Lessons and warnings

I have a people lesson for you this evening lol ✌️😘

I have been warning and warning about the dire situation and I try to explain …

They don’t comprehend my words about the situation? Right after the financial review they asking for raises 🤨

And then I helping that other funeral home, which they are mad about…

They think I am going to abandon them or something? I was not… I still work very hard for them… and I am always calling to make sure they doing ok when I am not there …

But the moment I started helping that other funeral home they began complaining to my boss about me… and even said they do not want to be in same room with me.

They started giving me attitude, and issues with things … ok well I document shit so.

It was literally same time line as when I started helping him

I also have a bit of a fire …so careful because I do for them ALOT! I also have their backs.

So when their attitude started – ok I will let it fly for a minute … So anyway sure …go ahead with that attitude.

But push it too far …and I will start to throw it back at you. And guess what – I am the manager.

You wanna work as a team, then let’s see that

Bottom line – she refuses to listen or change … so I have a funeral home that WILL go under unless something changes. She can make a choice because she will be presented with one … she will work under the best in business, at another location and learn how to do her job properly.

End of story, that’s her choice… change locations, or she can decide to leave

I was filled in today on them. My boss said do you know where the employee files are?

Yes I do

And my boss said – pull their files, look at them. (We had a lunch meeting today… my boss- me- and another office manager )

They are not good.

And then when I started to push back with the attitude also – one may have said “watch it” to the other … because I always have their backs. I stick up for them.

Suddenly last few days they nice as pie.

I do not trust them now.

I was wondering why no one liked them, but they were fine with me? Or seemed that way

People would say odd things to me about them… but ya know … I wanna know someone myself … I don’t just listen to peoples judgements 🙄 cause sometimes that’s all it is… so I just wanna see who someone is for myself.

They were fine with me, I thought, until I started helping the other home … but they are stagnant – they refuse to do anymore than already do. He is over there struggling all by himself!!

And they being selfish to not think of the team… this other place that I help… it’s in our team … of course I am going to help… I’m not gonna stand by and watch him struggle alone.

A company is not gonna put money into a location that has a deficit!! You want to be appreciated? You work for that. Otherwise you will not have a job cause location will close… do they care or not?

Ok well… I am not in high school. Sooooo … I don’t do bullshit or games ✌️💋

So do your job – I will do mine … and we save this place… or ya know… if your heart’s not in it …then you make that choice.

I don’t want dramatics and if you wanna be 2faced, take that crap somewhere else. I need a good strong team not drama.

That goes down Friday.

Also 🤨 … life has played a song constantly for me …every time I got in the car

It was this song:

For the past month every time I get into car that comes on 😮😳

Normally I never hear that song ever – just interesting … does life give clues?

They gave me a laptop today since I have the 2 locations. That will help.

Ok I’m off – good night 🌙💤

Ps … we are supposed to have a double meteor shower this evening just before midnight – but we have had cloud cover and we are now surrounded by fires 😳 so we have smoke now too… it was settling in the valley today … we have fires literally all around us now 🤨

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

So I do not know if I will see the meteors or not – if I do …I will be wishing on all those shooting stars lol … I don’t believe there is a limit on how many I can wish on lol 😘✌️

IF I can stay up that late lol ✌️😘

5 thoughts on “Lessons and warnings

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  1. How old are they?
    If your boss gets,assigned extra work, you help her out. You don’t get pissy about it!! I mean, I know my oldboss has too much on her plate. I’d happily help her out but she never gives me a chance. Of course, I’ll also be happy if they fire me.

    I’m sorry they lost your trust!

    Good luck Friday!!

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    1. Yup. One is my oldest’s age… and the other is almost retiring

      It’s not that – they can not do the work I do… they don’t know the processes

      They have to present things to families and be comforting but also strong to get everything handled done and know what doing.

      There is no effort to improve or try harder, even when I tell them the situation.

      And they need to be strong with what a family needs and wants

      Not like a car salesman, but people have no idea on funeral stuff – it’s not something people normally deal with everyday… and no one likes to discuss death or have to deal with that… you have to educate them!!

      Show and inform about options and be able to answer any questions for them.

      They need to present better.

      Just growth… I may need growth too… we see? If I can turn it around it would be amazing!! ❤️

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