From yesterday

Ok well June 15th California opened up 😮😮

Because mine is a corporate owned business who falls under Cal-OSHA (California Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

They work along side with the CDC … their recommendations for what is ok will come down on the 17th

As for the 15th… we are allowed full regular occupancy and normal services…

Guests who have been vaccinated may remove their masks 😷 even indoors 😮… we have to trust they vaccinated. 🤨

We are currently still required to wear our masks around the public. Totally fine with that!!

I’m gonna brace … because after being isolated and in a bubble and not catching any sickness – now people catch all the sicknesses 🙌 ugh

I was actually enjoying not catching any sicknesses 🙌

But it’s fine.. go ahead … live a life lol … I just don’t wanna get sick and I am not comfortable yet anyway. I go slow with my comfort level – that is why life pushes me 🙄🤨

– A person I know. Who fully vaccinated

So I dunno?? We see

I’m still gonna be cautious.


So… I feel overwhelmed little with everything on shoulders at moment. I will be fine – I am only saying. ✌️

So far all good stuff and actually all the really amazing things in my life – they kinda just fall in my lap somewhat?

I think I position myself?

And then things just happen

All the best things come into my life like that!! So I dunno

A lot going on

I wrote this last night and fell asleep… sorry … my candle 🕯 is lit at both ends currently- just for a moment.

I have to get ready for work now – and I have to handle the whole purchase thing…

I won’t say when I be back cause I fall asleep and things get busy… I want to be HERE though – I miss it!! I feel like I miss everything! 😮 is like my calming place ✌️

I should be back later but we see… I probably will and want to say I will – but I can’t say that with certainty because of so much going on 😮😮 … but I try

Sleep is a thing I have to fit in somewhere lol

Ok I have to run – I be back as soon as able. ✌️

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      1. Hahaha probably lol

        That was probably Folsom Lake? There is a flooded town there too lol – they flooded the town to make the lake lol

        You find all kinds of things there lol

        Ok I have to run ✌️ have a great day! ☀️it gonna be hot one for me 😳

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      2. Ha! Just wait til you see right now 🥵🥵🥵 tomorrow will be 110!!

        I completely fry 😮 my skin sizzles and is so fricken hot!!

        I already informed – I am wearing sundress tmrw!! Because I have to – I can not be all hot like that! I have long commute at HoTTEST moment of the day!! Omg

        So yup – sundresses rest of week!! Omg 😳

        Ahhhh a storm sounds amazing – with rain though – not lightening because that lights us up lol ✌️😳

        But the rain part sounds amazing 🌧

        I would love rain in the heat – that would be really nice! Do you also have heat? Probably not like mine lol … do you ever hit 100?

        And in regards to the Lake… it could also have been Lake Mead they are in drought too… that is in the states of Nevada and Arizona

        Folsom Lake is very near me 😊✌️

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      3. Sounds grim – unless you are in the lake! We hit the 95-100 occasionally but nowhere near as much as they do in southern France.
        Ha, really? I got distracted reading about the submerged village you mentioned and then the successful escapes from Folsom!

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      4. I wish I was gonna be in the lake or ocean or pool! Lol

        Ahhh so you DO get hot

        Hahaha oh yeah lol … there is a prison there too 😮😄

        Johnny Cash sang a song about it lol – that’s the prison

        I don’t have reason to ever go to Folsom but is in the surrounding areas of Sacramento

        Is actually really nice area, from what I remember of it

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      5. Lol … is fun to learn new little tidbits 🙌✌️

        Folsom also has a Dam lol

        They also have really god shopping 🛍… not that I do that – but they do…

        Tons of outlets, cute little shops, nice eateries – nice little area … you have the Dam and the lake too … so very family oriented community.

        Kinda on the crowded side for me.

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  1. Hi Trisha! We have actually had quite a bit of hot weather here too, for us, in early June it’s very hot with temps in the 95 to 100 range, one day it was 104.😄🤸‍♂️ And humidity up to 85 to 95%, that’s the hard part, humidity makes the heat bad.😬 But I’m enjoying it, however we are going to be very cool for a few days now. Very little rain though,😕 it’s very dry up here which is not good, have had a lot of forest fires already.😳🔥🌲 Have a good day tomorrow and a nice evening!😀😺🌞

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    1. We have very LOW humidity. Very very hot and dry!

      We didn’t get a lot of rain this past winter – and everything is pretty much yellow, dry and dead

      This type of heat sucks away any moisture … so then is kindling … just takes one spark, ember or lightening and we lit up 😮

      We been ok so far on the fires but …June July and August hit us with the severe heat… September and October bring the fires… (maybe august too? Depending on how many over 100 days we have)

      November will start the rain and then all will be well lol … except it will be cold and also entering winter 🥶 and then here come holidays ugh so many major commercialized holidays all junked together lol

      I remember humidity from the east coast lol 😝😝

      I do like the dry heat better but is really dry… maybe little TOO dry?? But I do like the dry better

      I haven’t been watching the news at all or anything lol (except 2 shows that are my guilty pleasure lol)

      But not news.

      You are having fires? 😮
      Oh wow I just googled . Yeah Alaska has forest fires too 😮

      This heat will probably be coming your way ✌️

      Are you in safe area from fires? Have you ever had to evacuate?

      I am in bad place for fires – BUT we have never been evacuated – came close last year but were spared ❤️ last year we were lit 😮 you remember lol didn’t you get some of our smoke?

      Thank you – Friday – ❤️ woo hoo! 🙌

      Have a great evening, and day tmrw… and weekend too … stay safe and cool lol 😘✌️

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      1. I have had to evacuate a couple of times due to fires,😬🔥🌲 but the fires stopped before getting to where I lived. The closest fires this year so far were both 30 miles from here, different directions. They weren’t very big, one was 5,000 acres, the other was 11,000 acres. Both are out now because we had some rain in those areas. We kind of missed the rain here so it’s still incredibly dry right now. But the weather has cooled off now, it was 86 yesterday and only 56 today and cloudy. 😳 Supposed to stay cool for a few days. I hope it warms up again for my birthday though!🤔😸 Yes, smoke from your fires came all the way up here to Canada! Have a great weekend Trisha!😁😺🌞

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      2. 😮 that IS coming up…

        Oh wow you on cusp of Cancer and Gemini – huh interesting lol

        You have a heart and are fun lol ✌️

        You must be a dreamer… cherish your friends and family… empathetic and caring 😊 I can see that with you

        Well you have an amazing birthday – are you celebrating 🥳 in any way?

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      3. Wow, amazing, all that! My friends say that too. Thank you so much! Yep, I am a dreamer for sure and fun.😁
        Not really celebrating, Muffin and I will play, which we do anyway,😺😃 and have maple blueberry cake!🎂 If the weather is nice I might take a drive down the highway🚗 and visit some of the smaller lakes to get some photos for my blog.📷🌞 But it has to be a sunny day.😀😺🥳🎂

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