Winter, fires, & flags

I left early today. I wasn’t feeling well… I have woman things 🙄🤨 🤦‍♀️ ~ groaning ~

And work is alot… we literally have no staff and the staff we do have is really spread thin.

Lots of changes and things happening. This is not gonna be easy…

And winter is coming 😮

I always think of 2 things with that… “winter is coming”

I think of that show that literally said that FOREVER!! Game of Thrones lol 🙄😄 (I’ve seen it only because my friends would make me watch when I went to their house lol)

But I always remember that show constantly saying “winter is coming” 😝 … ok I get it!! Lol

That’s like the worst sentence ever!! Like a threat that looms lol

And then I also think of last year and what happened last year with winter 😳😮

I have a bad feeling it’s gonna be tough winter again 😳😮

I be positive but … winter is coming lol …

That in itself sucks – that sentence just says it all lol

But also covid could be bad again, because of anti-vacc’ers 😳 we seeing it coming again so be careful, even if vaccinated – please be careful

Today anti-vacc’ers were protesting outside local hospitals 🤨🙄 whatever – I’ll see you soon then ✌️💀 💋

And I saw this truck today 🤨🙄 had the normal American flag 🇺🇸 … and also the American flag with the thin blue line… and then had TRUMP 2024 flags too 🤨🙄 all flapping in the wind as he drive 🙄🙄🙄 loud and proud he was lol 🙄😄😄 whatever

Yeah fricken AS IF!!! Trump 2024 🤨… no fricken way – you ready for another show? Lol way in hell that man ever be at the helm again… f that shit!!

All hell will break loose again 🤨 you wanna start that again?? Jeez!!! This guy… I swear!!!

Anyway… then work having little staff and many changes I do not know what will happen 😳😮

… but winter is coming 😳

See how threatening that is?? Lol … and I didn’t even mention the coldness 😮

Whatever 🙄😑

In other stories…

We still have the fires going… the one near me, they have 68% contained – which is good – but hurry up! 😮

And then there is one HUGE one few hours from me… the Dixie fire … 🤨

I hate PG&E. I really hate them. I haven’t liked them since the movie Erin Brockovich in 1993, because of that movie. But was based on real events

They are a bad company – how do you do that to people?? How?????

What if it was someone YOU loved… what if it was you??

They fined… and continued on

And here we are 🤨 … their equipment causes many fires, they are sued constantly, always in trouble, can’t fix their shit fast enough or just don’t … they need a state take over – end of story. I’m tired of them and their killing.

They can’t handle it and you’re harming people?! How many times does it take? How many unnecessary deaths? Look at that destruction?

This company 😝😝😝 I do not like them. All I can say is – state take over please 🙏🙏🙏

I feel mother bear instincts with that. 😘✌️ I don’t like them.

Neighbor guy works for them. I do not like to speak of his company around him, because I have nothing nice to say. 😘

I stay far away from him anyway ✌️ he creeps me out too

Let’s change subjects – thats a hot one for me lol – no pun intended 😘✌️

Oh and this was funny and made me smile… I recently told someone about Jefferson California lol 😄😄…

You will just have to Google – 🙄😄 whatever

But if you watch this video til the end … look 👀 … it’s the flag 😄😄 omg

It’s on the side of the red building! Lol

I couldn’t understand what they say… only some words… they are speaking English though … I couldn’t hear them very well, the mic 🎤 wasn’t good… and they had an accent or a mumble? I could hear small bits and pieces lol

I know they don’t want to leave – willing to face the fire 😮😳 careful!! 🙏

Is only 22% contained – and wind speeds picking up with triple digits 😮 we gonna be in big trouble

Anyway. Ok well that’s what we have to deal with so that’s life. And death I suppose 😳

I am feeling better – I came home early and just went right to sleep. Slept for awhile. About to go back to sleep 😘✌️

I just could not grasp the day today at all!! Whew – I just didn’t feel good.

Ok well what day are we on? Ohhhhh it was Monday!!!!!

Ok well good, it just turned Tuesday thank god … lol … so I have to get to bed again.

Good night 💤🌙😴😘❤️

11 thoughts on “Winter, fires, & flags

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  1. Sounds like a lot whirling through at the moment but, on the brighter, side winter may be coming but its still a long way away 😉
    Haha, now that is a spooky coincidence about the flag. At first, I thought it looked like an old gas station sign 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it though? Lol 😉… it comes up faster than you think … next thing ya know it’s Christmas lol

      Hahaha yeah I don’t know what that building is with those tanks out front like that? But was funny to see that XX 😄

      And weird coincidence that we literally just talked about that! 😮😄✌️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhhh Leo ♌️ … I see … there’s that roar lol … ok you can be King lol … if it’s your birthday month… then you can have that

        What is your actual day?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awwww I missed it – I am sorry …Happy Belated Birthday 🥳…

        I know you mentioned to me after the whole owning July thing – but work has me forgetting what day it is 😮

        Well anyway you own August so hope you are enjoying your August… Happy Birthday Month 🎊🍾✌️😘

        I saw a video from France … Paris I think?? But I don’t know what other areas

        It was REALLY flooded 😮 really bad 😮

        Hope you stay safe and dry!! 🙏🙏🙏

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No! Not just another day!! Supposed to be special – the whole month or at least 2 weeks lol

        Ya know I have 2 birthdays … I have my actual birthday which 7/7… and then I have another one which is 7/9… that is my 2nd birthday because that is the day that I beat cancer – for now anyway.

        I don’t really talk about any of that – only sometimes but is emotional so I keep to self 💋

        Is not just another day because is day you had life for first time. 🙌

        Many don’t get that or only have it for a moment or a little while.

        So very special ❤️

        You should have your favorite foods and things – have fun and time for you. Enjoy the life 🙌✌️

        Glad to hear no rain for you… I wish you could send that over here – we could use it!! You can have our heat lol …dry your whole area out lol ✌️

        Well anyway… enjoy that birthday month 🙌 own that lol ✌️😘

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Awwh, yes, you are right! I should not be so blase about it, it is a precious thing, life! Did have a nice day though – went to the sea and spent a few hours and a lazy meal on an island. Was very relaxing 🙂
        And, hey, if Hobbits have second breakfasts then you can have second birthdays! 😉 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. That sounds like a really nice birthday 🥳

        Lol …well the second birthday is private – which is why I own the month anyway lol…

        My actual birthday when I came to life for first time… my second is when I came back to life 2nd time 😉 (I got my life back with the second one)

        So that’s why 2 😊❤️✌️

        I don’t know anything about Hobbits lol … Lord of the Rings? I know OF it – but never seen…

        …second breakfasts is a lot of food lol 😄😄 although my clothes are little loose currently lol so that would probably also be good – but I can’t imagine to eat so much so early!! Lol

        I am coffee in mornings ☕️
        🙌❤️ Mmmm 😋 coffee!!!

        Not a big eater in morning. I have to jump into so many serious things 😳lol

        Liked by 1 person

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