Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend – celebrating work lol 🙄

Mostly written from last night- but I didn’t get home til 9:30… I worked until 6pm and then ran all my errands after work, because I work so much. 😉 have to fit in somewhere. So I was too exhausted – I don’t even remember falling asleep 😮😳

I keep forgetting this is holiday weekend – it is not holiday weekend for me. I am just gonna work straight through. Maybe.

I remembered it was holiday weekend this morning when I was driving to work and saw the tons of police everywhere. 🤦‍♀️ ugh

I forget that people will be drinking. Ok -I have to remember that. Bleh … I just drive a lot of highways 🛣

Our holiday is called Labor Day. 🇺🇸 Celebrating the American Labor Movement – appreciating American workers and labor force achievements. (🙄)


Anyway – I will celebrate by doing labor lol 🙄 woo hoo lol

Yes I know don’t burn out. I won’t. 😘


I have eternal flame lol – just kidding

It would be more like this…


Anyway, it will be fine. Plus I have my music and currently we kickin it ✌️🙌 … so far I sorta have well oiled machine.



Yup, I really love Train ❤️🥰 not that I like any celebrities or even know who is popular now lol … I am not one of those people who goes crazy over celebrities – whatever – they just people with a JOB lol

I know music – not celebrities – musicians, yes lol … I definitely know most American music artists – past and present (few Irish ones too)

Sometimes there is music that is just too much for me, so I do not listen to it at all … so in those genre’s, I do not know the musical artists.



But yeah ❤️ I really like Train.

I made progress today at work so that is worth celebrating this weekend. ❤️

Labor Day always reminds me that Fall is upon us 😝 and that means winter right behind 😝😝 ughhh but ok … we need rain – fine. But I am not a fan of winter – it means freezing cold and lots of layers – ugh 😑

And the thousands of commercialized holidays!

If you are NOT in the United States … are your holidays also commercialized? Or are yours different?

Is it just how it is?

I miss the magic of holidays – not the commercialism.

That was from last night before I fell asleep 😮… then it just leaves off lol


Anyway… I’m gonna go in for few hours – I was going to do as usually early morning hours …

But my alarm went off and since I don’t remember last day off – my body was “like screw you no!” 😮

So whatever. I snoozed for little more 😉

I just ran around vacuuming and finishing house things for the week and all my chores & shopping done 🙌 ahhhh

So I’ll go in, for little while – shortly.

I don’t have daughter and I have a TON to do!!! So why not. What else am I gonna do? Lol

Although I could be sleeping lol

But whatever we see what happens.

Ok I should go and shower 🚿 lol 😘✌️🙌



39 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day Weekend

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    1. That’s ok – I do love my job or I wouldn’t put up with the crap lol 😉✌️

      And I am molasses today lol ✌️ … I will just get there when I get there. I have zero hustle … my body really wants to be lazy… so just being slow. Easy does it 😉✌️

      This weekend has been ok 👌 … but I have had few calls from families already with other funeral homes but are not happy so they want us …

      That just goes to show you – if you know something is good … why go anywhere else ? 😉😘✌️

      Is our compassion, understanding and care that is above rest 😉✌️❤️ higher level … based on that we are the best 😉😘✌️we are worth it. 🙌

      I have street cred lol 😄😉❤️✌️ is known in my area for that ❤️

      No dying tonight! I am on call! 🙏🙏🙏

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      1. They never showed up 🤨 no call no nothin

        That happens – people grieving. They made a big deal… so I was all beautiful and stuff for just nothing lol

        Tomorrow – 🤫 I gonna do shorts 😉 who gonna come? … I gonna be comfy – please no one come

        But I’m doing that! 💋

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      2. Well that actually happens sometimes – but my business is different… the people we handle are dealing with a loss… so sometimes they forget appts with us.

        They have a lot coming at them, so it happens.

        But can be little frustrating for us, because we prepare for all appts, and we never know when it’s going to get busy. So it’s just that.

        But we are used to it. A call would be nice but ya know whatever

        Oh today should be great day ❤️🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏

        We not cooler yet… still REALLY HOT … 💯 today!

