Whatever Monday

So… it’s Monday – it was a Monday 😑 … breathe.

Ok… whew… alright… I do not know where to begin??

I have a bad thing coming tmrw. I hold my breath. I am nervous. It’s just not going to be good. There will be crying. Ugh 🤦‍♀️

There is nothing you can do… you know the locomotive 🚂 coming right at you… you see it headed straight for you – but are literally tied to the tracks 😮😳 … it’s a feeling like that 😮



So ok – tomorrow will be really hard or bad. I do not see it going well. Alright well, bring it.

Ok there is that tmrw. 😳

No choice but to handle.

The one thing is, I know what about to go down… but I am not permitted to say to person. So I keep quiet until the train hits.

Ok what else. Oh just many many things.

Oh… and… challenge guy still actually tries… even after I say no or that I am protective

He even tried the “well don’t let your life pass you by, you should enjoy and have fun” 🙄

But I do have fun in life and I don’t let it pass me by. I like the peace I have. I am protective with who comes close and there is no way I am having fun without closeness lol

He did not really hear the words I say. But whatever.

He is persistent – but no… still no… trying to convince me otherwise lol … nice try.

I am always going to say no to him – always always always. Because that’s the only thing he makes effort with – so nope 👎

So whatever 🙄

I just don’t pay attention, at all, when that’s the focus… you lose me instantly – he can say or plead whatever he wants – is still no.

He is not going to convince me otherwise… my ears turn off, because he’s only after that. So I will just be nice – but not listen. Also not change mind. I do not take seriously

Whatever – I’m just surprised hasn’t given up yet. Why still chasing? I am one person. There are many others who be fine with it. I am not.

Instead of understanding that and being supportive of… or appreciate/respect … he just tries to get me to change mind 🤨 … which is not happening !!! I will always say no because of that right there, and that’s just to start.

Like I said – just surprised he keeps it up – whatever. Always gonna be no.

Ok well I keep falling asleep writing this. I have to sleep for now I am too tired 🥱 I’m even too tired for music 😮😮😮

Ok well…

Gnite ❤️✌️

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