Too sleepy

Ok … so yeah we got our asses kicked today.

It started last night… my first call was at 10pm last night … and then I had 2 at midnight… and then 8am it just started going off 😮

In the morning … I came in and think: “I’m so exhausted… I only have 3 hours sleep – today should be fine – maybe I leave early?

Well that thought did not last long. 🤨 I had it for a moment

As soon as I switched the phones over, I get another first call… and then my director walks in and we trying to go over cases

I have a NON covid case that is really weighing on me?? It is because I can not process the amount of pain and anguish this family must feel – their pain is intense!! And I can not process the loss and how it happened – I can not process the level of pain that family has!! Omg 😳 I wish I could say!

So anyway… I know all loss is devastating, but this one is, above and beyond, devastating! So I can not fathom, what would be like, if I were in their shoes 😮😮 💔

The pain that radiates off them is intense too. So my heart breaks because is severely devastating loss.

There are moments when you come across a case and it will strike just the right nerve. Those are the hard ones because you want to cry for someone you do not know.

Well anyway… shhh 🤫

So I had that going on – plus I already had 3 from overnight – it was the beginning 😳

And I answer – is another first call – phone rings again and she takes it and it’s another first call … and then again and we could not answer at all!!! We were already with families and no one was avail to answer the phone

We went as fast as we could – many were covid … there were some non covid… but ALOT were and many were delta variant.

So that was just a lot. 😳

I called everywhere for help – please send anyone!! 🙏🙏

Please stay calm tonight 🙏 no dying!!!

See all you have to do is stay safe… precaution. Do you care for life or do you enjoy pain? Right? Cause seems like that to me

People just be like “la la la – it’s nothing” … ok no… it IS something!!!

So half of me wishes people would just heed a warning ⚠️ even just to be cautious is good. 😷 masks, 💉 vaccines – you have better chance 🙏

We need to suffocate it but it might be too late? And people don’t listen.

Ok please let this just be a fluke and not keep going … please let this be some sort of freak thing 🙏🙏🙏

Ok maybe it was just because it was Monday and life likes to make my Mondays all insane always 🤨

Every week I think 🙌 gonna be a good week and so far past 2 weeks been kicking my butt

And … I have zero of my own work done because I can not do my work 😮😮😮 I am busy doing other work!!! 😮 … because we don’t have the staff

I have emergency alert 🚨 out for help … so we see what they do if stays really bad.

Winter … I dread winter 😳 don’t try to convince me otherwise – only when we reach spring will I accept be ok lol ✌️

I just do. I’m sure it will be fine though, we can handle this right? It will be fine …

Do you ever wonder what if you died? Sorry to be morbid -(I was with death all day) – you just think of things, when you see and is in front of face all day! 😳

So I don’t know? What if that was me? 😮 I am fully vaccinated and wear mask always!! But I need booster soon. My last shot was in March.

So … I always think of the Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” it’s in black and white and is a classic.

I used to not want to watch it because it was old and in black and white lol …

But I give a chance and just watched it… because they played, and still play it, every Christmas holiday …

The story is beautiful …It’s about a man who believes no one cares about him. He is so sad he wants to take his own life.

An angel man stops him from taking his life and instead shows him what life would have been like for the people he made impact on if he had never been born.

The world was darker and worse and bad… because of the lives he had touched with his kind actions and words – because of him the world was brighter

When the angel gave him his life back… the man appreciated his life, and what he had in his life – he never took for granted again

And every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets their wings 😉✌️😘❤️

Anyway I just like the story, because he sees his worth to the world finally. ❤️

So death makes me think of that… the people you impact. ✌️

If I died – I don’t know

Ok well anyway – I need sleep omg I need sleep!!! My brain is done for the day

I am so exhausted 🥱

I don’t even wanna care about songs 😮😮 omg see how tired – that never happens!!! Ever!! I always think of music… my music was silenced by today 😳

I’m too tired to care 😮


Ok eyes sting – good night 🌙 💤

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