Disclaimer – written while exhausted last night … I just keep falling asleep the minute I sit down at home 😳

Ok so… work is just unknown for right now… we are handling all 3 funeral homes – so far so good… but the hammer hasn’t dropped yet – not that I want it to… but it is inevitable 😑 it’s comin

It would take a miracle 😮

I want to believe in one, but I don’t know… because I am the only one. Well me and one other really … but even that other has had it. Is driven though just like I am – same cloth lol

I’m not sure if we can pull it off or not? And they are tired

So… I don’t know – we spread thin.

I will pep talk them and tell them we can do it as a strong team let’s show them…

One completely doesn’t believe … but the other gave me a glimmer 😮

She asked me did I really think I could do it… yes I can.

But I should have asked her, if I do this – can you handle it – the pressure will be on?

I know they can but if we do this we pour everything in – so… I am not sure if they too tired to put all that in, and what if didn’t work?

I would have worked them to death 😮 for a corporation that doesn’t care

Can we all handle it without the things we need? I don’t know? We have already been through a lot 😮

We see if I can convince them. But they have to want it – if they don’t want it … it won’t work. So. I won’t have a prayer 😮

Somewhat cryptic but that’s the gist lol

But they have to decide … do they want to, and do they have the energy?

I want to… at least try? Plus I present my side with infectious enthusiasm lol ✌️😘 … like I am a coach before a big game ✌️lol

So we see – I don’t want to kill them 😮 I also love my moments with them and what a story it would be ❤️

But we see

Can I lead them and do they have it in them? 😮😮 😘✌️ … do you wanna come try with me? lol

Fun stuff huh?

I just don’t know if I can make them want it? So we see

They have to want it themselves! Not just me … so we see

I think maybe I am convincing – I have ideas … but again I need them to understand what will come – I want them to know reality, before they tell me a yes

So we see

Can I give them strength? Let’s see ??

Then my neighbors wife asks me outside for a minute 😳

Her sister has breast cancer and doesn’t want to have them removed… so I told her give her my number

I can show her reality. I would do it all again even though I remember that hell – but as soon as they said cancer I said take them. Get them off – time bombs. No thank you

So yeah give her my number

I have photos through that journey. I can show her so it does not scare her – only save her life.

She’s young. Give her my number definitely. Or give me hers. Either way. She can tell me no or not.

It helped me… but to each their own.

Be ready.

If you have a chance – you go hard. ✌️

And one cute thing – I took a call from someone who lost a spouse (😢) and this person is the most adorable person ever!

I answered the phone and they speaking in terms we do not use 😮😃

Like …I would never call someone’s loved one a “corpse” 😮 … and other stereotype death type terms lol – ones we do not normally use lol

I am used to them using those words now, but is funny – the terms throw me off for a second at first 😮😄

They are very adorable and scientifically matter of fact lol love them!! ❤️

Anyway… do I have energy? Nope… I am exhausted – energy drained!!

Definitely need sleep 😴 my head will hit that pillow and I will be out

I am on call tonight 🤫

Good night 💋✌️

8 thoughts on “Stories

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    1. I need then to work really hard to increase business

      I’ll bring it in they have to do it.

      But they giving me issues because lines the corporate pockets and not theirs which I understand but ya know they either with me or they not


      1. They won’t, one is digging their feet in … nope… refuses to line the corporations pockets.

        And when I say “well we will make strong team, have memories and moments together and work hard, do it with a bang”

        But then she says won’t pay the bills

        … ok well that won’t work then. They not gonna try.

        I will post later


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