Ok… where was I?? “My course” ⛳️❤️ very fun job 🙌

Men are really really dirty always always always 🤨 …

Although I will also say … you do find the good ones too who are respectful and kind. But not overly often …

Before I get into that… I have a funny story…

I used to volunteer with the police department in the town… and work this golf course. I kept a clean rep, and carried myself representing both. I asked my police if was ok first. They say yes, so I did both.

The other girl I worked with was also a stripper lol …

So one day, I’m out on the course and along comes this group of men… so they want drinks 🍹 so I am making them (probably bloody Mary’s 😑🙄)

I had my back to the group while I was making the drinks and one is talking to me, trying to be all smooth 🙄

Then he said to me … “ the cart guy in the club house told us to smack your *ss.”

I fricken whipped around soooooo fast… and said “excuse me”?

And then he says “ are you the pole dancer? I said no, I’m with the police” 😄😄😄 best face EVER on a person, right there, in that moment 😄😄🙌

After that they were extremely respectful 😄🤨🙄

Just ya know whatever 😑 welcome to being a woman.

Ok … so right after I separated – I gave my number to a man I met one day, who seemed very nice

I had just met him – we never went out or anything… we sent 3 or 4 texts and he tell me he was married so nope 👎 bye 👋

Whatever … I only texted him few texts… 3 texts

Forgot all about it – didn’t think anything of it.

I worked at the golf course til 2017

Fast forward to today 😮… I get a phone call on my cell phone… many people around my business have my cell because that is easiest way to reach me… I work all over and all the time

Normally … everything is somewhat normal (in a chaotic crazy manner lol)

So I am in middle of a ton of things and my phone goes off. I look and it says a name and @ golf course… so I answered 😳 because I didn’t think I knew anyone from there with that name?

And it’s a guy from a business who is working with us… I picked his business … he called me with his cell phone for that company lol … I do that too, so that’s not unusual.

What was unusual is already being in my phone – I delete NOTHING… I need largest phone because I delete nothing lol ✌️ information is always useful. But I have never had this happen before

So I was confused – after he asked me about the job… I asked if he golfed? He said yes and got excited really quick… until I said – oh you are in my phone – I must know you – I used to be Cart girl from this course.

And then he stumbled on his words lol – just then he recognized me and back peddled real hard – oh was his friend messing around – yeah ok whatever …

I actually had not seen the text messages yet – when I was talking with him… he just called my phone and I noticed he was already in phone and from golf course

So I didn’t know… I didn’t remember him at all.

So after we hung up… I went into my contacts and looked at his… I clicked on “send message”

And the messages app opened … up pops a conversation where he asks me what time I get off work?

I had said “well I am mom and have mom stuff – so technically never” lol

And then he sent me this message…

🤨😑 ok whatever

And he continued …

So all done ✔️

And that was end of convo… years ago

Huh 🤔 and now he calls me and I am calling shots… so just weird and then it made sense why he back peddle on phone

So you see … it is like that.

And with what I went through with my ex – nope 👎 I don’t trust shit … so better do it the right way or you done for lol 💋 …that’s why I am difficult to catch.

Hence why I give NO ONE my time.

And then I have that girlfriend who goes through guys like water and that grosses me out!!

So I know guys are like that, and there are girls like that – and no thank you

So I just like my peace ✌️❤️

I just stay away from all that bullshit!!

So you know … that all equates into everything

Men are that way. It’s still all the time …not as much as when I was front and center like at golf course … but I hide away mostly 😉✌️ I TRY to avoid


It just brought my mind back 😮 how weird was that?!!

But yes – if you are a woman… yup. Cause it’s like that.

That is why the other day or yesterday… whatever day that was… with the guy person lol…

When you come at me respectfully – I like that 👌

When you come at me like meat or like you can’t control yourself – no thank you – do not attempt … you will have zero chance. 🤨

Today the one who I am watching going through same ordeal as I did…

She tell me … this is why many women go the other way lol 😑😄 that was a little funny because many guys suck – not all – but many!

Yeah … while I do think women’s bodies are way more beautiful than a man’s (sorry but yes)

Nope – definitely not my thing. I already have all those parts – nope 👎 definitely only attracted to men – totally not ever confused with that lol

But yes… I do see how could be just done dealing with men because of how they act.

Totally not meat or object so I just don’t want to be around that. So I just keep to self

Way more peaceful ❤️✌️ that’s why I avoid so hard.

But it was funny because that was the start of my standing up when I worked at golf course… I was just a mom before that. So that was a lot to have come at you… and guys hitting on you all the time was just part of the job – how it went. How it is. But was weird with all the attention

Sure… sometimes it’s flattering when they are kind and respectful …and don’t act like a jackass 😉

But I was “just a woman” at that job – was easy start job… men were always dirty

But now… I am calling shots with this person – they working for me. Kinda funny

Was only few years ago I was the cart girl – was before cancer – I have since been enhanced 😑

I have worked (and still work) VERY hard with everything I have to come this far so fast – because I am a fighter and I have spirit and I am strong so … never again… do I ever want to be at anyones mercy 😘

So come at me bro 😘 I got your number lol

But yeah… now he works for me lol

Remember how you treat people 💋 no matter who they are, or where in life they are – you do not know what others go through.

One day that comes back at you lol 😘✌️

So anyway – I’m just showing you. Cause it’s just how is usually 🤨 that’s why I want nothing to do with it!!

But now… I remember what kind of person he is. Just different way he treat.

I keep trying to make it leave my mind – but won’t … I flash between back then and how he acts with me now… he was shocked when I mention that he was in my phone, and immediately started explaining and saying was his friend – I had no idea what he talking about – until we hung up and I looked to see if there were prior messages – and there it was

Then I remember … so now I see different

Look what you made me do lol

Lol so anyway… now that’s in my head every time I deal with him

Anyway… in other news… I just work a lot… although lol… I fricken forgot my laptop at work and can not work 😬 I am forced to not work tonight

I tell my boss omg I can not work I forgot my laptop at work!! 🤦‍♀️

And my boss said – the universe is telling you to take a break lol

Omg but I have soo much work!! I am behind… but I am forced to not work 😑 ok fine.

So what day are we on??? Thursday ok …

Friday is coming

Ok and I am working Saturday and taking only Sunday off again.

But that’s why women on guard and hard to get. Because of men like that

And I am forced not to work tonight – so now I can catch up lol 😆

And there ya go 💋✌️

You never know who someone could be 😘✌️



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      1. Lol … well I do not totally trust my radar so easiest to be proactive and protective lol – I do not trust easy

        People sometimes put on different faces – so you never know who someone truly is sometimes

        So I just be careful always


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