Just life …

That is the theme song to some soap opera my mother watched when I was really really little … like 3.

It reminds me of “Chef Boyardee” lol

I loved both Beefaroni and Ravioli lol … I would usually have one of those for lunch ❤️

I would be eating and I remember that song from the soap opera 🎶 and every time I hear 👂 that… I think of Chef Boyardee ❤️❤️❤️ I can replay those memories in my mind – the smells, tastes and that song – I remember those moments with that theme song lol

And that also makes me think of that same place we lived and same time … 2 or 3 years old – and my mom used to get Avon…

Usually I guess the Avon lady came when I was napping… but one day I was sick with the flu 🤒

I remember being on the couch and it was winter ❄️… I had a facecloth on my forehead and a bucket next to the couch incase I threw up.

She gave my mom the brochure and then I got to look at it… my mom let me get a cute little perfume I asked for ❤️

That is probably why I love lotions and perfumes lol ✌️😘

Anyway … funny how things make you remember. Yes I do remember being VERY young.

Anyway – just “a lifetime” ya know…

In 1980… I remember the presidential campaign against Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter lol

I remember it because of the Iran Hostage Crisis … because when Ronald Reagan won that election – they were free’d – I remember that … but in 1980 I was 8 lol … so had no idea what the issue was?? Or actually what that meant??

I remember Princess Diana and Prince Charles Wedding in 1981 because my mother was GLUED to the TV 🙄😄😄😄❤️

We do not see that sorta thing normally over here – not like that … and then my mom had fairytale glasses on lol ✌️

I also watched Prince William and Prince Harry be shown to the world

In 1982 – I loved Michael Jackson ❤️❤️❤️ omg!!! I begged and begged to stay up late to watch this segment (I believe this was the Grammy’s)

My parents said no… but I snuck down anyway and had such a hard time NOT SQUEALING ❤️❤️❤️ lol

He still excites me to see that ❤️ I love that!!

My mom did catch me lol… but she let me watch and even watched over my shoulder lol

I saw Michael Jackson in person sorta once… I don’t remember – I was not a year old yet and that was at Kings Island in Mason Ohio – he was with the Jackson 5 then … 1973 – when this was him:

My world started going to video games, breakdancing and skaters lol ✌️❤️

I saw the Challenger blow up in 1986 😮 in person sorta … we have it on home video.

We have to digitalize it

I was 13 at the time… January 1986. 8th grade.

We were 40 minutes from Cape Canaveral, Florida where the shuttle was taking off

They had us out on the school yard – and we were all excited … in Florida the space program is HUGE – Kennedy Space Center ❤️❤️❤️

We saw the lift off… and then the explosion which at first we were confused but thought maybe normal? …

Until they rushed us inside – and for the rest of the day we watched that over and over on CNN on a BIG TV in the cafeteria 😮😮😮

My mom meanwhile was video recording it from out back yard.

Then we were stunned for long time with that.

Lol… Monica Lewinsky – sorry – it was a major thing back then 🙄

And the Long Island Lolita 😮

Ugh and then Desert Storm in the 1990’s.

Oh the 90’s lol

I became a mother ❤️

I watched the World Trade Center come down 😮

Once threatened in 1993… and then taken down in 2001

I’m sorry – just posting about the things I’ve seen in my lifetime – that was a milestone … that made me sick, and sad … our world stopped just like covid did.

That was completely horrific.

An event that I can never erase

I remember I was just waking to jump in shower was 5:50 my time … my neighbor called and said turn on tv… I did – and then couldn’t speak.

I remember the bombing on my birthday too ☹️💔 July 7, 2005

I remember because was my birthday – and then it wasn’t a good day 💔

I was with the police when this was happening:

The police were being shot around the country – we had outpouring from the community … they sent food and gifts and said thank you ❤️

Once a man asked me if I was scared to wear a uniform – because while I wasn’t a police officer I still wore a uniform …

I was with a partner and this man came over to us and said to me… aren’t you afraid to wear that?

