The Book Club

So… today started quite interestingly.

My actual location was supposed to be without electricity today, that is what the power company told us.

So we were ALL expected to report to the other location i help….

One is on vacation – one is supposed to be there.

Tells me yesterday – she just gonna stop over and get stuff tmrw. Ok fine whatever

I am in at 7am and so is he, we speak every morning, so I know what he needs. And then we just chat about everything lol ✌️

So him and I are already working …

At 8:30, she texts me and tells me she is staying over there

So on the morning meeting I tell her we need her, and if you staying you must operate door and phones then

She thought she would just be there and relax while I do everything and that’s a no!

She did not want to be outside of her comfort zone…

She is not the problem with sales – she does decent. They are not looking at her.

She does not like to be a team player so…

So anyway … I’m am telling her to come to this other location. So she is flustered with my umm?? Firmness? Because no.

She’s not just gonna be hanging out doing whatever at the funeral home and they were supposed to be cutting power

In the corner of my eye 👁… I see my comanager just smiling 🙄

My girl was really mean to my comanager and still is… so when I pulled the manager card, my comanager is all smiley 🤨

But my girl listens – and shows up – it was a huge service!

She does not realize how much I talk to my boss. Or how much my boss likes me… because I work hard, have good work ethic and am loyal if you good to me. ✌️

Tonight I had book club… my boss was there and when I walked in, my boss says “these 2 girls are my stars” ❤️ me and the other manager

We like Charlie’s Angels but with 2 lol … let’s just pretend is like that lol – but we support like that – give a task – we handle. ✌️ we don’t question – we just do.

I support my team so ya know?

Well anyway that was the drama today … she did not want to be outside her own comfort zone … and I do not think she likes HIM

He is amazing!! I can’t say anything else because he is truly amazing – he is driven and all in… easy to work with…

I love his work ethic too! ✌️he is married, so not on market lol … but he is a pleasure to work with!! He is very smart!

She could not wait to leave!! She hated being there. The minute I said she could go, she was gone.

Tmrw will be more drama. Because Friday is the day. So that will be happening.

She will either switch locations to train or chose to leave herself.

I am going to make every effort to save this funeral home… that is on me and also my boss. So yup …I am gonna aim to save it.

If you do not want to be apart of that – then ok.

Otherwise I have one year 😮

Do I have skills? We gonna see 😮😘✌️

I’m gonna have to pull a miracle!!!

So 🙏🙏🙏 … if I don’t save it – it’s bad on both me and my boss… so yup we gonna be fierce

My boss is also from New England area and also has that fire spark 🙌 and my boss has the same birthday as I do lol

Anyway handling business as always.

The AC at the other location died so I have to get 3 bids… no one wants to touch this building because is so old. And also I have a 45 day hold on payment because that is how my company does those things

And it’s in the middle of summer, the ac repair people are really busy… and they all tell me people just quit or were fired 🙄🤨

And one woman today who told me that -also added because no one wants to actually work lol

But I have a company coming out tmrw – they will look and give me a bid… but they are backed up 3 weeks 😮

I have another coming to give me a bid on Tuesday. I do not know their time schedule yet.

I am at mercy – so just get me those bids and I’ll handle it

I need one more … I had someone come out to do for me… was same guy I pick for my location but job is massive and a lot of money – he is his own company …

While I want HIM to do, he refused the job because he can not do that 45 day wait period

My company wants to be paid before services rendered – yet does not do business that way when receiving services. I have that 45 day hold on the payment 🤦‍♀️ I hate that

Do you know how hard it makes it? I have to tell up front

But I’m workin it – I just handled the A/C’s at my location – I can do another somehow

Oh yeah and while I was at book club, the guy I help… text me – he texts me “thank you” all the time

And then he also calls me Rockstar lol … it just always makes me laugh because one of my girls is annoyed by it. She always rolls her eyes lol …it is just funny lol

But he always texts and says Thank you 😊

So yeah, I’ll work with that lol

Of course, I help him, we a team and he’s a pleasure to work with. ✌️

My book club is with another funeral home – I am in this circle lol – surrounded by death

The book we just did was “Reincarnation Blues” by Michael Poore

You have 10,000 lives to get life perfect.. to have the perfect life always … but if you do not get life perfect by 10,000 lives then you go into oblivion lol … every time he dies he meets death, and then he falls in love with her

The new book we are starting is “The Stars Are Fire” lol by Anita Shreve

Set in Maine during the real life disaster of 1947 – when a severe drought caused a series of massive fires that burned out of control for 10 days.

