Once upon a time…

So … let me show you what American men are like… ok you ready? You will have to tell me if they are the same in other countries …

This will make you understand why I stay private and to myself. Because this is how men are all the time!!

So… once upon a time … I worked at a golf ⛳️ course – I was a cart girl.

⛳️❤️ my Course ❤️⛳️
Me… 🤫

I was like a bartender on wheels … I am flirty and bubbly and I actually can socialize and back then, that was my job – so after work I hated socializing because it was my job lol … and guys do seem mostly the same anyway.

It was an amazing job – best ever – I had so much fun!! And my boss had my back if anyone was bad or if I cut anyone off. I laughed all day at that job was so much fun!!

I was hit on everyday all the time – I’m out in middle of nowhere serving drinks and most of the customers were men. So it was ALL THE TIME!! Non stop constant

When I walked in the room they would say my name like Norm from Cheers …

Hang on … TBC… I have to run at moment sorry – I be back in little while to finish this story lol

Ok back later 😉✌️

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