Dreams ✌️

I helped someone with something …I want to help them more or as much as able.


Anyway… they are very grateful. I took their tears away a little bit. Calmed them.

So they are not using my funeral home – but I have them using one of mine from my team of 3 ❤️

They want to drop something off on Saturday

They ask if that funeral home open on Saturday – it is… but they have a new girl and I don’t know her yet and we are still seeing… she doesn’t know what she is doing yet. I don’t feel comfortable with the family dropping off with a new person I do not know, but gave family option they can drop there OR…

I am in office at MY funeral home on Saturday conducting interviews. I have interviews all day Saturday. 😮

So when I mentioned I would be at my funeral home on Saturday, before I could even finish the sentence, she says – “yes I want to meet you. I will do that, I will come by on Saturday and meet you! I am excited to meet you Trisha”

It’s only because, I calmed her and then just kinda helped walk her through gentle, got explanations and I got info for her and things like that… she couldn’t afford something – so I found a way she could. I put her at ease. So that is why she is so thankful.

I took the time, empathized and helped in someone’s hour of need. That is how I am anyway but that is also my job – which is why I love so much ❤️

It just took me by surprise how excited she got for a chance to meet me… lol … my first contact is “usually” always phone, unless I meet prior to death.

I help families – but I am mainly background office – and support for my directors.

They see me and speak to me, but I am generally behind the scenes – I make sure the building doesn’t collapse, the bills are paid, budget on track, reports run, staffing etc

Contact with me is minimal … I am usually hidden away lol ✌️buried in paper work and things happening 🤨🙄

Just normally people don’t get excited to see me like that. Just took me by surprise for a minute.

So Saturday – I will meet the family I helped ❤️


Otherwise lots of things happening at work. The big wig is in town and visiting all of us.

I know he will visit my location – I just know it. Because of that accident and the building 🤦‍♀️ awesome lol

So alright.

I need to get sleep for this and I’m so very exhausted.

I will be back at some point some day ☹️

I really miss covid lockdown – I wish we do that again for a moment. The whole world one week 🙏 one more time? Who’s with me? Lol 💋

But I do miss those moments of peace – and then also the highways 🙌❤️ omg I will forever speak of that ❤️

I would love to do that one more time 🙏❤️



It doesn’t have to be bad thing…

For one moment we all same ❤️😘

All as one? No one was fighting or anything FOR ONE moment … and then ya know … I got to have my dream Highway for one moment also (I’m sorry that was just a really really big bonus for me!) now it’s gridlock all the time 🤨 even worse than BEFORE Covid!! Where did all these extra people come from? Lol

We should all take a moment … one week in remembrance of COVID, AS WELL AS, those we have lost TO Covid

We should all do that!! That would be amazing once a year ❤️

Took fricken Covid to have one moment all together. Wow.

So yeah we should just have one week a year to memorialize. And just have the world be as one – just for those moments ❤️🙌


Ahhhh dreams ✌️💋 🙏

Speaking of which, good night 🌙❤️😘

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