Much better

Ahhh as long as it’s not Monday, we good.

Tuesday was pretty good for most part. 🙌

So early in the morning, I get to work and I get a text

It’s the guy from yesterday asking if he can come back and check out AC again.

Hmm 🤔 ok sure … I will give second chance sometimes – let’s see … sure come back – give me bid.

So he does – with his boss or something? Lol … I show them all the units and then… I have this one unit from a long time ago… it’s ancient HUGE omg – good luck

Anyway I showed them the inside units and the outside units … they there talking bringing cranes in and such lol

I can not wait to see this bid!!

Then I had another one in the afternoon (I just stayed there!)

So the one that comes in the afternoon… he is the youngest bidder… 28… lol … I only know that because he told me his age for whatever reason 🤷‍♀️ – I was not sharing mine!! Lol

So he really inspects machines both inside and out and took tons of photos.

Interesting. So far so good.

And we get to the dinosaur gigantic machine and he says omg I’ve never seen anything like this! And so we using the flashlights 🔦 on our phone, way up in the attic, to see inside and around the giant ac machine 😮 it’s like huge and dinosaur looking 😳

The funeral home itself is MASSIVE.

I refer to it as the haunted mansion ❤️ it’s a mansion ❤️ and beautiful ❤️🙌 classy ❤️ and stunning …

Just very massive and you can get lost in there with all the different rooms and corridors and closets etc … trust me you can get lost!!

(I just tried to find a song for being lost – and the only songs I can find are either depression, loss, or lost without having someone 🤨… I can not find a song about actually “getting lost” ) how do we not have a song about actually getting lost??

Anyway, he was blown away by the beauty and incredibleness of funeral home and also that one unit!!

He’s working on getting me that bid. He seems really good. We see – could he be inexperienced – but he seemed pretty good to me? So we will see

So that should round out my 3 ?? Hopefully!

And so I should have my bids all by Friday ❤️ if not tmrw

And I told big wig guy that he gonna have CEA expense for AC’s and he like “oh ok thanks for heads up- how the weather there in Sacramento” I said “in the 100’s!!” 😘😄

In other words please approve that lol … he was actually really nice, and said thank you to me for putting together and handling the whole thing. That was cool.

Obviously we had our market meeting – he made us all speak lol … he seems cool – but not really sure if is sincere?

He’s not really in touch with us yet… normally he is buffered from us, by the marketing manager – but that person resigned so… until that is filled – this one gets to learn all of us – it’s not normally his position lol

Also. Difficult confidential stuff … is silent … upset and silent 💔

I hate it… because I want to comfort… but I can not.

So. That sucks still. Is a thing

I was gonna say I got out early – but it was actually on time – 5pm lol …

I took new way home today for little adventure lol … cause I like to change it up, once in awhile… if I am feeling brave lol

I just wanted to see. I am curious sometimes lol

Omg 😳😳😳 getting out of the city was insane 😮

It took me the freeway to i5 and then to 99 😳 … all that was insane crazy!!!

Just like that… but with TONS and TONS of other cars 😮😳!!!

I hold my breathe sometimes 😳

But then… it turned me on a country road ❤️… 🙌 😮😮😮

I always usually drive country roads at some point home but this was half way… 30 minutes

And I could see the entire valley and surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountian range ❤️ omg and the sun beginning to set ❤️

Just totally relaxing and destressing drive ❤️ omg

Not my photo… but this is a photo from a Reddit user?

That’s Sacramento looking towards the Sierra Nevada’s ❤️

That was a similar view to mine ❤️ and for a long time, slow easy peaceful pace ❤️

My view is more little house on the prairie type fields … sometimes vineyards 🍷… lots of farms … you can see the whole valley and that gorgeous mountain range ❤️

The snow is less currently lol … but the tippee tops were snow capped ❤️ sooooo beautiful ❤️

Holy crap it made me forget about getting OUT of the city lol…

Oooooohhhh – sooo do I deal with a little bit of crap… because omg that after part is so incredible??!! What’s it worth? I don’t want to die for it lol – but loved it!!

The middle to the end of that ride is incredible and peaceful and easy ❤️

It’s only getting out of the city that gave me white knuckles lol

That is an expression that means, “you hold sooooo tightly onto steering wheel – your knuckles turn white” lol …due to loss of circulation from holding on so tight lol – just an expression 😉✌️ but I was holding pretty tight!

So yeah … getting out during rush hour, for i5 and 99 from Sacramento 😳😳😳 that is scary!!

How worth it is that peace and view

See how beautiful? ❤️

So I dunno – I fell in love with the end part of that drive 😮❤️

Oh that just melted the entire world away for 30 minutes lol ❤️🙌❤️

Made spaghetti 🍝 and meatballs and daughter and I enjoy dinner ❤️

And if I want I can get to bed early to catch up on some sleep. I am sooo sleepy by the end of the day 🥱

So Tuesday went well. ❤️

Wednesday could or could not be good – it goes day to day.

I am back at my location tmrw

Ok responding, then bed – I need bed 😘✌️ good night

Good night 💤🌙😴😘❤️

7 thoughts on “Much better

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  1. Sorry about depressed/silent person.
    The first few vids were viewable in the post!!

    The best I could think of for “lost” was “Wandering Star”, which still isn’t right but I like Paint Your Wagon, so it’s good for me.

    Good luck with the bids!! Temp down here is current 70 but inside my house it’s 82 and I’m sweating 😓 😓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah ☹️ I hope is ok. I’ll be able to reach out soon – but right now am not

      Yay! So some work lol

      I will have to look up Paint your Wagon lol

      Thank you yes I am almost through that part!!

      Oh it’s soooo hot up here… kinda humid too!! 😳 “for us”

      Ok have to sleep I be back

      Gnite and good luck tmrw ✌️🙌❤️


    1. Oohhh I did not know that song 😮 I had to look it up and listen lol

      That’s the closest song to getting lost – good one!! I like that one 🙌

      But it is for love, no? Lol

      It is the closest song to what I would look for – nothing else even came close.

      Nice choice! Thank you – you give me new song 🙌✌️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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