For a reason?

Ok… ready for a ride?? 😮 buckle up lol

Ok let’s start with Thursday… I worked late didn’t want to drive home – hotel too expensive so a coworker said I could stay in her guest room.

The woman at my location said privately to me, “Trisha I don’t think that’s a good idea”

??? What? Why?

Because you two are gonna be laughing and talking all night and you won’t sleep lol

No!!! That won’t happen lol

So I went over and we laughing and talking and then it was 10pm lol dammit lol

But I went to bed and it was amazing being right at work the next morning – and was great because it had rained over night, and roads were wet so… I’m glad I stayed over and we had so much fun laughing. She’s a cool person. Very sweet!

Friday at work- 😑 yes the big wig came to my location. He was nice, as well as some man they are considering for Market Director. He is from North Carolina

Oh that was an insane day! 🤦‍♀️

Someone is not doing their job and it’s falling on me to do. I knew this was going to happen, but I had no say here. I voiced opinion and boss thought be fine. And here we are.

So I will have to correct that issue – because no!!

So whatever – I was MASSIVELY late for Friday night ☹️

Today I had those interviews and I had not planned to stay til close – but 🤷‍♀️ their part timer I have not met keeps calling out so here we are 🤨

Tmrw I am covering their phones 📱 and working from home in case anyone needs anything


Also I am on call tonight – so no deaths!! Lol

And then… hmm 🤔… in MY life… certain people have been instrumental in me standing up… my earth angels ❤️

Like my girlfriends and my landlord ❤️ my job … so… to me they came into my life when I needed help the most – I never would have been ok without them!! They gave me peace and respite and still do…

They were meant to cross my path when I needed them 😮


So every so often in life … I dunno …are you put in someone’s life because they really need you like that??

Someone who is close to me has a situation that mirrors mine.

They are literally at beginning of their journey. 😮

I am supportive yes… absolutely, whatever need!!

But is hard for me with any type of domestic abuse. It is hard for me to speak to a person with that…

I am very dangerous to allow to speak to other victims of abuse… and …

You just do not want to know what I have to say. And if I were to ever speak what I truly think and believe it would be venomous so no… I will TRY REALLY HARD to stay quiet … because saying anything doesn’t do shit. So … yeah careful – I’m dangerous there ✌️

No one care and no one helps… that’s why so many suffer in abuse and are afraid to leave.

I am extremely dangerous speaking on this topic… so I probably should not.

I have massive fire on that- so careful on that one definitely.

It is the earth angels that come to you when you need ❤️ it is these people who save your life and give you peace, let you trust ❤️

This person is about to go through it. 😳 I’m about to watch someone else go through things that I did… already that is happening!! 😮

This person that it’s happening to… is just like me… with even more fire… she has more fire than me, but I think her strength teeters?? Her self esteem kinda unsure… she is strong… Is confident and all that surfacely…

But underneath it all is different ✌️

So, ya know… yes – I am just VERY dangerous to speak to on this matter.


They come to me. They know my story. I am aware they are just like me and have oddly similar circumstances in some ways ?? Also person similar to me. Very much

So… I just be strong support and caring friend because that’s what will need

It’s just weird because there have been alot of coincidences with things lately?

Anyway so that is little difficult because I know those experiences and I do not really speak with it. It’s a little difficult because is forcing me to kinda turn around and that’s hard for me – I only focus forward – to look back is pain and fear so I don’t like that… forward is better – untouchable forward 😉✌️

Well anyway that’s the scoop.

I will have to share my opinion of interviews tmrw – I am too tired 😩 I can’t keep eyes open.

Gnite ❤️😘✌️

2 thoughts on “For a reason?

Add yours

    1. Yes it’s that… because it’s the past and I don’t relive that… but then to see someone else suffer through is very difficult and I know the road.

      It’s hard for me to say things because of how harsh I feel towards the state, government and court system in aiding those who truly need assistance.

      You fend for yourself. Hopefully you can.

      So it’s hard because I have both harsh feelings and then that digs up all the memories and emotions … so yeah it is very difficult

      Maybe she put in my life to aid her through it – but then also to force me to face it – because life does shit like that 🤨

      Ugh 😑

      I do believe if you don’t face something it WILL haunt you…

      It’s just very hard because of the severe emotion with it. So. Yeah.

      Yes 🙌 have gotten some sleep … “enough for battery recharge” but still sleepy 🥱


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