Good Morning 🙌 Happy Saturday! 🙏🙏🙏

Today I am working – but I am just conducting interviews all day long!

I have soooooo much to tell you but I have to get ready for interviewing people. Lol

I have 6 interviews, I have 3 positions for the one I am interviewing today

I have a total of 5 positions to fill… 2 are part time, 3 are full time… I am interviewing people for the full time position today.

And I will meet the family I help today ❤️

I have many stories though!!!

I had a sleep over Thursday night!! Lol 🙌 … it was hilarious and fun … you will just have to wait for that story

And Friday 😐 I couldn’t get out of work until 6:30p so kids stayed late.

I had to work late because someone didn’t do their job – so I had to stop doing mine to do theirs too!! 🤨 so that’s a thing

That’s not gonna last long. 🤨 that’s gonna be huge issue.

And then kids and I had great time as always … but it really sucked being so late for Friday night, and working again today.

I’m oncall again – they took me off for a minute – but I have to be back on for Saturday night until we get more people. So I am Saturday night and Sunday is my one day off.

Ok I have to run ✌️

5 thoughts on “Interviews

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    1. Thank you .. that went well… their part timer called out so I stayed. 😑

      I have to work tmrw too but tmrw I will work from home. 🙌

      I am not sure if I find good or not? I am currently investigating 😉😘

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    1. I am not sure yet… I am checking on who they are. We see … some are known

      I talk to everyone – I am silent but at work I know and reach out to whoever I need.

      So we see – investigating and then we see how they do with my other staff.

      So we see … not sure 🤔


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