        🤫 but I am wearing what I want today 😉🙌❤️

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      3. Yeah, that makes sense!
        We have 86deg today, so, nothing oppressive like you!.
        Ha, right, now that you are dressed just watch the world and their dog beat a path to the door for a face-to-face meeting! 😉

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      4. Ha! Well it went kinda weirdly lol … the one thing I forgot to pack was extra shoes 👠😮… so don’t laugh but all I had were these knee high black boots 👢 that’s it – just that

        But whatever / I still wore my awesome clothes – but it was a black shirt – some super cute shorts … and then knee high boots – I had no choice

        So that looked weird – I looked like I dunno some Vegas show girl or something and yes of course I had to see everyone – there was a bat signal on me or something lol

        The Maintenence guy had to come over – and then that family from yesterday came 🤦‍♀️ of course … and then my boss 😮😮😮😮

        So yeah 😮😄 but whatever lol … we handling and it a holiday. I have worked I don’t even know how many days straight with no day off so / I don’t really care on a holiday like that. ✌️ corporate doesn’t and my boss doesn’t mind either

        Actually boss promotes self care ❤️🙌 so whatever

        But yes I did have to see people 🤨… I never get to fly under the radar!! 🤨 ever

        If I ever try to get away with little things – these things happen lol – life thinks it’s funny 😉

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      5. Haha, that is almost a cartoon definition of Sod’s Law. You could have gone in in slacks and blouse and sensible shoes and you would not have seen a soul! 😉 And knee high boots in that temp haha
        Somewhere there is indeed a TrishaTryingToChill signal out there!
        Glad its all done though! Good luck this week. 🙂

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      6. Hahaha yes I survived and still kicked it – boots and all 🙌😉😄

        I had never heard it called Sod’s law before lol … interesting – a new way 🙌

        Hahaha it’s funny, but I do swear there is some kinda signal lol

        We have fun – we remember life and laugh 😉❤️ mostly / but ya know is death profession lol 😉 sometimes there is crying

        Ok so here comes the week 😳🙏🙏🙏 Whew!! 😮

        Thank you! Have a wonderful week also 🙌😘

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      7. Lol … owning it 💪

        We nervous that a lot of death calls gonna come in. One location today have 5 back to back…

        And then we haven’t even entered cold weather yet.

        So we nervous how winter gonna go and I am trying to staff us as fast as possible

        I have an interview with someone tmrw 🙏🙏 I like this one – I want this one!! This one has experience – I could put her in and she could take off.

        She would be perfect for haunted mansion!! Or my location!! Either one!! She’s perfect but let’s see 🙏🙏

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      8. Haha good! Five? That sounds a lot but I guess it must be a big operation if you can handle half a dozen at a time! I had never thought of it as a “business”. Obviously, I know it is but I always considered it small scale etc. I guess I had never really thought about it much haha
        Good luck today!

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      9. Well understaffed operation handling all those – but yes is nationwide…. There was only 2 handling all that! Told you – we hustle! 😉

        Lol … even in death there is business 😉 most don’t think of it until happens, and most want to avoid… but some are smart and come see us before to write those “Preneeds” … what you need before it happens. “Preparation” lol ❤️

        Then when time comes, they are all set and the family is not left with burden of anything – it’s paid for and last wishes written out 🙌 the only things families would have to pay for after a preneed – is any extra merchandise …jewelry, portraits, mementos etc. (yes we offer extras)

        We sell this amazing cremation jewelry… we take fingerprints at families request and we can turn that into jewelry. It can have a small amount of ashes inside – so you have the fingerprint and have piece of them inside, to wear close to your heart ❤️… it’s really beautiful ❤️ …sounds creepy but it’s not lol

        I had this one case where the person always told people “who cares what happens after I’m dead, I’ll be dead” … well if that’s how you feel then whatever… but I will tell you it was really sad – no preneed, no friends because was mean in life, no one would take responsibility, no family nothing… indigent and abandoned. It was the saddest case to me!! To end a life like that!! Did they truly not care? I guess so?

        Because no one would take responsibility for that person… and there was no money nothing … we had to refer back to county..

        But died in one county and then in life collected government benefits from a different county than the one died in – and that was issue!!! Neither county wanted either 😮😮😮 omg

        It took forever to turn over to coroner … I don’t really know what happens after that. “I believe” they cremated and are entombed or buried in a section of the city cemetery.

        It was really heartbreaking to me to watch no one – not the family friends or even county wanted

        So when they would tell people they don’t care what happens because they already dead? Did they mean that? Because that was awful 💔

        So yes … we are a business to make sure when you pass – you have peace 🙏

        Every person has different ways too.

