Happy New Year 2022

I will read and respond soon… I just got off work… waiting on kids – I have a bottle of Champagne to just celebrate with me and oldest for making though one more year lol… and also all the new changes coming up… we only have a small glass because eh… We just do for New Years and I have a bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider for the 20 yr old and 15yr old. (The Sparkling Apple Cider is really good though!)

Next year 20 yr old can have some champagne if he wants … but we see. He probably won’t want because alcohol is little gross tasting

Work was like fricken GRAND CENTRAL STATION!! Omg – it was only me! We have about 25 cases – it exploded on us right after Christmas

Everyone waiting until after Christmas to die 😮

Has been insane crazy!!

I had a few cry on me today – so I take extra time with them… we kinda also have to be therapists lol little bit… I can’t leave someone crying on New Year’s Eve ☹️💔

I do have incredible empathy… so I make sure they stable, not crying and know we gonna take care of them. Sometimes (not always) I can make them laugh with telling me something funny about their loved one – I tell them it’s those cute or funny stories that will help through once get past the grief.

But still is hard to know someone’s heart is breaking on New Year’s Eve 💔

Oh my house is such a mess – it’s driving me nuts!!! I am in middle of purging and packing so boxes and crap lol – it throws me off because I like organized and clean… I am not organized or clean yet – I keep clean all the time – but I wanna do deep clean, so when I leave is ready for someone else.

Ok well I have to finish getting ready for kids to come over 🙌

Oh yeah … so my oldest calls me today at work and tell me 20 yr olds dog – not doing well … it’s a chihuahua … and he has hip degeneration – he is losing his hind legs 😮😢💔 the vet gave him shots and he feels fine but he’s not supposed to be active and this chihuahua thinks he owns the world

Each child had their own dog… my oldest had Chelsea ❤️ part chihuahua/ part Whippet ❤️ best dog ever!! She looked and pranced like Bambi ❤️ she died at age 17 in 2019.

This is Chico… he belongs to the 20 year old… I got Chico from the police dept when I was there… he came in as a stray… tiny … but really sick!! We saved him and fostered him instead of letting him go to the pound … we placed flyers and ads and no one came for him – he is funny and quirky… like I said – thinks he owns the world lol (but he’s afraid of tarps lol) ❤️ he is part chihuahua and part pug … so all the quirkiness 🙌❤️ he is approx 9years old and a chihuahua … how they have hip problems? I thought that was only BIG dogs??? He’s gonna lose his hind legs ☹️💔

I named him… we only had Chelsea at the time and when I brought him home he always thought he could take on anything even when sick! He is my little Chico the man ❤️ he’s adorable! And a little shit! Lol

Then my daughter has Emmie… she is pure bred chihuahua … “Applehead Chihuahua” we call her the chihuahua Ambassador… she was a show dog and made money doing that, but got fat and her owner didn’t want her anymore … so I took her. If you meet her you think chihuahuas are amazing – because she is sweet loves all people and other animals … etc … at a dog park she will find the biggest baddest dog and make friends and then stay by their side for protection 😄😄 she is hilarious… she is still fat because she steals chicos food if he doesn’t eat fast enough and she inhaled her food and then chokes and has seizures 😮 so we are trying to handle that too 🙄😑 we try rationing hers but then she will steal Chico’s if we don’t watch her – it’s a thing

Emmie is about 10 yrs old …

When these dogs die… everyone will be devastated 😮

I am helping oldest with vet bills and things – their father pays for nothing at all. Satan is a piece of 🤬 – he doesn’t care.

But whatever – we know this. Greedy mother F’er – doesn’t even care about his children’s feelings!!

Not a surprise because he IS Satan – don’t expect much because he one giant M F’er!! Piece of 🤬

Anyway – I have to run and get ready … we not going anywhere … I am cooking and they staying … we watch fireworks on TV – Dick Clark’s New Years Rocking Eve ❤️❤️❤️ I miss Dick Clark

(That nickname kinda makes me giggle with fifth grade humor lol sorry ✌️)

Also… Betty White died 😮😮😮😮 💔💔💔 awww she was 99… career in television for over 80 years 😮😮 a lot of celebrity deaths before end of year – see everyone waited for after Christmas 😮😮😮

They say always comes in 3’s … but it’s been MORE than 3’s 😮😮 and at work, like I said, massive cases!!!

You don’t think of that when you experience a loss – you don’t think about all the others 😮 but there are!!

Ok I really have to go – I am procrastinating 😮 lol … you ready for ‘22??? 😮😮 omg please be a very good year!!! 🙏🙏🙏

And again just let me throw out that WCW thing – let’s do that!!! Those who don’t remember their past are condemned to repeat it 😮😮

Obviously we all repeated 1918 …so there – perfect argument 💋✌️

WCW!!! Ask for it 🙏🙏🙏😘

Ok seriously have to go 🥂

Happy New Year 2022… my we all have a incredible year!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Please be safe 🙏🙏🙏


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2022

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    1. Yeah he will lose his back legs most likely 😔💔 and he has so much energy. He is one that can’t sit still – has to know everything and be everywhere

      He not supposed to move after meds doctor give – so have to crate him so he not bouncing everywhere AND when he is not in crate we have to just carry or hold him because otherwise he bounces off the walls (he has always been that way, my little jumping bean) ❤️ he has such a personality though

      I hate that they get old ☹️💔

      Wishing you good health and great year! Much happiness to you also 🙏🎊🙏❤️


      1. Are you guys looking into a doggie wheelchair? I thought of you when U saw a vid about a woman adopting a cat with no use of back legs because she had just lost one with the same issue.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We might, we are talking about it.

        Problem with him is that he is an energetic little guy. And we are also wondering about how we help him to bathroom.

        He has Degenerative myelopathy, which is inherited. It typically hits around age 9 – and he’s approx 9.

        It is the canine equivalent to Lou Gehrig’s disease ☹️💔

        My poor little guy 💔


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