Oh just things

Ok well, work is work. Many things going on 🤨

Just ya know … drama stuff … if it’s not one drama, it’s another

And they get crazier and crazier!!


So… the thing is… you don’t know who talks to who. So that song goes right there ✌️😘

Anyway… I just don’t say a word. I just listen.

So whatever – just gonna be cryptic there lol ✌️😘


Feels a teeny tiny bit like that lol 🙄 just because it’s a nightmare lol

But it also feels like “Groundhog Day” 😮😮😮 … like every day 😮😮😮

For example… every morning I get there early… I get situated and start to work, and then I have been having a lot of death calls come in past 2 days. So every morning my day starts with a couple deaths…

Then the day just unravels from there – many many things going on but I keep having same experiences like the day does not change … 😮 … and it cycles around months later and same things keep going on?? So that’s weird

And then someone trying to pin point me lol … meaning catch me… I have the 2 locations – I am busy – he is busy…

I need him to do work for me but we can not match the schedules up very well. When he is avail – I am not …and Vice versa

So whatever lots and lots of things I have some heavy stuff too but I’ll just put this here:




So anyway … I’ll end with that 😘 I have to get to bed. Early morning

Good night 😘✌️🌙

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