so harsh. It was wrong and uncalled for. Extremely harsh

So whatever. Like I said, been handled.

And then country boy… well he texting … why keep coming around? What is it?

In 2022, I will have known country boy for 8 years 😮😮 whoa 😳… he knew me when I was married… and saw me go through literally everything.

I call him country boy because he’s really really country lol … not that there is anything wrong with that… I’m just really different – not country, although I love the country… but I am girly, not a bug or snake person… I don’t hunt – maybe fishing – but I don’t eat fish … I won’t put the worm on 😝 or take the fish off. So I will just hold the pole lol 🎣 and maybe catch something but ya know … “girly” … make up, lotions, perfumes, clothes

We are NOT from each other’s world. He is a baseball player. He travels alot – and then on his off time – does country things like hunting and fishing.

So… anyway… he has always been pretty kind… and would take my mind away when my dad died and my family was dying … and then also when I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s and myself with the cancer …

He was kind and had a heart through all that. Always was a gentleman and not an asshole – usually but that’s not to say we have not had it out lol ✌️ because don’t lump me in with judgement just because I am woman – yeah wrong thing to do lol –

So we have had few moments … he has his own quirks because a few women mistreated and hurt him… so he has that. Which I have never given any reason to think I am that way. I am not.

I am also not the type of woman usually in his world… and he is not a man that I typically would know 😮

I met him 8 years ago, he was out with his friends for someone’s birthday 🎂… I happened to be in same place … I was having dinner with my friends

He came up and approached me… normally I am tough with that, because it happens all the time… usually I just say no thank you. I didn’t know who he was.

But he was cute, and when he came up to talk to me, he was humble and very kind… not typical jock asshole – he was sweet and did not push anything on me. Just a nice quiet guy.

He has a peace about him?? Not sure if it’s the country thing or because he so different than what I am normally around? Dunno 🤷‍♀️

But he is a jock and also country lol … so he’s kind of a Trump’er so lol … we do clash there

And my world sooooo different than his. Really really different.

And while he’s always sweet and kind to me, I just never see him. And I really do not understand him. We aren’t on same page. So 🤷‍♀️

But then he stays around sorta – so what is that?

I think he likes to make sure I remember him?? I really have no idea.

I don’t see him at all… but he texts every so often to say hi and how doing?

He is way way way more of a serious person than I am… I am playful… I joke around alot, laugh alot- I like to lovingly tease lol – I tease nice – never to hurt. Just playful.

He is more serious. And doesn’t let his emotions come out ever lol 😄🙄 whatever, he is funny in a serious way lol

We can be friends. I’m ok with that. He’s a cool guy. But I just watch his motive… because he’s different.

I do not believe he is looking for anything serious or whatever… and we have talked about this – we are not on same page. So there is that.

I’m fine with him as a friend but not more. We are too different and want different things.

But he always keeps in touch. I don’t reach out, he does. I am just quiet – I work a lot… my focus is kids and work. Just easier that way, and I am rebuilding so… I just do that.

I don’t reach out because I just let him do his thing… I know we aren’t on same page.

So whatever – I really don’t know.

Anyway… it’s been a long day. I work a little tmrw… I have to – I am manager and I have reports that MUST be run on December 31st. Can not be run sooner and can not be run later… must be December 31st 🙄

And then all my end of year reports and things 🙄

I am tired 😴 … always … so much goes on always!!

Once I am done with all the new house things and end of year, and handling whatever else – then it should slow down. 🙏🙏

Just a little longer 🙏🙏🙏

Can we PLEASE do a one week shut down in March? For one week?? To commemorate Covid

The whole world should do that for one week – no nothing …

No killings no bad things – just shut down like 2020 for one week – so we always remember

Not to mention – reminder of what we went through and also little bit of a break lol

I miss when the world stopped for a moment – can we do that together again????????? 🙏

I’m always gonna ask for that! Lol – because I really want it!!

And I know you don’t always get what you want ☹️ …sometimes but not always…

But it is good to remember what happened and where that put us 😮

And if we all just take one week and isolate then maybe it will also help? 🙏

I really do not see a downside to this holiday I speak of … World Covid Week 🙌 WCW lol

For one week – just one week!!! 🙏

It sounds amazing to me!!! I miss that… I miss being shut down with the world ~sigh~

I could also use the break. 🙏

Who would have that authority to put that in place? The CDC maybe?? CDC for WCW ❤️

Ok I am so exhausted!!!


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    1. Yeah, that’s very true. They are still a respectable person in respect to what they do and how good they are at it…

      But they were extremely vicious towards another who is a young and very soft person… so it was just a surprise.

      Could have been stress?

      Agree – do recognize the balance

      Just made me sad to see disregard for someone else.

      Thank you for your input 😊 appreciate the perspective


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