How to?

I have to hang a REALLY GIGANTIC white board…

How do I do that ?? The screws and whatever else are no where to be found.

Is a normal GIANT White board. Do I want to use screws or do I want to use something with a lip?

And yes on the studs of course ✌️

But I do not know how to hang it?? Any advice? the painters took it off so I can’t find whatever was hanging it before and think the lip thing be fine right??

How do you hang your giant things???

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  1. I guess you’ve looked at the wall closely to see if you can spot where the decorators filled the old holes? I guess a lot now depends on what the fittings are like on the back of the whiteboard but either screws (with plasterboard rawl plugs 😉 or that clip thing should hold it ok. Have fun drilling in that heat 😉

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    1. Well we are not hanging in same location… we have rearranged lol 🙌❤️ (better work flow)

      No fittings on back side of board, just a slight lip

      Hahaha luckily I had the ac fixed ❤️

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    Isn’t your bldg old? If you don’t know where the studs are, nor the wallbacking (drywall & studs or lathe/plaster), and don’t have a stud finder, you should probably use Butterfly Screws.

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    1. Yes my building IS old!!

      I have someone who can come do for me 👏

      But he is always busy so … I just have to be after him lol

      I am not a very good chaser

      But yes I will get him to do … eventually – I have to chase


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