Inspection & Coincidences

So today went well!!! ❤️

I had my fire meeting with the Fire Marshall … took him around haunted mansion and we did amazing – I knew he was coming and I remembered what dinged for last time. 🙌 So I was mostly prepared

Now he is not new anymore and has earned his badge lol 🙌

He didn’t need his trainer with him like last time – this time was just me and him.

So I was called when he got there and zoomed right over – I am not far.

I get there and go walking in haunted mansion like I owned it lol … I see him and smile and say hello 👋 we laugh and talk for minute and he’s chatty lol 😄

He’s also very curious with the funeral home lol… he always makes sure we don’t have “anyone” on site lol

He finds it both interesting and also creepy 😄😄 …but ya know – it is life. So it’s not creepy.

I wish I could describe the way is instead of creepy. You just show respect and care …because every human deserves respect and care, even when they are not able to know for sure. It’s not creepy. You help someone to the other side..

No matter what religion, race or creed… whatever

Anyway… so I try to tell is not creepy but he still thinks it creepy – and I am a teaser … so he would ask me questions and I would give a creepy answer just to be playful lol … of course I also say “just kidding” lol

Like when I show him these 2 HUGE built in refrigeration units that have not been in use for years and years … he ask if someone in there – I said “eh maybe …let’s have a look” lol I knew there wasn’t lol – but I quickly open door and he is more slow and cautious – but I am not afraid and is my territory lol

He’s not sure if he should believe me or not, so it’s really funny. Remember I have a playful twinkle ✨✌️😘

So anyway… he’s looking at everything and I am taking him everywhere … lol … the place is HUGE

And there’s this fridge from the 1960’s?? Never been used – users manual still sits fresh inside 😮❤️ it’s beautiful ❤️ my heart thumps to see it because it’s frozen in time ❤️

Anyway – he was just as wow’ed with it as I am 🙌❤️

Then I had to take him in back room … now I am used to seeing funeral things so those things do not phase me? Lol

But there was casket ⚰️ in there so he jumps and says “OH My! Is someone in there?” He asked me that with every urn ⚱️ lol

I have a locked cabinet with remains going back to families. They are not on display unless service.

But he jumped with casket which made me smile 😄

Sometimes families do not want any of the caskets we offer … so they will order from a 3rd party vendor and we receive them at Funeral home – they come like FORT KNOXX. 😮 …they are bubble wrapped and shrink wrapped upon arrival lol – we just got that one, so it was not unwrapped yet.

I just laughed and said it is shrink wrapped too tightly … we haven’t unwrapped it yet lol – you can’t get someone in there yet lol

Plus I have doors that go into kinda “spooky” unused rooms – I don’t like to go in those lol… I opened the door – he shined in his flashlight and ok good lol

I’m just kidding lol… it’s not like that lol … but some unused rooms are kinda creepy. just gives me weird feeling.

But we have nothing in those rooms and no one ever goes in them.

We did really well 🙌❤️🙌 cause I know my shit now lol 💃

Only few small fixes with outlets 🙌

Went REALLY well 🙌

It was little funny because as we walking around and talking – he say to me… “so blah blah blah your husband?” 😮

Hahaha just that question lol then I say “oh I am divorced” so then I don’t know what to do 🤷‍♀️

…but I am seamless in quickly averting your focus away from something uncomfortable for me 😉 lol – I am a sly one

That’s why you can’t catch me lol 🙌😘✌️

Anyway … he’s super flirty this time without the superior lol who was a woman lol

His confidence level is very good, last time he was new… this time he is a little more seasoned lol

We telling him about planning ahead and he was like do people do that? Lol omg yes

And we also have travel insurance – you pay one time fee and are covered no matter where in the world you travel should you die during a travel

Sorry – I don’t mean to be morbid – my daughter doesn’t like when I speak funeral lol

And then we talking and I said well you are first responder – I am last lol 😄😄 his face lit up and he laughed really hard lol – so evidently he has never heard that lol

Anyway … now the dude’s got jokes lol … cause he send me email with the list and said “you already know the drill, so I do not need to repeat myself 😄… and then he says ps … it was great seeing you and catching up lol

I like him – cool guy!! So I said “hey so I guess I see you soon for mine again then right?“ and he says “well if I am assigned”… so I said “can I make a request?” Lol … he just laughed – I told him he is the funeral home fire inspector lol 🙌 expert level lol

That’s not all from today… I had the phones to my cell phone for awhile today because I was with fire inspector

I got a work call on my way home … I answered the phone with funeral home name, my name and how can I help you?

So I started to help them. As I am talking with them… OMG 😳 coincidence after coincidence

A few is funny haha… but literally everything said was parallel to MY life!!

They said to me – I knew it was meant to be when YOU answered the phone 😮

They also said – I know you are not overly young, no offense, but I can tell in your voice you are 40’s or 50’s …

They said because I have a maturity to my voice and the way I speak.

They are my parents age – but we clicked 😮 it was insane the coincidences 😮😮😮

Like you know in life for some reason someone comes into your life and a time they are supposed to?

Whether it be something you can do for them, or maybe you need them and don’t know that yet?

Everything was a coincidence and I don’t usually run into people with that much like me!! 😮😮 almost identical

I should have asked their birthdays lol I will be calling again tmrw anyway 😘✌️

I told them I have wonderful director who will help through when time comes …

And they say… “oh, I wish it was you 😮😄… please put me with someone just like you”

Awww ❤️

So sometimes there is “just” meant to be

You would also be amazed at what we have in common 😮😮 OMG!! Not typical things 😮

… there is very slim chance to find someone with same exact things like they have with me 😮

Eerie 😮

Ok well that’s about it. It ended up a MUCH better day than yesterday ❤️

10 thoughts on “Inspection & Coincidences

Add yours

      1. Lol well I went to sleep last night about 9/9:30… and I wake at 4:30.

        And weekends I don’t have daughter – I try to catch up – like a squirrel and store the sleep for the week lol


  1. How weird to be a fireman and yet get so weirded out about a funeral home. The first few “is there anyone in here” might have been funny that’s a big old place and by the end the joke must have worn thin haha. Glad you made it to the weekend smiling!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well he is inspector now so that’s all he does now.

      But he did work as fire fighter prior to being promoted to inspector

      They try to save lives and when someone dies in emergency like that – it’s quick … and passed off to whoever handle next

      Fire is usually first responder.

      When I was with police is same… you get initial call with everything but once a death or something occurs, you hand off to proper authorities and on to next call – they don’t really have time to sit there and contemplate death

      Sometimes you helped people and then would never know what outcome was. Once you do your job, it’s done and then you just don’t know.

      Yeah that was kinda funny he asking me about “anyone in here” all the time… he’s curious, he asked me a ton of questions about death and how we do things lol

      People are like that lol… happens all the time – it’s unknown to people, unless you need to go there 😮 so they all curious and have their own imaginations lol

      Even the AC guys little bit lol … I get weird and intrigued looks when I say I work for funeral homes in general lol

      I have to get through today and it’s been a mixed bag week lol … so we see 🙏

      Never count your chickens until they hatch lol ✌️

      But yes… 🙌 so far I am smiling lol 😊❤️ thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha well I can do “Fall” decorations … like gourds and pumpkins and leaves … but can’t have any kind of meaning other than season

        I can’t cut a pumpkin into a happy face lol 🎃

        I have to be respectful of ALL people…

        Some can take Halloween things as satanic

        I can’t have anything that can offend someone’s beliefs ✌️ we serve everyone

        Liked by 1 person

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