The situation…

So … the situation is… I have finally got the reports and books settled and perfect…

And there is a lease on the property … a dumb lease which also says we are responsible for all repairs – the building is old and falling apart.

The first of the month BOOM huge rent payment and god forbid, any repairs needed – which have been a lot! The roof, water heater, a/c etc

Plus all the other normal operating costs of the funeral home – and also supplies…

It’s a lot!

It’s not profitable. They have a deficit.

Ok so… the lease is up come next year.

This funeral home been in operation in this area, as long as, everyone can remember. It is a fixture. A comfort – well known – we handle many repeat families

But the market is also saturated with new crematories and other new CHEAP careless or shady funeral homes (you do get what you pay for)

There is many things

In one year when this place comes up for renewal… corporate is going to look at it and see that deficit – see it not being profitable and close it.

Do they want that to happen?

So it has to be turned around to survive.

Also… let me say… for the work we do… they do not pay enough. That is absolutely true

My girls saw how much the CEO makes and then there are no raises or good bonuses …

For Christmas they tell us “we gonna give you $500 for thanking you through covid and being team players ❤️

But with taxes and things it ended up like $200 (but that’s still $200 you didn’t have before) but I do understand what they mean. We struggle

And the corporation used as write off.

The CEO makes insane amount of money, while we break our backs without the things we need.

So … they don’t care – because the corporation doesn’t care about them.

I get it.

But they don’t care that this place closes or not… they not willing to give anymore than they currently do, because they say it lines the companies pocket

It’s business

Not friendship

But you looking at closing a pillar in the community. And I have it strong now… so all I have to do is bring business in which I know I can… meh – I will have to be social. 🤨 but ok fine – I am willing to save this.

If becomes profitable – they can have raises – we can’t give raises when they don’t make money.

They can have whatever they want – if profitable.

I have one who is very – angry and vicious with not doing anything else for this company. She feels unappreciated by them.

I have tried to make both of them feel appreciated and they do … from “me”

But that means nothing because I am not the corporation. My appreciation is disregarded.

If you are going to work for a corporation, then you should understand that it is a corporation… they do not care – their bottom line is profit.

To be a corporation there must be a flow of money. That must be coming in… you don’t hold on to something that is bringing you down. In any situation actually. Welcome to life ✌️

One will retire and the other says will just go somewhere else, as if it is nothing.

They always say they love what they do, but do they? Are those words sincere?

You lucky to have a job – but they say there are many better less demanding jobs with better pay… yet stay and complain

They sinking the boat 🛶

And then… we have a strong team … a job you enjoy coming to… if make profitable it will be better and if not then you make your choice, but we have a chance to save it.

I can’t do it by myself though. I need them onboard.

So ya know …

They don’t care.

And also recently – I have been telling them the position we are in so that they do want to help save it… because I care about them, I care about this job – I love this job and I drive all the way here because I love to work with them.

And my boss called me yesterday morning and said be careful with them – watch my back 😮… they complained I am saying too much … never did they say anything to me that it bothered them – and I am trying to make them understand it’s dire.

But ok – I see. I gotcha ✌️

And there is why corporations do not care. Just make the money. Or don’t and don’t have a job.

I’m a little hurt that they want to be appreciated and I give that to them – yet it means nothing. Are they ever happy?

I am not the one they want appreciation from. So my appreciation doesn’t matter

And then… I’m trying to have a close tight team – I help them … I know what’s going on with their stuff.

They complain about the greed of the corporation … but they are similar.

If you don’t like it, and don’t want to be there – then what do you care? And a corporation is supposed to care about that?

So whatever – is sad

So… I have a location that unless they willing to do something – is going to go under.

It’s been a mess for years!! Even before me. I just cleaned and organized it up…to see clearly

In one year it will be over for that location. So unless they work with me that is the future and they will care even less because what is point. Anything I ask will be answered with whatever closing anyway, what do I care?

That’s just sad

I have the other location too… with a strong worker who is down with working and dedication. Also tired from corporation, but driven and serious. Very conscientious and knows his stuff.

I go and help him too …every Wednesday I am over there helping him… he is only one over there. ☹️

I try to go help when able. I handle his funeral home reports and things he needs too.

My girls don’t like that either. And they mad about that too. They think the corporation is going to take me away – they say they have seen before

Ok well then let’s save this… but they are not interested in my appreciation or what I have to say. They don’t care at all.

So ya know – whatever … if they don’t care … I don’t really care if they are mad I am also helping another … they don’t want to try for me and I have one that will.

They went through what he is going through – but they only care about their own comfort- not anyone else’s 😮 they don’t care that he struggles by himself, and they went through that so they know what it is like… and they just revel in their own comfort… not as a team. That’s why going under.

So anyway. Whatever. “People”

Be mad then… I am offering a chance to fight for what they say they love. And to destroy because they wouldn’t try?

So whatever – I see it many ways. Understood. ✌️

5 thoughts on “The situation…

Add yours

    1. Thank you for the good fortune 🔮 lol 🙏❤️

      Death is like dying in my world 😮 so it’s weird. Just in my own weird view.

      It came into my life – and held me, while I held it… and it’s dying.

      Just a weird view.

      But yeah is difficult. Am very strong (ish) lol … and I am very patient. We don’t have a lot of time for patience though 💋

      Fate will happen however it does. But life is the effort you put in 😘✌️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Such a frustrating situation. If you feel it can be saved, and that you can turn it around, then fight for it. But if you feel it will be really difficult for you, you might as well give it up. It could take a toll on your life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well yes it will be difficult … of course … but isn’t there a saying that “you don’t know until you try” and then also… “nothing worth having comes easy”

      I am not afraid of a challenge

      If I can do this… then I can ask for big bucks lol

      If I don’t – at least I try

      I hear what you say about toll on my life – that nags me in the back of my mind 🤫

      But I’ve come this far… and I like a good challenge

      That is something I think of though 😉✌️

      Thank you 😊


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