I was in a funk… just very sad with things

But … I have a best friend ❤️🥰❤️ – she also works in funerals but different part than me. She writes the policies or trusts BEFORE someone dies.

I worked last Thursday and Friday and I have one employee who is problem employee – so I still was not myself and got burnt out on just 2 days. So told my boss am taking last 2 Covid days and I be back on Wednesday. Just overwhelmed.

So my best friend called me yesterday and wanted to know if me and my daughter wanted to get lunch & hang out for day because she was taking yesterday off too… was the anniversary of her fathers death.

She said … I don’t wanna talk about death or work… just fun maybe shopping 🛍

So yesterday we had a mental health day ❤️

We met at her house… my daughter got to meet all her pets (2 cats and a dog) which she loved!

We went and got lunch at Carl’s Jr. which is what daughter requested lol – we ate in car.

Then we all went shopping 🛍

So the entire day – we did not talk about death, sadness or work 🙌❤️

And she’s wicked funny… so we all laughing and having wonderful time ❤️

I just needed to escape and remove myself from everything else for a minute – just have some girl fun ❤️ nothing else

I have the funniest and most amazing best friend ❤️❤️❤️ when we together we laugh and are goofy and the world just melts away ❤️ I love her ❤️

Funniest thing about her is her family is from 2 different places lol… one side is from Massachusetts so she gets me lol (we drive the same and have same excitement and humor lol 😄✌️)

And the other side of her family is from Hawaii 🙌 🌴☀️ … lol … she is fun and hilarious ❤️

We listened to Christmas music all day too ❤️✌️


So better spirits for us ❤️ took my mind away for a day ❤️❤️❤️

Tmrw I go back to work and then have Thanksgiving off – which I be with kids ❤️ and Friday I work – but I have most of my Christmas shopping already done ❤️

The only problem I have with that now – is I am a horrible Christmas person … really really horrible and worse if I buy things early…

Cause I itch to give the presents early!! I find that VERY hard!!! So I have to wait an entire month!! KILLS me!!!!!! I want you to guess and then I can give lol – see !!! I am very bad … and if I know that you have something… I will try to guess lol

Luckily some friends are Jewish, so I can give some presents next week 😄❤️✌️


I do wish holidays were more about the holiday than presents … but I do want to make sure my people know how much they mean to me and that I think of them … without them I couldn’t stand so strongly!! ❤️ I love my people very much ❤️ I am grateful for all of them ❤️ so just small little tokens of thought and love 🥰 they have meaning

We also shopped at a store we have out here called “Daiso” ❤️❤️❤️ OMG … I could buy everything in that store 🛍🛍🛍

Is Japanese and totally awesome 🙌❤️ yes please

That store was for us ❤️

Is a Japanese dollar store “type” store with the cutest ever things… very dangerous because you want everything lol ❤️ they have Japanese food and toys and household things – everything is sooo cool and also adorable ❤️

I really love that store ❤️ and it’s cheap lol

Everything is in Japanese and it’s funny because sometimes they will have English translations that I’m not sure quite fit correctly lol

But you can try different Japanese foods and snacks and drinks – it’s sooo cool! I bought some Pocky’s of different flavors … and other fun snacks … also got some ramen 🍜 things ❤️… I got a couple things that I do not know what it is, because is ALL written in Japanese lol … be cool surprise to try … plus also got some fun stuff for my home 🙌

I love when cultures come and show you what they got ❤️

Currently my best friend is trying to get me to try Thai food 😮 because she loves it … I have never tried… my rules are … I don’t do seafood of any kind … nope never … and I’m not too good with massive spice. I can do little spice, but too much will make me feel sick.

I am not sure if I am a Thai food person?? Lol … I am picky eater … also let me repeat “NO SEAFOOD” … zero!! Nada – if lives in sea I will not eat. I want no part of any seafood and you will never convince me otherwise – I am not at all open to seafood.

That is a HARD PASS – would starve first!

And spice I can do… but not crazy.

When I lost my taste with Covid – I was quickly eating things I don’t normally eat because I had no taste 😄😄✌️ … so spices, weird things and jalapeños lol 🙌

I was a bad ass for a minute lol

Like that!! So Covid has a couple benefits lol

My taste is back now… same will smell but smell is more intermittent – sometimes I do, sometimes I still don’t

Just depends – it doesn’t always register in my brain that there is some kind of smell??

