Hello again – I am here briefly with updates 😳 some good.. some bad 😮

Alright so lost employee today. 😮

I don’t even know what to say?? What in the world?? But whatever ok

And then… I am at the other location … was supposed to be little while but ended up being all day long!!

Also we trying something… I am now co office manager with another girl I like and we handling all 3 – they approve overtime ❤️

I will take over reports for all 3 homes – my reports are flawless … I have every documentation!! And I don’t mind the reports … it’s a lot of work because I have to pair it with the documentation … I will also handle the repairs on buildings since I went through that with the air conditioning units at MY location

One of the locations needs that done for theirs – it’s the largest… it’s a $20,000 job. I have to find someone for that location. Tmrw I be at that location again.. I will do that tmrw…

I am having meeting with the other co manager with me tmrw … so we can go over everything

So we see this could work… quite beautifully 🙌❤️ we see

Oh and 🙄… I have to dress up for Halloween this year 🙄… we see…

I used to all the time and used to love it… but eh. I haven’t in years and what?? I don’t know if I’m in the mood – we see … I have time before this thing lol 🙄

I have to see what theme my girls picked for the location – I let them pick. 😳

We can’t do certain ones because they can’t be same as other funeral homes 🙄

We have to dress up and decorate hearse 🙄 for Halloween and trick or treat out the back of the hearse 🙄

Whatever lol – we see.

And then ya know there were just a lot of things going on today.

So. 3. Back to 3 lol … but that also opens me up to having assistant ❤️❤️❤️ 😮😮😮

“Look what I can do” 😮

And then we need one good director!! We have to find that

Do you know how hard that is? Dedication and drive are very hard to come by.

So we see. Let the games begin

Lol ✌️

I feel quiet.

Ex is also starting shit again so hmm

When does karma come? Please stop – I feel an overwhelm ness come over me with any of that.

So anyway – ya know – I just be quiet. I still love life. But is the way I cope so I can handle, so many heavy things – ya know – get a grip lol ✌️ it’s fine

Everything is just alot – but I’ve got it.

You have to keep a balance somewhere – I don’t have a very good balance at this very moment.

Ok well – I have to sleep again – more stuff tmrw 😮 ok good night 😴💤

Btw… I have a strong spirit always … plus I know what a gift life is so … I’m always fine – I just share and record moments ✌️😘❤️ – I learn my life ✌️ life is not always grand or perfect – sometimes it sucks lol … but whatever – you roll with what you got

I hate when people say – when life throws lemons, make lemonade 🤨🙄 – that is an annoying saying for some reason ?? But whatever – life needs to stop throwing stuff

2 thoughts on “Changes

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    1. Oh god yes!! Completely throwing!! 😳

      Just his usual shit – harassing whatever

      Usually people do not pick that date 🎃 many consider it Satanic or I dunno something like that?

      But if we did – all bets are off. Families first.

      Some people really flare up their funerals .. with like a theme or whatever. Just depends on person and family

      You just never know – last year we were in middle of covid… was a lot of direct burials and cremations, because we couldn’t gather.

      And we were crazy at that time. That was nuts 😳

      So this year we see – I have never been with them without covid 😮

      Fall and winter were nuts! Omg

      Hopefully Halloween is not scary


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