Do you know what to do if someone dies?

If someone dies in the hospital … if you don’t already have a funeral home you want to use, figure out which one you want. The hospital will usually give you some time to find one. Don’t panic.

If the person dies at home… you will need to either call the hospice nurse … or call paramedics … you do this step to have them come out and check to verify the passing … once they do that they will pronounce the death. Ask the paramedics or hospice nurse for time of death.

Call the funeral home to inform them of the death.

From there we have to take some information from you … we will need date of birth, date of death and time of death.

We also need their doctors information (a name and phone number is sufficient) …if you have it… we take whatever information we can. The doctor information, we use because the doctor will need to provide causes of death and also sign off on death certificate.

We also need the name and information for the next of kin OR – whoever has Power of Attorney. They will be who we contact for direction with what to do.

If the person died in a hospital, we will prepare a “Release” document. The hospital will not release your loved one without this…

The Release will be signed by a representative of the funeral home and next of kin or who has power of attorney.

We can Docusign it for you, to your email, so we can move fast to take them into OUR care.

If the person died at home – we do not need a release… just call us after the hospice nurse or paramedics have pronounced the death. We will take some information from you and then come to take your loved one into our care.

Deaths at a residence take priority. This is because a hospital has places for people who have passed away… with a residence, we have to remove as soon as able.

Sometimes we do have families who ask for extra time before we do the removal – that is fine… and we will allow families to have their moments … but discoloration and rigor mortis can begin to set in. Just be aware

Once all that has been completed and your loved one is safe with us… depending on your religious preferences … we will reach out to you the following day.

A funeral director will set up some time with you to go over all the arrangements.

We will check if there is a preneed, but if there isn’t – you can also use a life insurance policy to cover funeral expenses. Let us do that for you, is faster and easier.

And once all that is in place and you have made arrangements with us, we take care of everything for you on the funeral side.

You will need to decide if you want cremation or burial. And then we need to figure out where you would like the burial or where the urn ⚱️ will be going … we will need permits for those things… permits are not too expensive. $12 in Sacramento County

You will also need death certificates – we will handle that for you too, just tell us how many you want to have.

You will need death certificates to switch over any bank accounts, property, insurance, anything of value… companies will ask you for death certificate to verify death.

Death certificates in Sacramento County cost $21 currently – but adds up if you need a lot. We will also provide you with some photo copies of the death certificate – sometimes a company will accept a photo copy, so ask the company that is requesting a copy of death certificate, if they will accept photo copy or if they will need the original.

** also ** we see everything – so there is no need to be embarrassed with anything. We understand death, we know things that go on in families, we see a lot of things … so it’s ok – you are safe with us, and so is your loved one. You don’t have to worry.

Most of the time, in life, you aren’t supposed to show emotions so deeply… but in a funeral home – that is a safe zone to show your emotions… and that’s ok… you can cry on us if you need to.

Don’t be embarrassed if you have problems absorbing or accepting the death. It happens – we are familiar. That’s ok. We can help you through that.

Make sure you inform Funeral home of any issues such as restraining orders or things like that, which could potentially be a problem. That can “sometimes” be a thing… we know how to help you through all these things ✌️ the more we know, the more we can help you and your family.

So anyway… just incase you need to know what to do and are in the United States. Not everyone is aware and most people caught off guard by death, even sometimes when was expected… So it’s never easy.

Other important information: regarding Covid… remember… FEMA is offering funeral assistance, if your loved one passed away due to covid… must be listed as a cause of death on the death certificate.

There is a catch though… they will only cover the cost of the funeral IF was a true ATNEED.

Meaning there was not anything preplanned for death.

If you have Preneeds – then they will not reimburse you.

FEMA is ONLY helping families who struggled – and were hit hard by covid.

If you had a preneed, there would be no out of pocket expenses, because the funeral was already paid for.

They are strictly helping those who TRULY need help.

AND, lastly … regarding Power of Attorney. 🤦‍♀️

Ok … this must be a document that states in legal terms – you deem someone in particular to be in charge of your funeral arrangements and assets …

You can not just scribble some words on a piece of paper or a napkin, have that notarized and think that will work… it will NOT. Legally we have to follow the letter of the law. Don’t be sketchy.

You can create one online, or with a lawyer. Check on proper ways so your document won’t cause problems.

If your document is not accepted, then we turn to next of kin.

So anyway – that at least starts you off a little better.

Don’t be afraid of us, we are there to help you. ❤️✌️

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    1. They would search or check the records to track down your closest living relative …

      They can either accept or not… if no family… and no power of attorney… I have seen an occasion of friends stepping forward and giving proper funeral.

      But if no one steps forward to handle … you become a coroner case… “abandoned” … I “believe” they do a cremation… but I am not exactly sure what they do with ashes after?

      If you want your final wishes to be known, make sure someone else knows what you want and you trust them to follow your wishes.

      Do you have someone?

      Another option you do have… is to make a preneed. Find a funeral home and cemetery… you can set up the funeral you want … and pay for it all at once or little by little. That goes into a trust that earns some interest to cover the inflation.

      You could always tell your doctor what funeral home your preneed is with, just so they have on record if you have no one else

      And other papers such as a will or assets – you should make sure someone knows.


      1. I don’t have anyone.
        People know my wishes but I don’t think anyone would know to notify them… a coroner isn’t gonna know, or even be able, to post on this blog. Maybe they’d find someone in my phone – but even that is only 50/50 because I routinely delete.

        I want cremation with ashes put in an EternalReef. I mean, it doesn’t really matter… I’ll be dead. I was simply curious.

        So… what if everything was set up but I moved and didn’t have a new doc yet… no fam, no friends. Do they search via SSN or something? I don’t understand how the pieces get connected.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If you need someone, I could be your someone. It doesn’t matter who or where they are if you appoint them.

        Well that depends – if you went with my corporation – we are nationwide…

        If you make your preneed and move … you can either keep it as is and be a ship out – meaning you will be brought back to original location and wishes.


        You can transfer that to the new place if you wish.

        If you buy cemetery and move that’s different … with cemetery you are buying plots of land or niches …

        So kinda know where you wanna be.

        We have this new thing ❤️❤️ I am a little in love with it …

        It’s called “The Living Urn” ⚱️

        It’s a biodegradable urn, your ashes are mixed with dirt and you get a tree, and can be planted anywhere ❤️

        I am hoping one day the cemeteries will have a living section with many tree people ❤️

        I don’t know that I would want to be a tree person? But I really love that whole idea

        If you had moved and NOT set up a doctor yet… they can get medical records and we can use attending doctor or coroner

        You are still considered young, way too young to die.

        Well if is with my corporation I just have to search by your name. We always check to see if there is a preneed

        If it is NOT with us… I would not know you had a preneed somewhere else unless you make it known, or those documents are provided.


      3. Japan has memorial gardens. Ashes are in urns or mixed with soil in raised planter beds or hillsides… flowers and trees. Very very cool.

        I love the idea of my ashes not only being in the ocean but helping rebuild the ecosystem as a reef. I think I saw that it’s $8k for the reef, with a small plaque, an option for fam/friends to add some decorations before the cement sets.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah I know they have that living reef but it is expensive cause that $8000 is only for that reef

        Not the services of the staff, cremation. Other fees

        The more options you choose the more expensive it gets


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