Italian American

Ohhhh it was amazing 🙌 really beautiful!! ❤️ just gorgeous ❤️

Huge banquet rooms – tons of rooms of all sizes

Bright beautiful – just stunning.

It is an Italian American 🇺🇸 event center – anyone can use it – but the high population of Italian all go there

My grandparents used to go to a Lithuanian American club … is same, but this one is Italian 🙌❤️ lol

Anyway so first of all this is tucked back away – hiding from the city 😮 … is on a busy street that I drive all the time and I have never noticed it lol

GPS was like “turn here” …what?? 😳😮

Anyway …I got it after some maneuvers ✌️😘

Then you walk up … looks Italian lol or what I know classic Italian American to be. Has the classic awning announcing their name

And then you walk in 😮…

It was just really huge, bright and beautiful they did an amazing job!!!

It has been in operation since 1926… is a community classic ❤️ Italian American social club

The building was really old and dated way back to a mix of 60’s and 80’s lol

But during covid they were shut down completely – so they took that opportunity to remodel and update …

They did incredible job!! Really nice 🇮🇹🇺🇸

Quite stunning AND they way they reintroduce themselves to the community …

They had waiters who walked around with platters of these AMAZING Italian finger foods omg ❤️❤️❤️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

The food was incredible and what they offer on site – they giving you a taste – they wow’ed your senses 🙌

And when it was winding down they come out with cannoli’s 😮❤️🙌❤️🇮🇹

They know what they are doing – they had a great turn out and we got to mingle and talk to people

It was very classy – they also had wine 🍷… I had a tiny cup in the beginning… and we stayed for 2 hours – I switched to this incredible normal regular lemonade they had 😮🇮🇹❤️

So anyway, was a stunning place to see.

That would be competition on the banquets and receptions though / oh wow 😮

My grandparents neighborhood in Massachusetts was all Irish, Italian, and Russian. I remember the Italians lol ❤️

Oh I remember the bakeries and the Italian mothers ❤️ 🙌🇮🇹 all the classic Italian food …omg the smells, yeah I remember

I love Italian ❤️🇮🇹

I always just think of that spaghetti sauce commercial lol … “Anthony” 😄😄😄


My dads name was Anthony lol … he would get teased when he was a boy because his first name was very Italian – and his last name extremely Irish lol

Anyway that was fun!

I did not know anyone there 😊 it was really nice. No one knows me in the city – cause I stay in the country usually lol – I only work in city – but I never really go out in city.

If I go out – I like museums or some kind of educational thing… I like adventures with stuff ❤️

But I don’t really go out and mingle around ? I’m quiet usually – I can socialize for work because I have work behind me with that – I just feel more comfortable

When it’s my own time… it comes too close to my life, and I am very careful what I have in my life

I also have a work dilemma – ugh they are killing me!


So… I don’t really know what to do. I am in thought. Because I worry about Friday 😳 yikes

Friday makes my stomach turn.

I don’t know how to stop it though … because has been warned and two strong wills will come up against each other and I will be in the crossfire 😳

So… I have opinions on the situation. But not everyone will like or want to hear what my opinion is.

Emotions are gonna be really HIGH on Friday 😳 I am scared of Friday.


I don’t want it to go bad. But growth is needed to save it. So I’m just nervous it will go badly.

But tonight was fun ❤️🇮🇹❤️

In Massachusetts the neighborhoods way back in the day were all Italian, Irish and Russian lol

All those communities were soooooo tight knit!! ❤️ also ALL were Catholic!

Anyway the Italian place made me remember things ❤️🇮🇹✌️

Huh – funny how things present themselves to you in life, and it can remind you of things

Anyway … it was really nice. Not bad and place was stunning.

But I am old and tired. So my bed is melting me in again… I really shouldn’t lay down, because that is my downfall lol

The bed melts me in lol ❤️✌️

Good night 💤

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    1. It was very cool… I really love nationality or ethnic type things because America is generally blended … once you come here you get Americanized 😮

      So you kinda lose that?? I don’t know? Like my family with the Irish… each generation -little less Irish … you become Americanized

      But the world colors life with these amazing array of different people and nationalities and it’s fascinating – not just Americanized 😉✌️

      It used to be ethnic types would come here and create their own communities just like back home… you will have clusters of nationalities, but eventually they get Americanized lol

      Back in the day, that’s how people met … they all had their own social clubs lol …

      Is not that way anymore – it is different …but you still melt into America lol ✌️😘 it sucks you up lol

      I am off to bed 😘✌️ good night 😴🌙❤️

      Ps… omg the cannoli … my moms brother married an Italian girl and her grandmother was from Italy – it reminded me of her food ❤️ was really good!

      Ok good night for real lol ✌️😘

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      1. I suppose that it is a natural progression; each new generation feels more attuned and part of the broader culture surrounding them while the “old country” becomes more historical than tangible?

        Haha, g’night – sweet-toothed dreams!

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      2. Well they aren’t prevalent like they used to be?

        I don’t really get out – but I didn’t know it was there … Sacramento is the Capitol though – there’s pretty much everything you want or need and we close proximity to Bay Area/San Fran …if we don’t have it, they will lol


  1. Sooo… what was this event for?

    I’ve never had a good canoli… to the point that I’m not interested in trying them again. What else did they have?? I’ve been craving pizza since May!!

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    1. They were having a grand reopening because they have been shut down since covid started – so in that time, they completely remodeled

      That was their opening reintroduction to the area 🙌 they sent out postcards and was in paper

      Come join us and see what we did lol

      Oh no these were fancy high class French finger foods lol – no pizza 🍕 😄

      I can’t even remember the fancy names of things – but was very high class. Which is what you want for this venue.

      This is venue for celebrations of life, weddings, any kind of celebration – family reunions or whatever

      They will allow you to do your own catering if you do not want them to do it

      But their food was incredible – so much that you wanted to take the entire platter!! You don’t even know

      This can be whatever you want… but their food was that good!!

      They were presenting their best of best for the return ❤️

      Their cannoli was really good – huge… I kinda had cream everywhere lol ❤️


      1. When I first had smoked brie at an event, I hovered ar ate as much as I could get away with… not caring that people were surely commenting!!

        The same place introduced me to Ferraro Rocher candies. While drunk, I repeatedly stuffed my pockets then dumped them in my car. Years later I had Baci, an even better version of FR, and was disappointed that I was limited to 2 because I couldn’t figure out how to steal my coworker’s shares!!

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      2. Hahaha that’s funny

        I wanted to take the platter on a couple of those foods lol

        I love those hazelnut candies ❤️

        And then I discovered those Lindt balls 😮😮

        “Same” lol


      3. The balls have a creamy (or if is hot out – “liquid”) center that just explodes in your mouth when you put one in lol 🙌❤️ is sooooo yummy


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