Bring the goat back lol

We have a inside joke at work about a pretend goat.

It started with me and the guy I work well with lol … at first was just the 2 of us being dorks with it …

He said something about a goat, and I live in country, so I said goat was 🍀 “good luck” 🍀 one day lol

Well if you mention you have the goat, when you are oncall – things seem to go fine

But then we don’t wanna believe superstitions – is only joke/playful type thing lol …

But we haven’t been mentioning lately lol

So yesterday I sent out the message that the goat escaped lol

We want our goat back lol


Just funny

Yesterday that guy I work well with was exhausted from all the calls too and he is tired

We fight so hard

Yesterday he said to me – if no one cares, then why should I care? 😳😮

He is a rock to me… solid… so for him to waiver, made me feel little nervous. I just hope goes ok

I am a little nervous

And I have no idea what I come into this morning!

I have to run to another funeral home close to my home, grab something from them… stop at my bosses main base and drop off … then go to my funeral home.

I called in reinforcements for today – so should be manageable 🙏🙏🙏

Just nervous after yesterday 😳

Ok I get to go later today because of running around 🙌

I sleep very well – just like a teenager (I was gonna say baby – but they don’t sleep lol)

Had a good sleep last night

I think I am ready 😳 🙏🙏🙏


Stay safe!!!!

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