Sorry I have been away. Things were very overwhelming to leave … I sobbed

And then returning was emotional too. My kids… my daughter flew into my arms and held me so tight and we sobbed … she just held on and cried and cried 💔😭 and boys held me too, they just didn’t cry.

We watched a movie but someone in the movie had Alzheimer’s so I cried and we couldn’t finish it 💔 I couldn’t stop crying

And my work family … I love some of them very much. they’ve been very caring and wonderful!! (Except 1)

I am slower and just kinda emotional

I go to write but then cry – I cry to even mention that. Because everything I go to say, hits my heart really hard. 💔

And my mother on the last day I saw her – had a piece of paper in her hands that she would fold and unfold … I asked if I could look at her paper

She handed it to me… and I opened it up … it was a coloring picture of a pumpkin and Minnie Mouse sitting on top of the pumpkin – she stayed in the lines but colored everything purple and she had colored it in sections.

It was first real time I could see her really clear 😭💔 was like a first grader did it 😭😭

I asked if I could have that and she asked “you want that?” And I cried … yes I do 💔❤️ 😭😭😭

I am going to frame it for my walls, because she made it and it’s probably last thing I will have that she made 😭💔

And sometimes she there with me and sometimes no.

See it all just makes me cry – so I just be little silent. A lot of emotion

I am absorbing everything from the visit – and also my family here.

Was good visit – happy I got to go and also have extra time with them – just alot of emotions I am overwhelmed with. 💔

When I am little bit better and don’t keep crying I will be back – sorry I just can’t yet. I am not good for writing or things yet. Even just this has made me cry to remember or write things

Things just currently break my heart 💔… so when I am better I will return.


I’m sorry I will be back soon. I’m just not ok yet 😭💔 I will be. I just need little time, I’ll keep trying.

It’s just better that I am silent because I am way too sad. It makes me cry too much still

Everything just really hitting

So I will return soon – just trying to balance – need a minute to collect myself, still shaky ☹️💔

I am processing

I miss you all ❤️

5 thoughts on “Hello

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    1. Thank you ❤️

      Well I have wonderful people and a pretty awesome support system ❤️ that helps

      Am human …needed minute to be sad and cry it out and then be happy with everyone I love ❤️🙌

      So pretty sure am ok now – but still hard to speak of the stories because they make me sad. I still miss and love my mom – that will always choke me!

      So I just stay away from that ✌️

      I am very lucky to have such amazing people around me ❤️ 🍀 they make me smile and feel amazing ❤️ so yeah am better now

      Is just because hits my heart too much.

      I have people who just brighten my life 🙌❤️ also thankful for life and what given anyway

      I am silent if too heavy. So I can readjust or let out? Mental health lol ✌️

      Have much strength and love yes 🙌❤️

      Thank you for that 🥰

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    1. Yeah are many sad things that I have a hard time thinking of or speaking of without crying – I just be gingerly around that right now.

      Thank you very much for your support on that 🥰❤️❤️


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