In Acadia National Park, 10,000 acres went up in flames, along with most of the mansions on Bar Harbor’s Millionaires’ Row. 😮

Also fitting since there are fires everywhere 🤨


And lastly… the delta variant just forced us to wear masks everywhere again…. People had started to relax… As of midnight tonight it goes into effect for Sacramento county from the department of public health

Anyone visiting our establishment… must be masked -vaccinated or not.

Masks should be worn again

I’m so tired of this entire covid thing!! Enough!! Go away!!!

It’s like a yo-yo 🪀… vaccinate? Ok we good…oh wait- it’s deadly again, wear your masks even if vaccinated

On off on off on off 😬🙄

Arg!!!!! It’s fricken deadly, be fricken careful!

Ok I am exhausted and I have to be up soon lol

Good night 😘💤🌙

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      1. Thank you 😊 we see… everyday a new adventure. 🙄😄

        It did not go as planned but that went ok … so far. 🙏 … and something else happened with other people lol


        So ya know – like I said every day is new adventure – new day to learn 😳😉


      2. Oh yes I know lol

        Life will balance and fate will come

        Just things lol … just when you think all calm and peaceful – nope 👎

        But yes it will balance and then fate will happen so we see how that goes lol ✌️😘

        Life is a ride anyway 😊 always bumps – don’t get too used to smooth roads, because not all are paved 😉 you learn ✌️

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      3. Lol always 💋 You have to … that’s how you enjoy life 🙌

        You have to have sense of humor and enjoy the moments you can.

        I always remember to smile ❤️✌️

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  1. At least the Delta variant is not as serious for those who’ve been vaxed. I pissed anti-vaxers caused this to be able to turn into another outbreak but I know 1 antivax/antimasker who I hope it hurts.

    I live on the border of masks required and “masks are stupid” counties. Really strange to deal with people on each side. I think I went maskless at 1 business once. That’s it. Next door neighbors are constantly maskless and social and have had 2 exposures in 2 wks… and I keep forgetting that it means,I’m risking exposure too (not masked when in my front yard). So annoying!!!

    Paying in 45 is actually good for a corporation! I remember working places that would start processing till 90days, so it was actually moore like 120 to pay their bills… and they ignored past due fees. But, like your corp, they expected to be paid up front. SO frustrating!!!

    Good luck today!! I hope there’s some big benefit for you, personally, if you save that location!!

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    1. Well not as serious but I still don’t want it…

      People won’t believe until it hits them or someone they love. Then they believe and do.

      This is life now with covid though 🤨 Some are requiring proof of vaccination to enter. So eventually.. if you want anything you will have to have that proof

      Yeah it just makes it harder for them… I have person coming on Monday and also Tuesday – just had one come on Friday – boom 3 bids. They are aware I need 3 bids. So they know they are competing and about the net 45… these ones said they can work with that and are familiar with

      Most would flat out say no – and no one wants to touch this old place lol

      It’s like the Bermuda Triangle lol … no one wants to come near it lol

      But I will have my bids soon ❤️ then I can run with it!! Hopefully!! 🙏

      Well on a resume that would be amazing … turned location from red to black with dedication and drive lol 😘✌️ they would know I was good lol

      So yes I want to save it! 🙏🙏🙏 hopefully can!


      1. Thank you so much for talking through with me ❤️ I knew you were person who I could ask that to!

        Lol there is a lot of it

        And the guy at other location knows this is all going on – he also adores my favorite guy… we both know he is good soul.

