Stress stuff

So … shhh 🤫… my pants are falling down all morning 😮

My clothes have been doing that 😮 uh oh

I’m sure it’s fine.

I have to be careful with it that way. Is just as hard – it very easily comes off and then I have trouble – is not ever good when does that! 😮

I eat, so that’s not the problem.

Probably stress – yeah pretty much that. I’m thinking that

🤫 no lecture needed … I already know

I’ll handle it ✌️😘

2 thoughts on “Stress stuff

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    1. Well I had thyroid issues before so when it does that makes me nervous will be problems.

      Sometimes is very hard to keep it on… I do have to monitor so doesn’t go back to the thyroid issues again…

      And then also – I try to keep on just because of the medical issues … to be strong 💪 healthy?

      I am 5’7” and there were some moments during things where I got down to 115… so… I don’t want that again… I was so sick

      So any sudden weight loss like that just makes me notice right away… and then I be careful and make sure doesn’t continue.

      I am about 125/130 currently so … I like that weight … I am afraid of going lower because I am afraid of medical issues again… so I just be careful ☹️✌️

      There is a level of too thin. That’s not healthy either


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