It’s bad.

It exploded not just with me and my funeral home – ALL of them in the area also exploded!!

Omg you don’t even know!! We had our asses handed to us by death today!!

Ok so fricken listen – covid – delta … is gonna kill you unless you vaccinate – I am watching 20 & 30 year olds come in!!

I see kids the age of MY KIDS!!!

So suck it up and get your damn vaccine or say goodbye then.

So you tell me – you wanna lose the people you love or you wanna die ? Cut the shit and get your shot – unless you wanna play Russian Roulette – is only a matter of time and guess what?

Winter is coming – you fricken ready?!

I’m not joking or being funny – I being very serious. Please don’t die… is serious!!

You wear that mask and get the shot!! Seriously please

It was one right after the other constantly all day sometimes at same time 😮


My boss even said OMG was there a massacre somewhere or something that we don’t know about?! – because it was like that!!!!! 😮😮😳

I had to pick up a decedent today from the crematory… omg they are inundated 😮 bodies everywhere 😳😳😳

Is not just my funeral home – is the entire area!! I called everyone looking for help because we were having soooo many… and they all struggle!! 😮😳

I be back I have more – I just left at 7:15pm 😳

I am not home yet – almost

Please be safe you just don’t listen please listen please please please!!!!!

Politicians are gonna lie to you, governments whatever – lies and you never know what to believe

But I am telling you covid roared today 😮😮 that delta 😮 … it buried us!!! 😳 please listen to me. 🙏

You have free will but I’m telling you please vaccinate and mask. 🙏🙏 you have no idea what I saw today!! Please

Just all of the sudden like that it went boom 💥 🤯😳

Ok I wanna get home I am exhausted – I be back

6 thoughts on “Careful

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    1. At the very least – wear mask!! It helps!

      If vaccinated helps even more.

      I still remain masked even though I am fully vaccinated

      But ya know – people will do what they want – I just share and hope 🙏🙏🙏

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  1. I’m really paranoid about neighborkid and her exposure at school (starts on 31st). Dunno if I’ll resume masking on my own porch or avoid her completely. And every person who has kids in school.

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    1. You should be fine masking around her since you fully vaccinated.

      If vaccinated you better off. If you happen to catch, should not be as bad. 🙏

      If masked and vaccinated you should be ok.

      I don’t think they should reopen schools yet… because young kids are not able to be vaccinated – and keeping masks on them also difficult – I think they asking for trouble.

      I wish we have believed how dangerous this was from beginning and didn’t have some idiot saying it was hoax

      I wish was taken seriously from the start.

      But here we are so – just wear mask… you can still go out and be around her – just wear mask and things

      For safe sex people wear condoms … for safe living right now – wear a mask 😷

      Also remember life is going to happen no matter what – I just want people safe 😘✌️


      1. NZ or NSW locked down after 1 case of delta was detected. Now traced to a couple thousand exposures (with all of those needing contact tracing) and detected in waste water. That’s the right way to handle!!

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      2. 😮🤦‍♀️ omg … well that is not good! I do not even know what to say 😮

        Oh humans 😑 what a mess

        Things are going to happen – and we gonna learn lessons whether we want to or not

        But for yourself be safe – you can’t control other people or things that will happen


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