But sometimes I can… I can smell pine trees and just things intermittently – depends I can smell some perfumes but not all – can smell some of my lotions but not all 😮

Also… I have heard there is uptick in Covid cases like mine (fully vaccinated) so I just give up… when is your fuckin time …is your fuckin time period

I’m tired and over that crap 💩

I did not die 🙌❤️ not my time – nor was it my mothers ❤️❤️❤️ she didn’t even catch it ❤️🙌 thank god!!!! Omg!

Covid has had massive bonuses though … I got to have everything shit down world wide and sorta meet all of you lol 🙌❤️

And then of course – the highways to myself 🙌❤️ I will never forget that awesomeness 🙌❤️

I got to be sick WITH my blood family ❤️❤️

My mom escaped it ❤️❤️❤️

I had 80 hrs of Covid pay 🙌❤️ so still got paid while sick 🤒 that all ends December 31st supposably – but we see… cause this shit is other worldly 😮

I got to eat whatever I wanted spice or not

And I can’t smell bad smells – only good ones ❤️ … that can stay lol ✌️ I do not mind that Covid issue lol

So there has been some pretty cool things along with the bad… cause that shit took me down hard 🤨 fully vaccinated 🤨 wtf

But did not take me out yet!

Today my best friend called because one side of her family is assholes and made her cry – they are ungrateful – she got them all Christmas gifts and was so excited to spend Thanksgiving with them…

But they called her yelling at her because she also donated money to one of her family members she does not even have relationship with and they say wasn’t enough money, they want more… so FU then. These people have their own good jobs and make a lot of money… one is CPA and other is lawyer so screw them to make her cry like that!! That’s despicable!

She gonna spend holidays with other side because the selfish side isn’t worth it – they don’t even realize how amazing she is!! I got her back.

Tmrw night I drive her to airport and she go to her loving family… not the bullshit mean one.

That makes me mad they made her cry today!!Their loss – they do not know how amazing she is and isn’t because of them!! Because they are losers ✌️ she is amazing ❤️

So she spending her holiday with her GOOD family … not the pieces of shit who only want money and don’t care about her. Screw them!

So I take her to airport to be with good family… she did for me… I do for her ❤️

I’m protective and know what they have put her through…

They nothing but gold diggers – screw them! Family or not! Not worth it. Sorry ass losers

She has my back – I have hers ❤️

I’m glad she will be spending the holidays with family that loves her ❤️

The other side doesn’t deserve her – she won’t speak to them ever again after what they said to her today! And she doesn’t need to.

She has blood family who supportive and loves her – and of course the family she made herself loves her – so it’s their loss

But I will tell you… when I hear her cry and hear what they say to her … those are things you go to war for!

I have family like that too… they aren’t worth it. No matter how much you try, it will never change.

So… moral of the story is … create your own love and laughter … and F all the rest they can find their own karma ✌️

And mess with my bitch … and I mess you up lol – kidding – I just like to sound tough once in awhile lol 😘 …

No one should make anyone feel less than!!!

Be a human being – you don’t do that to family! Or anyone!!! That right there is a sign of the Devil – read your signs correctly – if anyone makes you feel bad – they don’t need to be in your life then ✌️

Know your worth and know who you are. Love does NOT hurt!!! Except when they die – that’s the only exception. The loss of some one amazing

But love is not harsh and cruel ever!!! If is harsh and cruel is not worth it – be done

End of story!!!

When I had cancer the doctor told me – get the toxic people out of your life. It will kill you.

Believe me they will… save your own beautiful soul ❤️ you will find other souls just like you ❤️ and then you will love your life and have people who love you! ❤️🙌 I love my people I create ❤️

Well I have to run… but I leave you with my favorite Christmas song …


I should be back in little bit 😘❤️

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  1. I have to return later to finish but…

    I LOVE daiso. There’s one across from my dentist but it’s not well stocked. If you see the super cheap bandanas (I got a pretty tropical print), they’re AWESOME!! Super cheap, super soft, and great colors!

    I also DESPISE all forms of seafood but I LIVE thai!! Start with yellow curry, veg only or with chicken, on rice. Mango on sticky rice is an interesting, slightly addictive dessert.

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