Saturday night ?

Yeah we see

So… Daughter will be going over Satan’s house for Fday.

She goes over tonight until sometime tmrw

I might see CB?? We see. I don’t hold my breath. He say that, but he say that all the time… so lol whatever

But I have noticed he severely letting down guard with me. Like severely 😮

I am ready to walk away if not right for me… he knows that

He is also aware of what I want… I make sure and say over and over – if you can’t do that, don’t mess with me. I’m very serious.

We have gone over that many times!! I just want to make sure he understand.

I want something specific. Not gonna settle without it. Just don’t bother with me, if you can’t – completely serious

He seems to not mind, but I am still not sure ?? It doesn’t even seem to scare him??

So … we see

I think about a lot with this.

… remember he is different than me…

That part doesn’t really bother me… I do think about kids reaction? Not that is anything shocking … but just different – not life they know.

Is life of …what I used to torture them with lol … outdoors and hiking, wilderness and things lol

I think I am scared to tell kids if I see someone? 😮😮

It would probably be fine and not an issue?? But I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

I don’t have to say anything at this point cause nothing happening lol ✌️

But I think about that ahead of time… because if I am going to let someone come close – I want to be careful with things ✌️

And what if I find what I want? Then what? 😮

Again …if I didn’t think he was a good person, he would not have my time at all ✌️ and I have known him for long time.

He is a good person 😊 regardless if he is right for me or not… I am comfortable in that.

So I don’t know – we see

I am smart with this ✌️

No one getting close unless I’m ok with it – so good luck 🍀✌️

But I do give my time to see if I think might be worth it – he might be? I don’t know? I am seeing ✌️

Let me see if he has follow through on his words 😘✌️ cause that might be a thing?

Batter up ✌️

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