I wasn’t.

I dealt with Satan at home – a uniform didn’t scare me.

And then … my lights went out when my dad died … I won my surgery (long story) I had to fight for that! 😮😮 let just not talk about that section of time

Totally erase 2016 through … hmm 🤔 eh go ahead and do through 2020 lol

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ my own stuff and Trump omg and Covid

Yeah just erase those years completely.

It’s always crazy to me to think about a persons lifetime.. what did they see in their lifetime? What were the events that stick out to them – what formed them?

When I see dates of birth – I always think that – the older the life the more amazed I am ❤️ I find it fascinating ❤️

I talked to someone today about life… they were crying. We had philosophical talk.

I actually know this person. I adore them

They lack confidence in themselves but there is no reason for that – but I learn why today (but it will be fine – we love this person and we are all supportive and want them!!)

And also – they work in same business as me… this person is having problems separating from the emotional pain of loss

They can’t separate themselves well.

You have to, we have to be strong for the families and help them through this … we can’t be crying too like that.

This person is sensitive – and that’s ok … this business needs sensitivity and also emotional care … so that is a bonus – means they will be good at job because they sincerely care ❤️

They are empathetic and good with families – they have a great persona for the industry – very professional – just watch the emotions – try not to let them pour out 😘 it’s not always easy … there are occasions when you think you got it but you don’t

This person just needs to learn how to leave the heavy at work

They have a work family behind them now – any other past thing – who cares – we tight ✌️💋 we got your back

Anyway we also talked about life… because death is heartbreaking and sad … it makes your heart bleed…

You need to disconnect from death ☠️… feel the empathy but also understand that you are born and one day you will die… that is way life is… life was before you and life will be after you…

So… enjoy the moments you have now!! Enjoy the ones you with who adore you ❤️✌️

Love the ones you with.

Because we all remember :

Life is just a series of events in a lifetime.

I love to hear all about the lifetime of a person ❤️

You can really see someone’s life that way? More so than just a post like this

Also there are several life events I did not say… but the post is just what tumbled out ✌️

I have one quick story from today … only really my team and a few others have actually met me

Sometimes big wigs or people will pop in and I am out of office – so again they don’t meet me – I am like phantom lol ❤️

Today I go to the BIG funeral home cemetery… and as I was leaving I hear someone whisper

“Thats Trisha from blah blah blah” 😄😄 dammit – they know I am real now lol

Country boy bought a new house an hour away.

I’m not really sure how to figure him? And he always calls me sweetheart – I like when he does it though – the way he says it is really sweet ❤️

There is a sense of relaxed with me …that I get more recently? just a different switch with me? Just recently I notice he more relaxed with me… he always has been but just recently ?? I dunno … knows what’s in front of him?? We see ✌️

Alright well sweet dreams 💋✌️❤️

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  1. I remember Avon. And the Fuller Brush Man.

    My sister had a teacher who made it to “semi finals” to be on the Challenger. He went ghost white upon hearing about the explosion. I was the first of my coworkers to know… happened at the start of the workday but I was late?? I dunno.

    I often wonder if I have no emotional reaction to 911 because the towers had collapsed before I even woke up. But I saw 3/11 (Japan tsunami) live and feel a strong connection to that.

    I’ll finish with a positive one: Seeing gay friends get legally married. It was at the glass church that’s frequently in tv shows, so that always triggers the memory… or, the memory of going to the reception and being handed a mimosa before I even got completely out of my car!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do not know the Fuller Brush Man??

      Christa McAuliffe was from my New England area 💔 we were devastated ☹️💔

      Was the space program, and a teacher, and a average person not an astronaut. Just devastating!! 💔

      I did not see the tsunami live 😮 but those scenes were insane and horrific!! Omg

      But I do not have a connection to that one the same way I do 9/11 live 😮 or the Challenger 😮

      But none the less devastating for all 💔

      lol I have never been to one.

      All my friends are either already married – or not seeing anyone currently

      Details are a thing 🙌❤️


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