It’s my night

I am on call this evening. That’s right – it’s Thursday 😏 🙏🙏🙏

I am little quiet maybe? I will see?? Umm

We had a crazy day and there was crying, and awww so…

At one point I thought … ok well what would make this day better? Just nothing but better

And I had an idea 💡 lol ❤️

So I tell her I have to leave for a moment – is that ok? She said was fine … I left …

And came back with a lot of ice cream from Baskin Robbins because ya know what … take some pleasure sometimes ❤️

Ice cream always makes you feel better ❤️

Her favorite is rainbow sherbet lol … 🍨… I got electric sherbet 😮 it was not electric but maybe some tart lol

When I give to her she cry ❤️ was hard day. Heavy things

And THIS is why for the ice cream 🍦

I know what comforts ❤️ even just for a moment – plus it’s the thought too. I knew the day was hard and thought we needed that…

For maybe 10 minutes we were 5 years old laughing and enjoying our ice cream

Recharge 💋✌️❤️

And let’s see … oh hahaha ok well ugh 🤦‍♀️… I am stuck inside a few different group text things for work 🤨😄😄

You know my favorite guy? Ok well … he does not know when to bite tongue and then that stuff goes out over the WORK group text and everyone gets them

He is sarcastically funny and he also can have a warped sense of humor lol … he has a good heart and means well

Oh but he just is soo happy to be apart of our family so he just thinks is funny

It is funny …

But those group texts are for work only – not jokes – serious work… you do what you want on your own private messages …

On the work groups, is inappropriate. I tell him this… I told him if you feel like saying things just text me… don’t do that on the group … he keeps getting in trouble.

Omg and then my boss said in the group “ok this is a moment where one should think, is this something that should be a private conversation somewhere else?”

🤦‍♀️ he’s just very eager and excited about the job lol

He wants to fit in. He just needs to relax – shhhh… relax 🙌 he is extremely high energy!!!

Also …You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run

But yes … tact … that’s a thing

He does not really have filter 😮

I don’t really think he means any harm … he is sweet and innocent demeanor but not so innocent lol

But he means well – he has a good heart but needs little maturity and belief in one self

He will maybe get there lol?? 🤷‍♀️

He also needs to think before speaking or texting lol ✌️

Today there was a stream of just him texting funny little things and memes 😮

Yes they funny and he trying to lighten … but don’t – that is work group and we very serious with that. when that text goes off you mostly DO NOT expect funny and then is just him being funny … do not do that

We take serious and some people not even working 😮

Lol – whatever … I don’t know what to say lol … I tell him honestly… umm you might not want to be doing jokes in the WORK group… that is work only… NOT jokes

If you need a friend or feel like texting – text me … “privately”

Just don’t do that in work group

Well anyway that was my day day …exhausted

Oh thank goodness tomorrow is Friday ❤️🙌

We made it through the week ❤️😘

I will be back soon sometime 😕 I literally can not keep my eyes open 😴 I have to sleep!

Gnite 😘❤️

3 thoughts on “It’s my night

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  1. Your guy needs to work for my boss, who thinks everything should be cc’d to all humankind! (I intentionally didn’t today, knowing I’ll get in trouble)

    Ah… ice cream.. brilliant!!

    Weird.. I could work with human death and be very comforting. Also a place where people can express the other, socially unacceptable, feelings (anger, relief, etc). But I could never work for a vet because I would literally never stop crying! (I’ve considered it many times)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When it is the death of a child that is heart wrenching and sad. 💔 Those are really hard!!

      We get all kinds of reactions and emotions.

      People just need to vent themselves during pain – those emotions just flow.

      It is hard to see someone so devastated.

      Sometimes is also hard to watch families fight after a death ☹️ that’s really hard.

      We get some pretty severe cases… very sad 💔

      It’s not all sad … because we do comfort the families and when you can help them through that adjusted well – they are very thankful and is humbling so that’s pretty awesome

      And then I get to see what happens after death and all the inner workings –
      Which is interesting – I learn a lot!

      Many things I never knew 😮 so I like that too

      I don’t think I would be good vet… I would not be ok with reptiles 🐍 or things

      Liked by 1 person

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