First of all… Happy Veteran’s Day ❤️ 🇺🇸 ❤️ Thank you for your service and giving me the opportunity to be free ❤️ Thank you for your protection ❤️🇺🇸❤️




And also… there was this today…

I like that I started on 11/11 ❤️ and I can’t believe the changes in 2 years ❤️ 🙌

I love double numbers though!! I didn’t even realize that I had started on 11/11 until it gave me my anniversary last year

Soooo funny you get little awards for that, but I love the reminder ❤️

A lot is different in 2 years ❤️ 😮😮

I have good job, incredible amazing people, am still building 🙌 … got away from an abuser, make my own life, am little stronger

Always strong in spirit – but I just needed to find my people ❤️ … funny that I find them in death though lol

The blog actually helped me through all that.

I just thought was going to be for me? To just write ✍️… I never thought anyone would read – I didn’t know how any of it worked, I didn’t know it went online… and I usually just stay away from things. I also do not like social media things so I never thought of like that?

I was little taken back at first by the first few people who read… because I was just using blog to write out what was happening and my thoughts – I didn’t know it went worldwide in beginning.

But then I figured maybe would help someone else or maybe someone else could relate? So I continued

I don’t do for money… I still use same way I did from the start and I love the blog always ❤️ it is a love not a pressure ❤️

I have met some pretty awesome amazing people here too ❤️ all of you are!!! Is the most upbeat positive community ❤️

Everyone is so kind and you get to read about what other people are going through, thinking, cooking, interested in etc – kinda pulls the world together

Anyway… is crazy it’s been 2 years 😮😮

But it went through … the ending of 2019 and then came 2020… which lasted FOREVER when was happening lol (except when I had the highways to self – that went by way too fast!!)

And then 2021 which I blinked and it’s almost over 😮😮 warp speed 😮😮

What could the next 2 years hold? 😮 that is crazy to think of 😮😮

Well, one year at a time lol ✌️ the twenties, so far, are quite the force lol



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