Good Morning ☀️

When I got home last night – I had to do some paperwork for the home

I also jumped on here to read and post…

I read comments – get those taken care of… then I go to post …

But see my problem is …that I “laid down”, when I went to do this.

I remember putting phone down and thinking – I will just “rest my eyes” for a minute lol 😮 … I think that I can do that, but I can not lol… but still every single time I think – no I won’t fall asleep – and then it takes me …every time!! And I still try!!!

I think I went to bed before 7 😮😮😮 … so that also means I am up early enough to write this before work lol ✌️

And I can be kinda pokey to get ready lol … although I am not wearing anything except a sundress – here let me show you why: 😮

Ok so was definitely before 8pm that I fell asleep lol… i fell asleep shortly after snapping that

It was fricken hot still!! 🥵

Alright well I need coffee and a shower 😘✌️ that way I am not like this 👉 🧟‍♀️

It will be like walking on sun ☀️ … ok so … beautiful sun dress 👗 today 🙌👏❤️ … you have to stay alive however you can lol ✌️💋

Ok so heat today 😳 it be fine ✌️

I have to go 👋 bye

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