Cryptic things

Ok well I made it through another week lol … barely … I just hang on lol

Friday went ok for most part, at first and then it went bad in another area with other people

And I was handling reports and AC stuff and then other things too. It just snowballed 😳

I did not see things coming and I can’t really talk about that here … because the things are extremely sensitive subjects 😳😮 and also kinda confidential

Thank you to for letting me unload and talking through with me – appreciate that very much ❤️

I worry about my people and things. I want them all to be ok.

So I’m just gonna go with that lol

Oh please do not let this coming week kill me!! 😳 or my people! 😳

I have been learning many lessons 😳 lessons I don’t want or like lol … I hate life lessons and life always makes me have them lol

I am definitely rolling in the deep 🤨 not with love but with life 🤨 .. fricken life

I like when life is chill and peaceful not crazy and insane 😳🤨

But life likes to be funny and see what I can handle 🤨 it has to try out everything 😑🤨

Or it’s just trying to fit “everything” into my lifetime lol

So here are a couple songs for people, just in case you need to hear these songs 😘✌️ these are lessons 💋

Always know your worth and love who you are. Some in my life have no idea how amazing they are…

And then let’s see – I have more lessons for you…

Be careful with trust… if you lose that- it’s hard to get back.

And …

Be confident

And …


I just wanna be like this:

Lol … can I just have that? Ahhh dreams 🙌


So yeah … I get wanting things lol … but you be careful who you trust with that – I dunno … I am very careful… but not everyone is. Some are fine not being careful 😮😳

So I dunno

My parents used to love Peter Paul and Mary 😄😄😄

I heard those songs all through my childhood lol… a lot lol


Anyway… my parents used to live in Maine … and in later years ran into the trio at a restaurant lol 🙄😄😄

Oh my mom was just so thrilled with that ❤️ she was so excited to see them and they went over and said hi 🙄😄😄

I believe she got their autograph lol – she was so thrilled lol

Mary has since passed on, she died of leukemia in 2009

Well anyway … back to life lessons lol …

You can be whoever you want to be – but also watch true colors and please have tact 🙏

Yes I am being cryptic with the information and music lol

Ok I’m falling asleep 😴🤨

Good night ❤️✌️

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    1. Yes … life lessons, because I have someone who is having those lessons. Just needs to learn to understand things and be confident – they don’t so they having lessons now lol

      Lessons with music is way better lol 😘✌️🙌 🎶

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