        We all have specialties … we do them all and I only say specialties because is the surrounding neighborhood and what we get a lot of … mine is Catholic, Italian and Greek 😉😘 but we do everything … my favorite was a Chinese funeral ❤️❤️❤️ I loved everything about how the Chinese viewed it and their customs. It was beautiful and touching ❤️ really somethin ❤️ such love and really cool beliefs

        So yeah – definitely a business … but we work really hard – even for indigent abandoned. We try to give you peace no matter what. ❤️🙏

        Week so far going ok 🙏

        Have a happy hump day lol ✌️I hope I make it over the hump lol 🙏🙏😘

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      10. My mother says exactly that (about being dead and so, doesn’t care) and I believe her but have tried to say that is a no-no because funerals are as much for those left behind than the one being buried. 😉

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      11. Well it is her choice, but of course or hopefully… you love her lol

        But that will fall on you because you would be next of kin – and any siblings… if you have siblings whether you speak to them or not they are also next of kin

        In that case – you might want power of attorney … because too many cooks in the kitchen can also ruin the pot.

        Is stressful time, a lot comes at you and families fight… power of atty makes it easier – one signature, one in charge.

        You or your siblings will be responsible for paying for the funeral and even a cremation is not super cheap.

        That’s the only thing people don’t realize – we don’t just throw you in a pit for free Lol

        We handle all people will respect and care so ya know is work so nothing in life or death is free 😉✌️

        I get what she means, but is ones who love her who are left behind in her wake ✌️

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      12. Does she have a plot next to him? Cemetery property?

        Here is like buying a plot of land and that’s essentially what you are doing. You buy it – it’s yours til you need it.

        Did she buy herself one when he passed so she could be with him?

        It’s been 4 years since my dad passed 💔 that’s still hard for me to say

        But yeah if she at least has cemetery property then that’s good 👍 that’s half your battle!!

        It’s smart to think of the end. You think of when you want a car, a house, a child,
        Everything in life … but no one wants to think or spend money on death.

        No one wants to think of death, it’s not a great subject. Is very sad.

        I had to go through that with my kids… my oldest has power of atty if I died during all those cancer surgeries … I constantly had to go over all my documents with them and what I wanted.

        They hated talking about that… even still – now it’s worse since I work at a funeral home lol … cause I tell them how important it is to plan. They always roll their eyes – they young, they don’t know yet

        But I plan everything 😉😘 just incase ✌️

        Those were awful conversations and we would cry at that time so was REALLY hard. I had to look at my kids and say “incase I die… “

        But now there is no question on what I want and they know what to do ❤️ every so often I just make sure they still aware lol … they don’t like that. But only because they don’t like the thought of me dying.

        Is just good to have direction and plan.

        I would like to Rest In Peace so I just make sure 😘✌️

        I try to get them to preplan but they hear nothing I say lol – they think they are too young … but even if they are … by time did die… their funeral fully paid and probably THEN SOME!!

        I am just a preplanner with things 😉😘 I don’t like to be up shit creek without a paddle. Lol

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      13. No, no separate plot but I am sure there would be space there by now.
        Yeah, some folk get really spooked talking about death. I remember my father just refused to discuss it at all and he had always enjoyed good health. Personally, I have no problems with it as it is one of the few certainties in life 😉
        Ha, yes, but that is the beauty of being their ages – they can’t imagine death as anything but something that happens to other people. They are young, invincible!!

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      14. When you say space there “by now”??

        I saw a documentary about Europe cemeteries that said they “RENT out the plots” … is that true??

        Lol yes some do get spooked talking about death. I have a friend who doesn’t want me talking about work or death at all lol

        I faced death a couple times and then now, everyday I am around death. Most days, I have wakes or funerals going on.

        So death is very much in my life lol… it kinda is my life 😮 …totally never saw death coming into my life the way it has! Funny how that worked out 😮 lol

        But because I am somewhat desensitized to the fear of death… I don’t fear death – except the death of my mom (I do still fear that – but only because I love her so much and want to hold on so bad!)

        You have to tell me if you do not like that talk lol … it doesn’t scare me and I just like to be prepared. I forget sometimes is bothersome – so just tell me

        There is stuff that scares me and I can’t talk about… so I can understand people with not wanting to speak of death.

