All the struggles lol

It is freezing 🥶

We went from awesome warmness, right into cold!

My nose is frozen 🥶 I just turned the heat on because brrr 🥶 my fingers kinda frozen numb

Why is my WordPress looking different ?? 🤨 when I write … it’s sooooo teeny tiny now!!! Can I please have bigger letters lol … what is that? Are they trying to destroy eye sight? Big please! I do not like the teeny tiny letters 🤨 some of us are old.

Well whatever

I have a pretty big thought I want to say… but I can not say due to privacy reasons. It just kills me little. But it shall come to pass whatever it is.

And I have no idea when anything is happening – they tell me and try, but we so busy and it’s crazy there

So… the terrible thing did not happen today – that waits for another day… that’s good and bad… is not just done and handled. So it just simmers.

It will come 😑

And then hmm 🤔 so you know on linked in? Ok well I sort of have that – I don’t network like that… I just don’t like anything except WordPress lol … but I have one- it just sits there. Only my name lol … I don’t share anything 😉

Anyway… so it tells me someone searching me

Huh oh?? So I click and see who lol … well of course it does not tell me a name… but DID tell me who they work for.

When I see that – I am pretty sure I know who it is searching me? Lol … I am little curious for what reason?

But – I don’t know for sure, was just the place they work that stands out. They are the only person I know personally, from that place.

I am working with them, but they have worked with me before – they know my demeanor and personality from last time – I was one of their first umm people? So they at ease with me

Just odd IF was them looking me up – because why?

Then today calls me after hours to first talk about work, and then chit chat lol … but I can not really tell if he is flirting or not?? Because he is ummm 🤔 a very serious intellectual person lol… he jokes and it is funny… and he is sarcastic lol

But then I remembered the Linked In thing 😮

So ok… I can see how women can be confusing lol…

On one hand, if I am not sure about anything and you are subtle – I’m not gonna see that. I’m just not going to think anything, unless someone is direct with it

But then if you are direct.. I am careful, I just prefer to know someone before they come near my life… I want to be at ease or know a person then I would be fine.

So yes – I can see the confusion lol – I really don’t know how to help you lol

But just weird investigating me lol – for what? Lol … I’m not exciting. There is nothing there for you to really see I don’t put any info – I don’t think?? Just my name.

I’m just pretty sure was him lol – who else from that place and has my name? Lol

But I am curious why?

Whatever – I’m too tired 🥱

I’m too tired for music again – but I do not want only ice ice baby lol…


Much better! I LOVE Iration! ❤️

Ok I have to sleep – I am struggling again!!

Gnite 😘✌️❤️

7 thoughts on “All the struggles lol

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    1. Oh yes it did lol … that’s why I am NOT gonna ask 😉

      I am curious – but I will leave that alone lol – I do not want to open any cans of worms 🪱

      But I am really curious lol

      That’s funny – I think of that saying too!


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