Last day

My last day with my family 😭💔


Just no words – I will cry

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    1. ❤️🥰

      Lol thank you, there is not much style to it… but I like it that way – very quick simple and easy…

      Except in shower… because it’s kinda long and takes me forever to get shampoo and conditioner out!! But I like it long -so don’t mind too much. Is just little annoying with that when I am trying to be fast lol ✌️

      I most always wear it down ❤️

      I have thought about going and having something done? But eh… I just like it as is … and I do not trust anyone with my hair 😮✌️


      1. I used to have hair to my butt. I was traumatized after letting a friend (hairstylist) cut it. It wouldn’t style well and looked like shit till the day I got mad, gave up, and rode with my wet head out the window. When we got to the club, everyone loved it! It needed time to react to being light and I had to learn to work with it.

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