Opinions and things

I am in thought tonight. About many things. Work mostly, but also stupid things… I’m not sure I want to talk about them? I want to, but also not, because I am exhausted from things.

So I’m gonna say few things people probably won’t like… but just opinion that’s all… whatever – just saying…

I see why we are not going to find workers very easily – because these people are only applying in order to continue to get unemployment. They have to apply to “so many” jobs per week to keep receiving their checks.

They make more money staying home than they do to work. Welcome to the United States

Everyone has to fight about everything over here… every single thing is a fight!!

Texas is contradicting itself… you want the right to decide if you want a vaccine or to wear a mask – but then you want to take away a woman’s right to choose? That makes no sense. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Try again. You are asking for trouble… in many ways. Careful… people full of anger. You can’t have both ways. There’s gonna be a fight! Ready for this one? Here comes

And how you gonna decide for someone?? – mind your own business. Stay out of mine. You want your rights – I want mine.

You can not expect freedom BUT then only in certain circumstances because it fits with how you feel or what you want. That is NOT how it works!!


We supposed to be adults… yet parents are fist fighting in schools IN FRONT OF CHILDREN AND THE COUNTRY over children wearing masks in schools OMG!

Real mature. Way to set example.

So Texas and Florida are little off 🤨

Wtf is wrong with this country every single thing huge fight!!!

Everyone so angry and ready to go head to head.

Just mind your own business – handle your own life and stop trying to control everyone else

You don’t want a vaccine – fine… you will learn one way or the other ✌️ your choice.

You don’t want to wear a mask? Fine… same words ✌️also your choice.

You can not tell anyone else what they “can” or “can not” do with their own selves.

I do believe that is unconstitutional 🤔 here we go – see … another fight.

Who’s next? What’s the next subject to fight about? It’s like that… I just wonder which topic will be the one chosen NEXT TIME.


And then work stuff.

I’m just thinking – not bad- not good… just many thoughts?

I don’t really want to say at this time. Because I am still thinking about that stuff lol ✌️

And then…

I talked to that person again today… 😮😮 remember the one from yesterday who is eerily almost exactly my twin… but my mothers age 😮😮

Omg even more things are same!! 😮 and the person say to me… no matter what happens I have to meet you!

I definitely agreed 😮 because… these are NOT normal things to have the same… not at all.

I did ask her birthday and is not the same as mine – I would have been completely floored if was same too! Lol

But everything else would literally shock you!! Is not normal things to have in common lol

They are verifiable things

And today I took the email address and when I was told what was – I laughed because omg – it was something else that was same lol …not same email address – there was something about the email address itself – the part “they named”… that was same exactly as something in my life 😮 … see!!

She does remind me of my mom a lot. She’s a story teller ❤️ just like me… and she’s funny and the sweetest thing. She’s polite and has manners and is kind and thoughtful

Very sweet woman. She also has a heart that feels the same as mine and I have no idea how to explain that?? Both outwards and in?

It’s just weird. Because I have these odd things identical to her 😮 not usual things you have in common with people 😮

So … I am very intrigued by her because she does remind me of my mother. And then with the coincidences with ME 😮

I keep myself busy so I do not have to feel pain or have bad things. Some people turn to drinking – I turned to working ✌️

With my mom 💔 …I don’t want to talk about it because it already makes me have tears just starting that sentence 💔

So ya know… then there is suddenly this woman, who reminds me of my mother, and has crazy things in common with me… is weird – it has my attention.

It’s just odd – one of those things you forced to notice.

So I have to work tmrw… so I should get to bed – I’m already up way too late … I’m gonna be exhausted

Gnite 😘✌️❤️

Ps – I did enjoy kids tonight too. ❤️ I will mention tmrw ✌️

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  1. This gave me a flashback to working at a gay bar and being hit on by someone who looked like, and shared a lot of other similarities with, my mom – who I hadn’t spoken to in about 10yrs. Still gives me the creeps!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is kinda creepy lol

      Both of us are just as floored with the coincidences – it’s odd – but she isn’t creepy or anything.

      Not creeped out by her – but the similarities are crazy!!


      1. Fuuuhhhh… 9:22pm and I heard her yelling for me at my door (the fam got home from somewhere a few min prior)! Fortunately, I had a music vid on redonk loud and pretended I didn’t hear her. But… JEEBUS… LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well it’s kinda unspoken rule to not bother after 9p… 😮 some people don’t do that obviously

        It’s a “little” cute how much she adores you. But it can be a bit much since parents not overly involved with her- you probably give her the most attention

        But absolutely it can be a bit much when you need time and it’s after 9pm

        Maybe they didn’t realize the time?


      3. That’s not cool. That’s sad. Poor kid.

        If she had structure it would probably be better.

        Everything is better with structure lol (I say that because at my work there is not really structure so I am trying to structure it… it is way better when there is structure)

        I would say tell the parents rules or something, but doesn’t sound like they listen well? Or care?


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