        He just cancelled his vacation I think because of this whole ordeal. I told him not to overwork self because that is very easy to do. 😮

        So this gonna be some tough stuff 😮😳

        Thank you again so very much ❤️ also enjoyed the laughter and chat 💬❤️✌️ that was awesome thank you!


      2. I’m sorry for talking your ear off but, my gawd, it was great to dump all my pent up thoughts.

        I hope for the best with the good guy… whether that’s corp world or not!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh no – I loved every moment also lol ❤️❤️

        Here in words it’s a release… but when you have so much on shoulders it’s really nice to not only find someone you click with but that also understands what you say lol

        I hope for best for him too

        The guy who works the other funeral home I work at … he knows what’s going on I think?

        Because he said to me … i cancelled my vacation

        When I asked why he just said “is all good no worries”

        So yeah he was supposed to have the week off but now there is this

        Thank you for talking that through with me – I love my people and I want them all to be ok

        I hope all will be ok 🙏🙏 I worry for them

        Thank you for the time today ❤️


      4. I was just thinking of you… neighbors either heard me or the kid is mad that I won’t go out. I was watering the backyard after dark and someone (I smelled cigarettes so I think it was the mom) decided to hose down the car that doesn’t run and has NEVER been hosed down before… “accidentally” spraying water in my backyard and onto me. I didn’t acknowledge.. simply went inside to feed my cats. I’ll go back when I’m certain they’re inside.

        I had already decided to post a “Do Not Disturb” sign on my front door. That sealed the deal. I NEED SOME SPACE!!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Absolutely you entitled to space at home …

        I had to run to my car and there is neighbor guy – it’s creepy he look over at me and then just turns towards me like I’m gonna have a convo or something

        He creeps me out too much!! I can’t and I can’t fake it – so I just run inside lol

        That is weird to hose down the car that is never hosed down

        You are entitled to your peace and shouldn’t feel bad about it

        I also like my space – I don’t worry if he is offended because I can not handle it … he invades my space totally!! I can’t go out without him right there!! 😳

        So yeah – they need to chill for a minute lol ✌️❤️


      6. Well it buys you some peace and they will get over it. You didn’t say anything bad… and you allowed to have peace.

        Just give them time and it will soften.


      7. Just remembered: I used to work with a SUPER WEIRD (even by my standards) flamboyant guy. People were super creeped out by him till I started saying “he’s european or russian or something”, which was only vaguely true. Everyone bought that as an excuse for social faux pas and got over it.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. No he’s full on from United States lol

        But he’s a sweetheart – he does have a very sweet heart about him – he’s just misunderstood and too trusting

        And nowadays everyone so sensitive about everything so he struggles to fit in or find his place

        He tries though – he just wants to fit in

        He just offends people without realizing whether it be with what he says or what he does


      9. So is the guy I know… he was 2nd or 3rd gen American. But saying otherwise made people accept his quirks. He had no idea I was doing it!!

        I’m bummed that he can’t find his tribe! Maybe he should start following performance artists or drag queens to find an accepting community when he can be 1,000%

        Liked by 1 person

      10. I feel for him too… I want him to be ok… he’s really emotional and he wears that on his sleeve.

        I think he lived a wild life before and is trying to contain himself into a normal life and fit in ?

        He does have a great personality! And is a wonderful person

        He just has to learn how to read people and what is appropriate.

        The corporate world is not his world and there whole different rules in an office – he has to learn to refrain or know who won’t be offended

        We are kinda his family/tribe which is why this is difficult for everyone

        He loves living with his father and his father adores him.

        I’m not sure he’d wanna travel and I think he’s trying to keep himself level.

        He has a energy level surpassed by no other lol

        I think for most part he is trying to be grown up but at same time he wanna enjoy who he’s around. “Be accepted”

        I don’t know that he trusts his own life skills – he’s very naive and good hearted


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