The Recap

Ha! My day! Lol … is it Monday? Oh wait – yes it is 🤨🤨

Ugh why does it have to be the worst day of the week?

So let me paint you my day…

When I left for work this morning early early … the neighbor outside in his fricken boxers doing I don’t know what? He is like “oh hi there” 🤨

I say quick hi and jump in my car – I can not get away fast enough

From the moment I turn phones over – boom it was on… 2 brand new calls and things all day long!!

Appts, deaths, releases, tons and tons of things.

Ok … and then I had to run over to other location with my funeral home phones TO MY cell phone! To meet with this AC guy

So he is supposed to give me bid for getting AC units working … I drive all the way over there to meet him!

He’s not masked – I had to make him put mask on!

Then… I show him the units and he just walks around them … whatever – I don’t know how you do things

This is why I call in professional

So anyway … I take him upstairs into apartment, show him the hub of all the units … he just looks …

Same thing outside – ok whatever

He was fast and my director says to me – huh he wasn’t here very long lol

Yeah I know 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know??

Then I get the bid… 🤨 … ok what did I ask for? To fix my units right? Right of the bat with first convo I am saying what I want with bid, what corporate makes me do to accept one, and then that payment info.

What did I fricken get?

Instead, I got a bid to come and do routine Maintenence every so often – what am I supposed to do with that shit? You aren’t going to have anything TO Maintenence – if it doesn’t work

🤨 the whole point was to give me bid on replacing and servicing all units to working order – I have several units out!! In fricken summer

Whatever – didn’t listen to what I said – “next”. I’m not gonna mess around.

If he can’t understand me right off the bat, forget it – I’m not dealing with that – would be nothin but problems

Lol – nope 👎

Ok whatever …next

So I go grab lunch for both me and my girl, not that we got a chance to eat it – we didn’t

And then I have her in a arrangement…

My preneed girl in arrangement

The phones are going off

The door Bell ringing – the stupid WebEx is dinging both my computer AND my phone … telling me I have meeting in 5 with one of the big wigs 😑 is market meeting (numbers)

18 of us on invite – 5 showed up 😮 I showed up through all that

Our whole team did! Is me, the other Charlie’s angel manager lol … and my boss

Only 2 others from other areas were on and the meeting would be useless … so I went through all that … and instead they are retrying tmrw 🤨

Trying to have a meeting on a Monday – are they insane? Not a good time

(Lol) god I haven’t heard that in forever

So whatever … and then we have to work late it …was that busy.

So I didn’t get out til late late late …

And then my girlfriend calls while I driving home- hands free … so I just listen while she talks 🤨😑 which is normally fine… but it’s just been a really long day!

Anyway… all she speaks of is sex sex sex sex sex … omg I get to hear every detail 😩😝 I don’t want those details!!! But I’m quiet, so I listen lol ✌️🙄 …it was just a really long day to have that.

I sometimes half listen because… some stuff, I do not wanna hear about!!

But whatever … fine… I tell her I have to go.

I stop to get gas because I need to… so I go into pay … and it’s busy… 😝

Ok whatever … and there is a guy in front of me and his card was just declined.

So he steps aside and let’s me go…

I was gonna help him out – but then the dude is talking to some woman on the phone and he’s like “you didn’t fill my card… I’m trying to get there, why honey, you got other plans? 🙄

Ok whatever – forget that

And he’s trying to gas up a Corvette from 1980 like he’s something

He was mega tatted – including his face and in the car with him was another woman 🙄


I come home and jerk man has his water right on my pathway.

He’s like oh sorry … it should be fine.

With my suede boots 👢 🤨 whatever

And then the wife is right there and wants to start talking to me about breast cancer

While she is talking about breast cancer- he keeps coming closer and closer to me 🤨

My daughter opens the door and calls for me … and I went straight inside

I work from early in morning too late at night and they jump on me the minute I pull in!!

Ok I’m done for the day. Lol … I throw my hands up 🙌 like that – White flag 🏳 – no more

Ok so … tmrw I have to be at other location – I just have to be there because of this AC thing. And he needs help.

So alright … batter up Tuesday 🤨😑

Oh and the other confidential thing… ugh. It’s not going the best… so far is ok I suppose – no one is fired… YET… But they on thin thin ice. Careful!! ☹️

That’s very difficult

Anyway I don’t want to think about that currently. 💔

Ok well I have to get to bed, I have to be up early – I just want to go to bed and start over

Good night

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  1. Jeeeez!
    fyi: when I read, all videos show “not avail” (or whatever) and require click-thru, plus ads, to know what they are. I rarely do it. Not new.. I just finally figured you should know.

    Good luck with everything!!

    No exaggeration, I’m currently letting a vid play at 0.25 speed to keep my work computer active. My entire “workload” for today is a 1:1 at 1pm, which I anticipate will be cancelled.

    I have an on-site with the prospective new job tomorrow. I’m not sure I want it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Try the most recent post

      Before …they took away my WordPress button

      It’s back now so not sure which way actually works so did both lol

      Was your 1:1 cancelled?

      Good luck tmrw ❤️❤️ what kind of job is that one for tmrw ?

      Ok I have to sleep

      I be back soon – and you can text anytime you need ✌️ my people blow my phone up anyway 🙄


      1. The 1:1 went well.. newboss bitched about cray and oldboss!! It was not the “team” 1:1, that would have been my last. With my sched & workload cleared, I’m literally getting money for nothing right now.. I sleep or watch tv, opening email once an hour to check for new msgs. But I’m taking it day by day.

        Tomorrow is live meet, after 3 phone interviews, for exact same type of work but at a,med device maker.

        What wp button went away? I’ve been having trouble sharing articles. I share to wp, then wp just spins. I have to exit, then come back, and the article post is in Drafts. But it still works fine on the phone that isn’t updated.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yup just take it day by day.

        Well that’s cool – the medical device maker … that might be interesting? That’s exciting 🙌

        The button for saving videos to WordPress was taken away awhile back – but it is back now

        I don’t know about sharing articles?


      3. I’ve done med device software testing for over 20yrs now. The company’s product is nowhere near as interesting as some I’ve worked on in the past. Isn’t even sold in the US yet (which is confusing because they have FDA approval). I’ll find put more in a few hours!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Keeping info totally off my page: The live meet went well. Redonk easy work but stuff I enjoy. Dunno if they’ll make an offer… can’t tell these days!!

        Insurance options matter to me. And they’re nice – I’d hate to accept then decide to move before year end.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. 🙏🙏🙏 life will take you the way you supposed to go…

        If you move, then you move – that happens… but until then you take care of self that would be in your best interest.

        Think of your sanity and survival ✌️


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