        Ahhh to be invincible 🙌

        Would you “want to” live forever? (Lol life questions)

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      15. Here, it is quite common to put another body atop an existing burial. So, one plot but maybe three internments – more if you are just interring ashes than a coffin.
        I have not heard of anyone renting out plots. Seems an odd one doesn’t it? How long do you rent them for and what about the gravestone? Hmm. Lots of the older graveyards are full but most of ours here are “relatively” new as the move to shift graveyards away from churches to out-of-town cemeteries was resisted here until about WW1.
        Haha, no, I have no problems talking death but, like you, the thought of losing a loved one fills me with dread. 😦
        Hmm, that is one of those questions that demands an instant answer else we get bogged down with adding caveats like “do I get to age?” or “can health be guaranteed? etc. So, I will opt for no. I would love to know what the future will be like centuries from know but that is just my curiosity. I could not bear the pain of watching those I loved die around me forever! Does that make sense or is it too dull an answer?

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      16. Oh we do that… my grandparents bought 6 plots back in the 70’s, when my great grandmother died

        So buried there are her parents, one of her sisters and her husband, and my grandmother and grandfather … they all sit on top of each other – full caskets ⚰️ no cremation. Irish Catholic cemetery.

        They go deep lol ✌️

        Yeah you definitely need land for the dead … and you have the catacombs 😮🙌 like the holy grail of death 😮😮😮 have you been?!! You must have!!! Although no longer accepting lol 😉 still fascinating!!

        You are funny… instant answer – I guess so

        Yes I would NOT like to watch those I love die either. That would be unbearable, because it hurts.

        Lol – I have curiosity too 😉

        Do I want to live forever ♾🤔

        Nah … I will just take legend of my own time lol 😘✌️😄

        It might be sad to watch human qualities change … like how we saw both before and after technology. 😉 … I like a more human/earth/universe element 😉 so not sure I would want to see what happens outside my lifetime.

        You are never too dull lol 😘

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      17. Woah, now that is deep! Thankfully they use mechanical diggers these days!

        The Paris catacombs are impressive but we have our ossuaries! 😉 OK, almost all were emptied of their bones in the 1960s/70s but two of the churches near me still have bones in their ossuaries. You can still see Skull Boxes in some places but again most were hidden away in the 70s. I wonder why death became so remote after so many years of it being so much a part of life?

        Haha, I can hear that Queen song now – Who wants to live forever! 🙂 And quickly interspersed with that old song about Legend in my time haha 🙂 🙂

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      18. Well is 3X3 next to each other. So just that deep lol 😉

        Ohhh we do not have that. We used to have cremation gardens (but the city has ordinance now because of air quality – is California 🙄) we do have columbarium’s

        We do not have ossuaries lol

        Because probably one person loved someone so much they wanted something special – and then other people followed suit lol … and as humans became more civilized (using term lightly 🙄) it was way to show care? And leaving more of a mark on the world? “I was here!” Lol

        I would like to think like that ❤️ because that is my initial thought ❤️😘✌️

        But as I wrote that, I thought 🤔… was probably someone who knew could be a business. Why not make it “Grand”

        But ya know – it costs a lot to BRING someone into the world… and is not cheap at end of life. The beginning and the end. ✌️

        Ohhh you spoke my language 🎶🎶🎶 lol 🙌❤️👏

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      19. Yes, closure but also continuity. There would be a grave and after five years Grandma would be disinterred and bones into the ossuary and you’d see them as you passed by every day. Some would take comfort from that. 🙂

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      20. We don’t do that here.

        Generally you just have your final resting spot

        I don’t think I would be comforted by being with other people 😮 even if dead 😮

        In death, just as in life – I definitely want peace. Even more so for eternal sleep!

        We do have disinterment sometimes … we just reinter after. Depends

        But never an ossuary 😮

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  1. Did I already tell you my Train story? Good friend liked them. I got 5tg row center concert seats. Listened to their music… and gave him both tix… free. After the show, he botched because it was a seated concert. FIFTH ROW, CENTER… FREE. Ungrateful ass!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow!! He complained to see Train because was seated 😮😮 I would not have cared / actually prefer lol – I do not like mosh pits type things at all.

      I love all Trains songs – omg the words he sings ❤️


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