Going home…

Ok well… going home … maybe lol

They over booked my flight 🤨 I am still on it but they offer me $675 to change flights

Only way I will do so is if there are NO … and I mean “NO” stops!!!! Otherwise nope 👎

And if they lose my luggage – I will be so angry!!! Do NOT lose my luggage – let me trust you to do your job airlines – do it right! 🤨 DO NOT LOSE MY LUGGAGE!!!

I am packed to the BRIM!!! 😮😮 lol – nothing else can fit!!! Completely packed!! Omg lol … it’s all fat! Lol I had to use the suitcase extender … please be less than 50 lbs 😳 pretty sure 😮 🙏🙏🙏

I wish they didn’t slam it around – but they will 🤨

Ok so… am getting ready ☹️💔 bleh!!

Ok I have to go do this 😳😭💔

I will be happy to be home again later… but leaving them is soooooooo hard 💔💔💔💔

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    1. Was pretty sad for little while – needed a minute to readjust ✌️ took mental health moments

      Was too much emotions so I be really quiet 🤐 … sometimes I can’t speak or write if is too severe – which it was/is.

      Am too sensitive to speak sometimes because will just make me cry… things like my mom or missing my family or my kids and people … so everything was alot

      I’m still not sure I can speak of … if I tell stories – it makes me too sad and then I cry because my heart breaks and I don’t like that feeling

      I just go very silent ✌️ to recollect and get a grip – adjust my thoughts

      It was/is pretty heavy to me

      Thank you for checking ❤️

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      1. Well there is no rush, l was just making sure you got back safe and sound considering the traumas of your time away 🙂

        Glad you are okay, even if a bit drained.

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      2. Thank you 🥰

        Yes… I am also glad for all of it. ❤️ was good even though I cry.

        That was a emotional coaster for sure lol …

        Excitement… to get there and see them … I was soooo thrilled

        Panic to get sick lol …

        Completely sick lol …

        Jurassic Park lol

        My mom 🙌❤️❤️❤️🙌 – happy and sad – I never want to let go of her… I love her soooo much ❤️❤️❤️

        Then to leave after spending time “close quarter” with my fam lol … just like the old days lol

        I miss them alot…

        And then my kids were nervous – my daughter the most. And then she hugged me and cried, the same way I hug my mom and cry… so that was emotional ❤️

        It was all amazing ❤️

        My family experience lol ✌️😄

        And I do miss and love many that I work with.

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      3. Yeah, it is… but ya know life kinda does that for everyone … make something tough. We all have something tough in our lives.

        I’m just sensitive and heart ridden with people I love… and being with and seeing my mom was everything to me ❤️❤️

        It was traumatic when dad died and so much went on, and I had cancer so I had her ripped from me with Alzheimer’s … was first time I see her since my dad died and I had cancer and fricken Covid hit lol

        She was my best friend I would talk to her everyday- if at night would be few hours and we would laugh and laugh ❤️❤️❤️

        I couldn’t tell her I had cancer – she still doesn’t know… she doesn’t need to know … the doctors said it would send her in a terror loop so I never want that for my mother… so I just don’t tell her. I want her to have peace in her final years.

        So was bittersweet… I love her so much but I also lose her ☹️

        There was just a lot of emotion to me – and since she so deeply embedded in my heart … I am sensitive ✌️❤️

        I was really sensitive with all of it 🙌😮

        I’m ok now. So glad and thankful got a chance to see her and everyone after kept away with life sooooo long ❤️ that’s where the sensitivity comes in 😉

        Just took me minute to readjust back after so much deep emotion 😮 ❤️

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      4. Dementia is like a cruel joke with no humour attached.

        I lost my dog of 16 years to dementia. My dogs Scrappy and Dora were my two best mates.

        I lost scrappy twice in essence – the first time when she stopped remembering who l was and then when l had to say goodbye to her on her last day and she didn’t know who l was at all.

        That broke me.

        i am closer to animals than l am humans and l was very close to my dogs.

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      5. Yes it is ☹️💔

        Awww 😢

        Well… I am watching my mom with Alzheimer’s as you know…

        So my take is kinda like this… they come in and make BIG impact “embedded in heart and soul” … you love them with all your heart, love… trust… companionship… they always whole heartedly love you with pure love ❤️

        And then one day… their brain begins to lose connections due to deterioration

        It is not the heart that ever stopped loving you. Only the mind slips away before you… well you know… suffer through agonizing pain of that deep loss.

        She’s in a purgatory of sorts??? 💔 she is stuck between being free to be back with my father – she talks like he’s still alive 😭💔 ok nope that one makes me cry

        And she’s stuck with leaving us 😭💔 ok nope not that either ✌️

        So yeah. Hurts very much … I’m deeply sorry for your losses 💔

        Have you considered adopting again? I would love a pet, but I have no time to devote to them at moment ☹️ … not enough

        But I would like that ❤️ I would like a Chihuahua of some kind – I grew up with them – lol they just right size for me… also tiny poops so that is also bonus 😘✌️

        Eh – humans are ok lol … sometimes… lol … I stay away little bit too 😉

        🤗 hugs to you and also …

        Happy Thanksgiving 🦃❤️

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