It seems like after covid there is TWICE as many people as before!! Everyone is out!!

Traffic was always a thing before but I don’t recall it soo severe 😮😮😮

Or was I actually THAT spoiled by the highways being peaceful for the last year???

Where are all these people coming from??

No one wants to stay home lol

So goodbye to the peaceful highways and freeways 🛣 🤦‍♀️

Peaceful highways was incredible during covid – so nice ❤️ … just saying that because now is bumper to bumper sometimes parking lot 😮😒

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      1. My inside car lights 🙌😄✌️ 💙💙

        I have them so lights up the inside in blue (but I can have any color or strobe it) I keep it blue because matches the car and anything else distracts me.


      2. I totally forgot!!
        I thought maybe you bought a color change bulb and set it on blue.

        I’ve left my color bulb on changing and love when certain colors make nearby objects with neon paint glow!!

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      3. Haha nope just my blue light specials 💙💙 it’s pretty cool when my car is not a mess lol 😄✌️

        Yes but while you are driving … strobing or changing lights is not cool with traffic and can be distracting

        I LOVE black light ❤️❤️❤️

        Makes everything look amazing ❤️ might be a bit much in a car? Lol


      4. I thought they were illegal in CA. Maybe just on the outside… distraction to other drivers? I dunno.

        There are bicycle wheels and tire covers that display images when moving. Super cool! I’m sure the car tires are illegal here but the bicycle ones would be cool… as if I could ride a bike now, or would ever ride at night!

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      5. They sold up here, so maybe just on outside? Many people have it – not just me.

        Oooooohhhh I saw this car the other day – I forgot to mention it…

        It was red… it was at a stop light and I was in a turn lane across the way. When his light turned green and he started to drive – flames literally came to life in the cars paint job!!! I have never ever in my life seen something soooo amazingly cool!!

        The flames literally burned like fire 🔥 but was only like a illusion or hologram?? Not sure how was done ??

        Like said never saw anything like it!!

        I loved it!! ❤️❤️❤️


      6. I found the elusive spam comments 🙌❤️

        Your comment was there!! 😮

        The others seemed to mostly be spam about medicine or something? I don’t click on those – I didn’t recognize any of the people and was same link


  1. I also think it’s worse than before… and we’re not even to full return yet!!

    Could also be that we were so used to it before that we simply forgot how truly horrible it was.

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    1. I know!!!! It IS worse than before ☹️

      Yeah I was wondering if I was just spoiled by this last year lol 🤷‍♀️… did I get to used to it and seems more now or has always been this bad?

      It does seem MORE


      1. Ugh 🤦‍♀️ yes it’s bad up here too… it’s like people multiplied???

        I must be imagining? Maybe just used to being spoiled this past year with open road. Boy did I get spoiled – REALLY bad!!


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