Just a day

Ok so… was quite the eventful day … but ya know… when is it not? Lol 🤨

Ok well a lot went down so let’s say that. Then it was squashed 🙌 …but I do not trust – that’s pretty big. I don’t know if I trust at all. Is a woman 😮😮😮

We gonna have sit down in few days – so this should refresh 🙌 we see.

Every so often – yes I will be cryptic – it just happens – I still get to sorta say but not really. It was fine … was actually a decent day. Full of emotions which is also draining but was good

Things are also going pretty good so far with with the condo 🙏🙏🙏 I say “so far” 🙏🙏🙏 I should be in by Thanksgiving but we see

They gonna make me cry. Because they help me so much. They doing sooo much to help me with that ❤️ so I will cry because of what I went through to get here

On my way home tonight this song came on…


I went to change and flip the channel… but I CAN NOT change that song – it like paralyses me… it’s sooo soothing until midway through song there is piano I don’t like there ✌️ … I still can not change that song!! It’s like instant peace?? I do not know what is with that one song?? I can not ever change it!

It’s a slow song so I have to be in mood… but every time for that one 🙌❤️ it’s the weirdest thing because I can not bring myself to flip that song!!

It’s sooo weird – even if I want to… it starts and then nope… I lose myself in that song 😮 I get sucked in 😮

My mind is a million miles away tonight??

I dunno? 🤷‍♀️ I’m also really really exhausted and need sleep – so I’m gonna do that.

Gnite 😘❤️✌️


3 thoughts on “Just a day

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    1. No – I am not sleeping well at all!! I’m so exhausted. I have to peel myself out of bed in morning.

      It’s been colder at night I have had to keep the heat on so it’s not freezing in morning because has been

      Is beautiful night though – perfect chill temp and this amazing cool breeze

      Hahaha I will try not to do them too often – sometimes I can’t help it – sometimes I want to get something out, but I can’t correctly or say with confidentiality? So cryptic helps.


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