Hot things (lol)

Today was really nothing. I did some work but I also had to run errands for the funeral home. Which is also work … but it isn’t my reports and things which I keep good eye on.

So was just a day. Nothing mega crazy or anything… just fricken hot – traffic seemed less today because today no one wants to be outside lol – it’s too hot 🥵

It should dip to 97 🤨🙄 that is still hot!! That is not an actual dip ..but they say that 🤨 … just to make it sound not so bad 🤨

Still hot -just not insanely oppressive!!!

It just hot day.

This was from yesterday :


I don’t know which is worse? Freezer or oven type weather.

Anyway nothing exciting

Ya know what’s funny… some songs that were huge when I was growing up … I now listen to and understand why my mother did not like my music 😄😄😮😮

I never payed attention if I loved the song


Omg … ok I understand now lol … to me… it was only music ..but the subjects make her uncomfortable? Because I was her child – and I was the one who pushed the envelope always … I was the first … the one who broke them in for the other 2 lol 😄✌️❤️

Omg lol … see I hear it now and it screams at me lol … but back then I just really simply loved the song … and anyway…

Every generation pushes it – so ya know 🤷‍♀️

1970’s :


See … c’mon they had their own 😄😄


Do I even have to go into the 60’s?

1950’s :

You can totally find things that pushed the limit in every generation lol … they are not innocent from that lol – just different

Just funny when you rehear the songs years and years later lol

Anyway – I have to get to bed – but that was funny to think of ❤️

Gnite 💋❤️✌️

7 thoughts on “Hot things (lol)

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    1. I like a lot of 70’s, because my parents listened to that… brings me memories – but there are also 70’s that I do not like

      I mostly love all the 80’s lol


      1. I like many types – but there are some I am not fond of. I don’t like screamo at all… that gives me an instant headache 🤕

        Country is ok… only some I like.


  1. Excellent post naughty madam … as they say, it’s always out there, sometimes you don’t even have to look that far 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊❤️

      Totally is!! Is funny that one generation thinks the next takes it too far – but they went just as far themselves 😄🙄✌️

      Is not a bad thing – and each generation has their own. Just depends what you like on that lol 😄✌️

      Liked by 1 person

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