Sunday Peace

Yesterday I tried running my errands at night … on Saturday

It was even more dead because is Saturday night and the evenings are just beautiful … no one wants to be running errands when you can be enjoying your Saturday night lol

So I went out to do that on Saturday … just like last week – but last week I did not wait for evening and ran into people 😮

I just like to lay low and fly under the radar – not be noticed. I just don’t want a big deal … I like peace lol ✌️😘

I have kept myself very elusive, so it becomes a big deal when people see me 😮 … because most have not seen me emerge in years lol … I feel protective in those situations – I like to have my privacy. Is good to see … is like sight for sore eyes… but I’m very private so I don’t like to share too much or say much.

So I just try to work around that, so that does not happen too much.

Last week I enjoyed getting errands out of the way on Saturday and then Sunday I just clean house ❤️

I was doing errands normally on Sunday … but then that makes me work before work lol … so I am liking Saturday for errands – I might stick with that? Seemed good?

But we see if that is consistent 🤨🙄😄

So today I am cleaning house.

Every week I get ready for week coming 😳😮 cause I never know what will come down 😮

I have to be ready to ride that shit lol ✌️😄

I bought a package of Skittles yesterday that is ALL gray ❤️❤️❤️ you still taste the rainbow 🌈 but the color is removed ❤️❤️

Nice one Skittles ❤️ … the package reads “Only one rainbow matters during pride”

I’m not sure which direction they mean ?? Because there are many lol

But whatever I like it ❤️

I’m pretty sure it’s for gay pride? But it also works for removing color from our prejudices 🙌❤️ 2 birds one stone

Really cool – still tastes like Skittles

Now if they did that to M&Ms lol … I prefer the green ones lol 😄😄🤷‍♀️


But I have had a thing with green M&M’s since I was little 🤷‍♀️ I used to sort the bag and ONLY eat the green ones lol

I eat whatever color now… but I am still partial to green …even though it is literally NO different lol 🤷‍♀️✌️

Anyway… I have to do stuff so I can be done, chill and be ready for week.

I’m just dragging my feet and being lazy lol ❤️❤️❤️🙌 ahhhh

Sunday ❤️ my day of rest ❤️✌️

23 thoughts on “Sunday Peace

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  1. Grey skittles? Weird! Haha, I know what you mean about M&Ms as I am positively convinced that the white ones taste nothing like the yellow ones! 😉 Ha, there’s nothing like grappling with the key issues of the day, is there? 😉 🙂
    Enjoy your Sunday and good luck next week!

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    1. Lol you are so funny 😄❤️ I like these issues ✌️ much sweeter than normal💋

      Thank you 🙏 definitely enjoying the Sunday and hope for luck this week 🙏

      Same to you! 😊

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  2. My former neighbor SWORE the m&m colors tasted different. Maybe she was sensitive to the dye.

    Green. LOL.
    Somewhere in my piles o’ stuff I have an “S&M’s” shirt… green m&m with corset & whip.

    I heard about the grey skittles but never saw them.

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    1. Hahaha funny how some people notice something? I don’t know what it is about green lol

      That shirt sounds amazing lol 💚

      They are cool – just gray lol
      Still has all the color tastes without the color lol

      Was my neighborhood market that had em.


      1. 2nd joke was that the red ones were 10x stronger (at making you horny) cause they were removed for a few years (Red Dye #2? 5? scare/hysteria, even though they didn’t actually contain it).

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    1. Mmmm candy 🍭❤️ I am a chocolate girl myself, but what girl isn’t? 🍫

      Sweets is all encompassing for anything yummy and sweet lol 😄 could be cookies or yummy baked good – etc

      Candy is specifically anything referred to as candy 🍬 – can be chocolate, or lollipops, or skittles whatever. Must be candy lol

      Yeah I should not be eating candy either but I do anyway … but I don’t have legitimate reason not to, other than I am old(er) … and health wise is not a good thing. Chocolate is not so bad if is dark and more pure. Then it’s a health benefit (but of course not as sweet lol)

      I don’t think I could give up chocolate 😮 that even sounds like a sin 😮✌️

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      1. Yes l miss chocolate and l agree that’s just a damn sin not having it hahaha.

        There are some things we should have to give up, for me chocolate is one. Mm, that/this might make for an interesting question … l will accredit the link to you Trisha also.

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      2. Lol … once I was very nervous with something so I emptied all contents of my purse and replaced it with Lyndt chocolate balls – omg they have this center that just is incredible it just explodes and melts in your mouth – it’s pretty amazing

        So it made me feel better lol ❤️ every time I feel panic – I would have one.

        However – I ate so many and nothing else …that it was severely way too much chocolate and sugar lol – my body did not like that lol

        Lol I am reading through now ✌️❤️

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      3. Yes, lol … I have learned this 😄😄😳 was my first time overdosing on chocolate lol

        I did not know that was possible lol … I just wanted to feel better lol

        I did for a minute – but that sugar crash was intense 😳😮

        Lesson learned lol ✌️😘… I think …

        But I should add disclaimer … I know sun causes sunburn… and I have had some severe lessons there too… but it still happens sooo 🤷‍♀️ 😘✌️

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