Ok- all done 🙌 🍕

That was actually fun 🤫… I got to meet the advisor and …

She wanted to eat there to see all her people…

So whenever someone around her age came inside… I asked “is that your people?” Lol … the people in this club – not her regular friends

Most of time it was – the very first one we saw was a boy around her age and I asked if she knew him. She said yes. So I waved and went to speak … she saw me ready to say something and said “no mom!!! He’s not one of my friends, I only simply know him.” Lol

And then we sit down at a booth and she texting her entire group, I brought my laptop because I was working (sorry death is pouring into my funeral home … I have no choice. I have soooo much work!!)

Just a little side note… it is not Covid. Last year we were horrific with Covid!! Ugh last year was awful!!!

But currently they only trickle in here (we do sometimes have spurts but not like last year… I have a few but not many – most are natural causes or cancer or whatever.

The deaths are because we are coming up on baby boomer generation … so the last of the 1920’s and 30’s… plus the generation covering 1946 to 1964 – right after World War II. That generation is starting to hit. ☹️ … my parents were/are that generation 😔

Anyway back to pizza… got sidetracked – but just wanted to mention the crazy amount of cases is not because of Covid… people in my area are getting vaccinated and/or wearing masks.

We have been doing better here 🙌 … better – but they do still come in… so still be careful – I am just informing

Anyway she is group texting with “her people” and she texts “I am at blah blah blah pizza for my fundraiser” 🙌 🍕 (it’s for the club she is in lol)

And one of her “people” says … WAIT! I am at blah blah blah pizza … which one are you at?

And without even realizing… we were not too far from them – they were next 2 booths over 😮

My daughter tells her person – “turn around” lol

It was her best friend lol ❤️

She’s constantly laughing and I say “what?” And she will say “oh nothing, I’m just talking to so and so” (her best friend)

So I will ask – “well what’s so funny then?”

And she tells me “you won’t get it mom” 🤨

I hate when she says that!! Lol … when I was a child my adults used to say “your too young, wait til you’re older”

And now that I am older …my child tells me “you won’t get it” lol

So yeah I don’t like that lol … so I always say “well lemme just see, maybe I will?”

She will show me …

And nope – I don’t get it… but she laughs hysterically 🤨

Now when she says that I’m like “ok” lol cause I won’t – her humor is odd – not even funny stuff lol 🤷‍♀️

Tonight on way home, she tells me it’s weird when we out with the boys lol (my sons)

I am smallish… I’m tall but small lol … I am average height? I think? Lol but whatever – I always feel very tall. You can tell I am the mom.

Sorta lol

My oldest son is 27… and obviously he is not a child and when he is next to me… and we are all out in public… EVERYONE just immediately “ASSUMES” that he is my husband or boyfriend lol 🤨🙄😝

He is taller and larger than me lol – he also wears a beard so lol – people just assume we together 😝😝

I tease him all the time and say I will buy us tshirts that say “I made him, I am NOT dating him” lol … and he can wear one that says – she made me ➡️ lol …

He always tells me “no mom I’m not wearing that” lol 😄 fine then whatever – would solve the problem lol

We are used to it because ever since he got bigger than me – that’s what people think. Lol

I do not look old enough to have a son his age. Most people mistake me for younger but whatever. It’s always been like that… when I had him I was 20/21 … but I looked 12 😮

But my daughter finds it very disturbing lol … of course it is, but what can you do without wearing tshirts lol 😘✌️😄

What am I supposed to do??? – immediately announce when I go anywhere “everyone this is my SON” lol – yeah I’m not doing that lol

It is what is… whatever – people always “assume

Ok … and this guy person… so… he wants to be my friend outside of work. That was VERY respectful to ask if we could be friends outside of work.

Being careful and easy with approach ✔️

Respecting my position of employment ✔️

And asking me if that would be ok… ✔️

I like that… easy… no pressure… not crazy … and respectful 🙌

So yes – I can be your friend outside of work. He was respectful, so sure… I am ok with that.

Although … lol … I am not actually sure what that actually means lol … 🤷‍♀️

Ok so is just the label “friends”?? … and we talk outside of work? Lol 🤷‍♀️ is that it? Lol

So I’m not really sure – I just think is simple normal friends, so I will go with that. I think people just do that right? I’m pretty sure. Lol

I just don’t normally have people asking if is ok to be my friend lol … you just “BE” my friend lol … but I do suppose with men, I am extremely careful. And he interacts and sees me – but not daily (only for one month a year) lol … this is his second time with me.

But I think he was being really careful because he literally just closed out my file – meaning I am done with it him for this year lol … that’s when he asked.

But also, if we be friends – that means I can not work with him anymore. Because his business oversees mine… if we friends, that is conflict of interest and they will have to assign someone else. So he’s willing to do that for friendship 😳😮

So he probably googled to see what there was to see? Lol … I am private dear sir lol … there is not much 😉

He can see little of my Facebook – a photo when I was child with my mom ❤️ and a few photos with kids ❤️ – but it’s locked and secured. I never login ever – since 2019.

I have an Instagram… I have never posted or responded – although I am friends with “2 people” lol – my sister in law – and my cousin.. who post constantly lol … I never use it – I am wordy anyway

I do not have a Twitter because I could care less about that lol

Umm 🤔 I have Linked In but post nothing – also do not network with that at all- nope 👎

I don’t like any social media. So whatever. I keep the Facebook because it has 10+ years of memories – including cancer … but also has all the family and friends I love … but am quiet with… I just keep them there ❤️ but never see them or go on. But I just wanna keep them always!

I do not like social media – I only like WordPress

So you won’t see much – even if ran background – all I have is the divorce, which falls under court cases.

Obviously he knows where I work and what I do lol… he actually is very funny with it because he is fascinated by literally everything I say about work lol

Don’t worry, I think he is harmless?

He’s at least respectful, so I like that, I can be friends. Hopefully it is just relaxed no pressure, because I am not sure what exactly he means. I do not want to be a weirdo and ask – I will just observe the behavior.

I did not think about what the term “friends” could mean 😮 …so yeah I will just have to observe the behavior. I’m careful …

I’ll watch him lol ✌️

Ok well I am not gonna freak myself out about it lol – whatever … he was nice and that was very respectful.

Ok well I am gonna attempt at catching up a little while I am able 🙏



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  1. Haha, that is funny about her friend being just a few booths away!
    Going out with one’s grown-up children can be a strange experience. Sometimes, I have just been out with my daughter (25) and gotten quite angry as I have actually noticed guys leer at her! FFS!!! Right in front of me! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Yes guys do not care – that does not surprise me! 🙄🤨 they have no shame

      I have not experienced that yet with my daughter – she’s only 14 … but I am not ready for anyone leering at daughter 😮

      I would not be happy either

      You don’t think of these things when you first give them life lol ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

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