Busy stuff

So busy!!!

I have soooo much work – not even funny …

We have a fund raiser for one of my daughters school clubs tonight at a pizza place 🍕

I’m like “what time does that start?” Lol

We have to be there in 10 minutes (at 5pm)

And that guy… it is sooo funny that he is doing it properly lol …

He had to talk to me again today and then just politely asked if we could be friends outside of work lol

Don’t worry – I can still handle my own. Friends outside of work or not. I am always careful. Very guarded with things. Not an easy nut to crack lol 😉✌️

But it is funny because he moves slowly and carefully lol … almost like he knows lol

No sudden or fast movements lol 😉😄😄

Just interesting – did not expect but whatever

Ok well we have to go do this fund raiser 😑🥱

And she’s like “all my friends gonna be there” 🤦‍♀️ that means tearing her away will be difficult lol. There will be begging to stay 🤨

Omg I wanna be at home lol

Ok I have to run

I will try to be back later ✌️

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